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WikiConference UK 2013[edit source]

Amount: £5,200 Budget holder: Chief Executive Board approved summary

WikiConference UK 2013 will combine our Annual General Meeting with general conference consisting of a series of presentations about the Wikimedia projects and chapter activities, following up on the success of our 2012 conference. It will be held outside of London.

Primary contact: Daria Cybulska

This event is led by the Conference Committee, with support from staff.

Scheduled for Lincoln and hoping to extend over two days.

Risk: Overspending is a principal risk.

For background information, see:

Budget details

This is a draft estimate. Not all entries correspond to this budget, e.g. staff & board travel.

Description Amount Notes
Venue hire £905 Conference Suite and 2 breakout room for Saturday, with breakout room for Sunday. (The conference room is £20 p/h; each classroom without I.T facilities is £15 p/h)
Catering £535 Calculated for an estimated number of 50
Travel for speakers £327.50
Travel for volunteer organisers (2) £77.60
Accommodation £1,827
Gifts for speakers £33.59
Gifts and materials for others £252.03
Meal expenses £306.18
Saturday night buffet £105
Sunday morning tour £50
Sunday afternoon tour £77
Sub total £4,495.90
Travel for staff £515 Estimated
Travel for trustees (6) £590 Estimated
Total £5,600.90

41 attended making the draft per capita cost £137.

Timetable for activities

8&9 June 2013 at Lincoln College Deans Sport and Leisure Centre.

Success Criteria
  • Significant number of Wikimedia UK members and supporters attend.
  • Good programme of discussions and presentations.
  • Participants feel they have had a good day and are encouraged to continue volunteering.
  • Comes in on budget.
  • Low attendance.
  • Arrangements on day inadequate.
  • Over-budget.
  • Lack of purpose and harmony amongst attendees.