Agenda 8May12

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Agenda for Board meeting on 8 May 2012, to be held by telephone

Supporting IRC irc://freenode/wikimedia-uk-board (useful if your voice connection fails)

Minutes being written at etherpad:WMUKMinutes (to go at Minutes 8May12 after the meeting), also office in-camera and board in-camera.



  • Fæ [Fæ] (Chair)
  • Richard Symonds [RS] (Minutes - lead)
  • Mike Peel [MP] (Minutes - support)
  • Roger Bamkin [RB]
  • Martin Poulter [MLP]
  • Steve Virgin [SV]
  • Chris Keating [CK] (Apologies)
  • Jon Davies [JD] (Apologies)


  • A: Minutes and Reports (19:30-20:50)
A1: Fæ - Apologies for absence
A2: MP - Review of meetings and approval of Minutes - Minutes 27Mar12
A4: MP - Review email decisions
A4a: Completed decisions
  • (1 May) Decision to offer support to the London Wikimania 2013 bid, as follows:
WMUK would be able to:
  1. Offer a mailing address and mail centre for communications.
  2. Meeting rooms for organising meetings
  3. In agreement with the Foundation shared stationery such as business cards
  4. Liaison between the office and volunteers of WMUK throughout the organising period
  5. Financial systems and controls.
A4b: Decisions in progress
A5: Actions and reports
  • B: Discussions and decisions needed (21:00-22:20)
  • C: AOB (22:20-22:30)
    • Approval of transfer of digitisation funds to National Archives - Fae (already approved?)

End notes