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Agenda for Board meeting on 27-28 August 2011, to be held in person in Derby

Meeting location: Derby Museum, The Strand - contact front desk 01332 641901 N.B. Museum is closed Sunday morning but will open up for us. Ring bell to right and be patient.

Minutes being taken at

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Expected attendees:

  • Roger Bamkin (Chair)
  • Mike Peel (Minutes)
  • Andrew Turvey
  • Martin Poulter
  • Steve Virgin (sent apologies will join by Skype)
  • Ting Chen (WMF; 11-3:30 (ish))
  • Andy Mabbett; will be there
  • John Byrne; will be there
  • Brian McNeil; invited

Expected absence:

  • Chris Keating - "please note my apologies - I am away on holiday - please NB that I had arranged the holiday to avoid clashing with board meetings, then the date of the board meeting changed."

Sat 27 August 10 a.m.[edit | edit source]


  • A: Minutes and Reports
A1: RB - Agenda
A2: RB - Apologies for absence
A3: MP - Approval of Minutes
A31 Minutes 25Jul11 and in-camera minutes
A32 In-camera minutes from 11Jun11
A4: RB - Review of executive meeting on 9 August 11, and approval of Minutes 9Aug11 (plus decision about which elements should be kept in-camera)
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed
    • B1: Where "Openness" sits in our values (per previous discussion)
    • B2: Good Governance - AT has document, Fae has views
    • B3: Reports from invitees
      • B31: John Byrne - re charitable status
      • B32: Andy Mabbett - progress with ARKive project
      • B33: Brian McNeil - (if available)
    • B4: Fundraiser - Update from RB re: Phone meeting with Barry Newstead
    • B5: 2012 activity plan
    • B6: Informal assessment of Wikipedia trainers (MLP)

Sun 28 August 10 a.m.[edit | edit source]


  • C: Continuation of minutes and reports
C1: MP - Review email decisions
  1. Decision to approved expense of £3k to run a 2-day Geocamp, potentially co-organised by the Open Street Map Foundation (to be approached) (25 July, after board meeting)
  2. Decision to approve the Microgrants/2011 process revision (8 August)
  3. Approval of File:Wikimedia UK accounts 31 January 2011.pdf, subject to fixing the list of directors appointed at the 2011 AGM (10 August)
  4. Decision to provide 1-2 scholarships for Wikisym 2011 (17 August)
C2: Actions and reports
C21: Roger Bamkin (Chair)
C22: Mike Peel (Secretary)
C23: Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)
C24: Chris Keating (Director)
C25: Martin Poulter (Director)
C26: Fæ (Director)
C27: Steve Virgin (Director)
C3: Matters Arising
C4: Update on charity application (SV/Johnbod)
C5: Update on recruitment (AT)
  • D: Discussion
    • D1: How the chapter works in the community, in particular
      • D11: things like geonotice, uploads etc.
      • D12: involvement in legal disputes - AT request
    • D2: Conflict of Interest MP, F (action)
  • E: AOB
    • E1: Badges - RB has quote (10p each) and T shirts (4 pounds each)
    • E2: Agreeing dates for future meetings: see Meetings

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Free Car parking is available - email sent with details
  • There is a beer festival here on Saturday evening - I have booked in 5 people for 7:30 (and my wife, Andrew's is invited)
  • Fae has hotel, Martin is at my house, Mike is with Andrew
  • During a natural break we should have some photos taken (MP will be bringing his camera)