Agenda 25Jul11

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Agenda for Board meeting on 25 July 2011 between 7.30pm and 10.30pm, to be held by telephone

  • Conference Genie Call 0844 8 360 360, passcode 7**** (See email for passcode)

Minutes being taken at


  • A: Minutes and Reports
A1: RB - Apologies for absence
SV sends his apologies.
A2: MP - Approval of Minutes 11Jun11
A3: RB - Review of executive meeting on 9 July 11, and approval of Minutes 9Jul11
A4: MP - Review email decisions
  1. Decision to partner with ARKive and run the ARKive project; budget of £1k from the opportunity fund (6 June)
  2. Decision to appoint Stone King as our lawyers for the purpose of our charity application (25 June)
  3. Decision to sign an MoU with the National Maritime Museum on the creation of enhanced Warship Histories (5 July)
  4. Board decision that the job title of the 'chapter manager' should formally be called 'Chief Executive' - 4 support (MP, AT, RB, CK), 1 oppose (SV) (13 July).
  5. Decision to increase the GLAM budget to £40k to incorporate planned activities in Scotland (13 July)
  6. Decision to increase the charity application budget to £10k (21 July)
  7. Decision to sign the fundraising agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation for the 2011-12 online Wikimedia fundraiser (22 July)
A5: MP - Review email resolutions
A6: Actions and reports
A61 Shared actions
A62 Roger Bamkin (Chair)
A63 Mike Peel (Secretary)
A631 Membership approvals
A64 Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)
A65 Chris Keating (Director)
A651 Review of upcoming fundraising-related deadlines
A66 Martin Poulter (Director)
A67 Fæ (Director)
A68 Steve Virgin (Director)
A7 Matters Arising
  • Break (8.50-9.00pm)
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed
    • B1. Charity status (SV/Johnbod)
    • B2. Recruitment (AT)
    • B3. Conflict of Interest policy (MP)
    • B4. Wikimedia and Education (MLP)
    • B5. Communication (RB) - GG resignation actions
    • B6. Budget - Actions to 2012 - Creating a plan (RB)