Agenda 9Jul11

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Agenda for Executive Board meeting on 9 July 2011, 10:00-13:00, in-person in Nottingham

Planned attendees:

  • Roger Bamkin (Chair)
  • Mike Peel (Secretary; minutes)
  • Andrew Turvey (Treasurer)


  • A. Finances: - AT
    • A1. Outstanding expenses - AT
    • A2. Setting on new staff - Job title resolution required and other related proposals required for board.
    • A2. Scottish funding (GLAM)
    • A2. Fundraising: Austria was poor meeting but Chris now engaged with process.
      • Discuss process for developing our 2012 Activity Plan for completion by 30 September
    • A3. Review of 2011 Budget expenditure, including adherence to 2011 Budget/Controls - AT
      • Review of expense claim procedure, including location of budget breakdowns and location of receipts
    • A4. Status of financial audit; preparations in advance of the next audit - AT
    • A5. AOB on finances
  • B. Constitution and infrastructure:
    • B1. Review of charity application status - AT
    • B2. Review of hiring process status - AT/RB - We need a sub committee
    • B3. Next Board meeting
    • B4. Review of outstanding Board actions, and load on individual Board members
    • B5. AOB on constitution and infrastructuree
  • C. Activities:
    • C1. Review of positive/negative features of recent events and activities
    • C2. Review of upcoming events and activities, and their readiness
    • C3. AOB on activities
  • D. AOB and date of next meeting