2014 Activity Plan/GLAM Outreach

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Lead member of staff

Daria Cybulska with delegated support from Jonathan Cardy

Indicative budget amount

£10,000, allowing for a GLAMcamp or similar style event

Description and overall rationale

The aim of this programme area is extending the GLAM work through local and national events, lead by the GLAM Organiser and also resulting from initiatives from our volunteers and GLAM environment. We are also working with our community to find opportunities to improve content, secure material for open use, crosstrain editors. This is done through outreach activities, GLAMcamp-style events and partnerships with particular cultural institutions. We work to balance the GLAMs that are keenest to work with us against the geographic and subject preferences of our community.

Ultimately, we are working to improve the content of Wikimedia projects through partnerships with GLAMs, and increasing their awareness of open knowledge movement.


We have also run GLAM-Wiki conference in 2013, page for which you can see here.

Timelines - i.e. what happens quarter by quarter

please add details

  • Q4 - possible survey of the institutions we have worked with in 2014-15 to see how many have developed an understanding of openGLAM, changed their internal rules to make free content available, made declarations that they will make releases.
Success criteria and Metrics - overall and quarter by quarter breakdown if relevant

  • Insufficient focus leads to poor impact.
  • Not enough volunteers to support community events.