Agenda 2017-03-11

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Board Meeting Agenda, Saturday 11 March 2017 at the WMUK Offices, starting at 10 am

Housekeeping (10.00am)

  1. Introductions and Apologies
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Approval of minutes of the previous meeting (Minutes 2016-12-10)
  4. Matters arising

Chief Executive reports (10.30am)

  1. CEO quarterly report
  2. Quarter 4 2016/17 Performance Report
  3. Fundraising and Membership update
  4. Policy review and update schedule

Discussion items (11.30am)

Policies for review and approval:

  • Safeguarding
  • Diversity and Equality
  • Volunteers
  • Safe Space
  • Donation and Grant Acceptance

Consent items (12.00am)

Updated Strategic Plan

Board In Camera Session (12.15pm)

Break for lunch (12.30pm)

Board Committee and Financial Reports (1.30pm)

  1. GovCom report (draft minutes)
  2. ARC report, including QFMR, budget and commentaries
  3. Office move (for board decision)

AOB (2.50pm)

Close (3.00pm)