Govcom minutes 2017-02-09

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Minutes of the Govcom meeting, 2.30 pm 9 February at Development House, London.

Present: Michael Maggs (chair), Carol Campbell, Josie Fraser, Kate West

Apologies: Rosie Chapman

In attendance: Lucy Crompton-Reid


Apologies had been received from Rosie Chapman

Declarations of interest relating to matters on the agenda


Minutes of last Govcom meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 7 November were approved.

Matters arising


Board succession planning

Following the discussion regarding board succession planning at the last meeting, it was agreed that we should advertise for a new trustee with significant financial experience to take over the chairmanship of ARC. Ideally we would be in a position to invite a new potential trustee to our ARC and board meetings in June, with a view to them taking over as ARC Chair towards the end of the year, when Carol is likely to be stepping down. As previously noted this is likely to be a co-opted trustee role. Nicola has drafted copy for an advertisement which Lucy will circulate after the meeting.

It was agreed that the role of Board Secretary, currently vacant, is no longer necessary. GovCom will therefore recommend to the board that this be removed from the Wikimedia UK officer roles and that the existing Board Secretary responsibilities be transferred to the Chair (with the exception of board minute taking, which has already transferred to the Membership, Fundraising and Operations Assistant).


Current roles are set out at Trustee officer roles

See Template:Board timeline

Elected trustees whose term ends at the AGM: Michael, Doug, Nick.

Co-opted trustees whose term ends this year: Carol (30 Sept), Kate (30 Sept), Nancy (12 Sept).

Preparing for the AGM

GovCom discussed the board resolutions required for this year's AGM, as follows:

  • A motion to appoint board members
  • A motion to note the annual report and accounts
  • A motion to set membership fees
  • A motion to appoint auditors

No other board resolutions are under review this time. Whilst it was agreed that the annual membership fee should remain at £5, Lucy is exploring the possibility of introducing a 'life membership' option of perhaps £50, and may make a recommendation regarding this prior to the AGM.


Remuneration. There was an in camera discussion.

Dates of 2017 Govcom meetings

  • Thu 18 May
  • Thu 10 Aug
  • Thu 9 Nov

All starting at 2.30 pm

See Board meetings#2017 Govcom meetings