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Activities to report[edit | edit source]

Jimmy Wales talk in Bristol 13 January[edit | edit source]

A success (700 watched in University) (550 school students in the Cathedral) (9,000 have seen the noon talk on the Internet)(around 20 volunteers worked with SV on the day to ensure that a packed & complex agenda ran smoothly) - events included: Talk at Bristol Cathedral Choir School in the morning; then something like 20 volunteers helped tweet & blog about the event at a media hub/Tweetathon in the Watershed (where Jimmy was based for further press & local group meetings) & then finally there was a talk at Bristol University at noon - which was live webcast by the City Council. There is a record of the press & video/audio efforts on a Posterous website that we created for the day. Much of this material can be loaded on Wikimedia Commons & this is a task going forward

Campus Ambassador Program[edit | edit source]

Alex Stinson (trained Campus Ambassador) was at the Bristol event & was interviewed by the University of Western England's student union newspaper editor - who in turn has shared his copy with his counterpart at the University of Bristol. The editor had been briefed on the outline of what had been happening in the USA & was happy to interview Alex & say that recreating this in some was an 'aspiration' of the UK Board. Articles will be published in both universities in February & will lead to inevitable interest & follow up.

BBC Anchor Project[edit | edit source]

There was a camera crew present at the Jimmy Wales talk. They are makiing a 50' & 3' video of the event that is to be donated by Creative Commons licence & which will be loaded to Wikimedia sites as a priority when it is ready.

Post event - Meeting ARKIVE/Wildscreen[edit | edit source]

Looking at a donation of 8,000 - 9,000 text documents, looking at asking us for a possible collaboration in the form of mimicking the British Museum Wikipedian in Residence program but this time for themselves. Loosely objectives would be;promote e-volunteerism, manage the load of the donated documents; educate, explain and build links through ARKIVE with local schools - would be a trial program at beginmning (couple of months only) but would look to expand if it went well

Post event - Bristol Cathedral Choir School[edit | edit source]

Very excited & would like to be a pioneer school in any budding School project - concept would be for us to train & guide & for them to be at the heart of shaping our content in a way that it could draw out the maximum educational value - hence stress is not on our time but simply on training them & offering support

Post event - UWE/Bristol University[edit | edit source]

Enterprises skills & education team at UWE + a similar department at Bristol University are keen to explore possible collaboration & wish to meet to discuss (scheduled 1 Feb)- they have learnt about Campus Ambassador program ideas and are very excited about the prospect of collaboration but I/they are as yet unclear of the details

Outstanding actions[edit | edit source]

  • AT to work with SV on sending out AGM notices.
  • SV to work with JS on inviting speakers for the AGM/Annual Conference