2013 Activity Plan/Volunteer equipment

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Volunteer equipment[edit | edit source]

Amount: £2,000
Budget responsibility: Chief Executive
Primary contact: Chief Executive

This provides equipment that volunteers and visitors can use when visiting the office or attending events. A good example would be spare laptops for training events, or a mobile wi-fi hub.

Below are some suggestions for consideration.

Item Price Comments
Canon EOS 60D (with 18-55mm kit lens) £703.47 DSLR, shoots 1080p HD video http://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-Digital-Camera-including-3-5-5-6/dp/B005C3C9EU
Røde VideoMic £69.35 http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B0007U9SOC/ref=asc_df_B0007U9SOC10963028?ie=UTF8&condition=new
Camera bag £18.99 Delay purchase until after camera has been bought http://www.amazon.co.uk/Koolertron-Waterproof-Camera-Digital-Casual/dp/B006OX9DKK (something cheaper could probably be picked up second hand)
FAVI RioHD-LED-2 Mini Projector £175.57 Cheap portable projector of use in all sorts of training scenarios. See here
Mobile Broadband £29.99 each plus £15.99 a month Mobile contract Ever been in a training session where the WiFi was overloaded or didn't reach the whole room? Or where the throttling feature limited the number of edits by IPs and new editors in one minute? Or wanted to run a session off mains? Or just wanted to use a cheaper venue that didn't have WiFi? A Mobile hub would enable you to put some of the attendees onto a completely different connection. Each hub supports several laptops.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions for volunteer equipment. The sooner we buy the equipment the more value we will get out of it.

NB Stuff that we already have available from the office includes:

  • Three Laptops for training events
  • Lapel badges and stickers
  • T Shirts for trainers - if you regularly do Wikimedia Outreach/Training in the UK we have a Polo Shirt that we'd love you to wear while doing this.
  • Event banners - stand alone banners that are good for turning a plain stall at a freshers fair into something a bit more whizzy
  • Assorted literature
  • Projector
  • Scanner to auto scan slides and stills.