2014 Annual General Meeting/planning

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The 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 9 August at 4pm, in Frobisher Rooms 123 on the 4th floor of the Barbican Centre.

Deadline & ToDo list

Deadlines Item What By whom Notes Progress
June 2013 Minutes of 2013 AGM Type up and circulate for correction RS Yes check.svg Done
Venue Decide location and book venue Board Yes check.svg Done
Date Decide date and book venue Board Less than 15 months from last AGM Yes check.svg Done
Agenda Outline basic agenda Yes check.svg Done
17 April Annual Review Text written SB Yes check.svg Done
Beginning of May Annual Review Text to designer SB Yes check.svg Done
Early May Audit Clearance Meeting Review results of 2013-14 audit with UHY Jon Warsop, GD, JD, RS, DJ Yes check.svg Done
21 May ARC meeting Endorse draft Annual Accounts as audited and Annual Report as drafted, for Board approval and endorse draft Annual Review for Board agreement Yes check.svg Done
23 May AGM Agenda Circulate drafts of AGM Notice, Agenda & Resolutions for Board comment Secretary Yes check.svg Done
27 May Deadline for board papers Deadline for papers to the office for distribution to trustee for 7 June board meeting Office Yes check.svg Done
7 June Approve Annual Report and audited Accounts Board Yes check.svg Done
27 June Registration Registration page set up Office Yes check.svg Done
27 June Warning notice transmitted by email Include deadline for resolutions Tellers & Secretary Yes check.svg Done
28 June Agree agenda Secretary & Chair Yes check.svg Done
28 June Agree 2013 minutes Secretary & Chair Yes check.svg Done
30 June Agree board resolutions going forward to AGM Secretary & Chair With input from Tellers Yes check.svg Done
04 July Earliest day for notice of Director nomination to be received AoA#17.3(b) Yes check.svg Done
06 July Deadline for members to propose resolutions to AGM Yes check.svg Done
09 July Formal notice of AGM transmitted by email
  • Circulate AGM Notice, Agenda, copies of the approved 2013-14 Annual Report & Accounts, and auditor's report to all company members, directors, and the auditors
  • Include remainder to update address
  • Include request for board candidates
Tellers & Secretary AoA#26 Yes check.svg Done
11 July Formal notice of AGM legally given AoA#6.1, ER Yes check.svg Done
18 July Deadline for Notice of Director nominations AoA#17.3(b) Yes check.svg Done
18 July Deadline for amendments to proposed resolutions Yes check.svg Done
20 July Agree Annual Review Board Yes check.svg Done
21-22 July Register of members
  • Print register of members
  • Print voting forms, agenda, resolutions etc.
  • Envelope stuffing
  • Tellers & Secretary
  • (Office)
Yes check.svg Done
23 July Notice of Directors election transmitted by post Include voting forms & resolutions
  • Tellers & Secretary
  • (Office)
AoA#26 Yes check.svg Done
25 July Notice of Directors election legally given AoA#17.4, ER
End of July Annual Review ready Published in all formats SB
End of July Annual Report ready RS, DJ, Board & Auditor
28-29 July Delegate packs
  • Print agenda, feedback sheet
  • Prepare delegate packs
05 August Delegate packs Print badges for attendees Office
07 August 4pm AGM proxies appointment AoA#11.3
09 August 4pm AGM Ensure that stewards helping out with Wikimania are instructed to allow members access to the Barbican and to the meeting on presentation of a voting form (ie a ticket to attend Wikimania is not required)
09 August 4:30pm AGM quorum Greater of 10 or 10% in person or proxy. (~30) AoA#7
31 October Annual accounts filing with Companies House & circulation to members CA2006#424, CA2006#442
30 November Annual return filing with Charity Commission Include Annual Report & auditor's report CA2011#163