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Comment This is an unofficial list of actions, as it is not maintained by the Secretary.

List of actions from past board meetings[edit | edit source]

Completed actions are shown in blue and struck out on this list. Linked evidence, or reference to the subject and date of an appropriate email, should be against each closed action. Please check this list against the automatically generated Board meetings/2012-13 List of actions by bot.

1 Minutes 12May12b[edit | edit source]

ACTION 1.1: All board to read about Associates and Fellows.
Done, based on discussions in later board meetings.
ACTION 1.2: RS to send links around to the Associates and Fellows proposal.
Done, email "[WMUK Board] Fellows & Associates" @25 June 2012 (6 weeks later).
ACTION 1.3: RS to include these [trustee DOIs] within the main register of interests.
Done, originally on :office wiki and later moved to public wiki, see [1].

2 Minutes 30Jun12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 2.1: Fæ/MP to add report deadlines to Board meetings.
If going to be done, good to liaise with office: report deadlines currently managed by Office.
ACTION 2.2: JB to make a recommendation to the Exec
ACTION 2.3: RS to make a schedule of signatories for all bank accounts, and send to JB
ACTION 2.4: RS to update declarations of interest page for board
ACTION 2.5: JD to ensure all trustees understand DOI policy, and that there is a statement of this on the UK wiki.
ACTION 2.6: JD to direct SB to write a blog post and solicit feedback on the annual report.
Done, see blog
ACTION 2.7: JD to draft and cost a contingency plan to hire contractors [development] if no-one suitable is found.
ACTION 2.8: owners as above to develop contingency plans (corrective and preventative action) along with associated estimates of time and cost, to recommend to the Executive.
ACTION 2.9: JD to create a Volunteer Engagement Strategy to present to the board and community.
ACTION 2.10: Fæ and Doug to lead the assembly of the GLAM and education sub-committees respectively.
GLAM Committee up and running as of first meeting on 17 October (minutes)
Education Committee up and running as of ?
ACTION 2.11: JD and staff to assemble a list of the key metrics for assessing the performance of the organisation.
Ongoing, refer to Agenda 17Nov12 and emails in thread "[Fae007][WMUK Office] Key Performance Indicators" @25 October 2012
ACTION 2.12: Fæ to update schedule of meetings to include telecons.
ACTION 2.13: RS to report on Per Diems in September, as to if there have been any over-claims or any abuse of the system.
Reported on verbally in September. No issues beyond those previously identified.
ACTION 2.14: HJM to provide a list of members of the Conference Committee.
Done, see Conference Committee
ACTION 2.15: JD legal related letter (in-camera [2])
Done, letter sent shortly afterwards (in-camera).
ACTION 2.16: JD reviewing a confidential matter with a volunteer (in-camera [3])
Done, resolved by phonecalls, with support from Fæ & MJP (in-camera).
ACTION 2.17: Fæ reviewing QRPedia related declaration of interest and gaining addition view by a second trustee (in-camera [4])
Done, [5], 2 July 2012.

3 Notes_14Jul12[edit | edit source]


4 Minutes 26Jul12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 4.1: RS to check that we have sent the Foundation everything they need for us to participate in the FDC.
Done, but overtaken by recent events. We can participate in the FDC.
ACTION 4.2: RS to circulate this statement [new Chair] on the blog, wiki (on the minutes), UK email list.
Done, at, and email sent on 3 August 2012, subject 'Wikimedia UK elects a new Chair'. Richard Symonds (WMUK) (talk) 20:00, 25 October 2012 (UTC)
ACTION 4.3: JD to write a brief hiring policy in the next two weeks that brings in both community involvement and board involvement. Done with Doug.

5 Minutes 21Aug12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 5.1: CK & JD QRPedia (details in camera)

6 Minutes 8Sep12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 6.1: SB will set up a blank page so that the community can discuss what questions we should ask if we were to do a general volunteer survey.
Done, WMUK membership survey - suggestions and comments created on 10 September, of relevance is also the 2012 Donor Newsletter Review#Survey
ACTION 6.2: KB (& others?) to work on a joining pack for new members.
ACTION 6.3: RS and KB to write a membership report for future meetings.
ACTION 6.4: DT and JD to work on a revised version of the recruitment policy, for discussion at the next board meeting. Done
ACTION 6.5: JD to move this policy draft to the public wiki. Done.
ACTION 6.6: JD to add section to the policy about volunteer liability insurance.
Done, see diff
ACTION 6.7: RS to start page listing everyone on office for checking and transfer to WMUK.
Done: see Office Wiki.
ACTION 6.8: All Board and staff to check this [Trustee authorisation limits]
[Background: MP explained his severe concern that financial decisions of the board are not being properly tracked, and that spending was not being kept within budget lines. As a result of his warnings, there were several decisions to amend our policy: * Funds are specifically delegated to the initiatives that are explicitly described in the respective activity plan. Should an initiative not be specifically included in the activity plan, then the Board needs to be notified about the change of purpose of the budget line should the amount affected be equal to or greater than £500. * The Board must be informed of any expenditure that exceeds £1,000, and the Board must be given a 24 hour period in order to raise objections to this expenditure. Should any trustee object to the expenditure, then a formal decision must be made about said expenditure. * The Board must formally approve of any expense that exceeds £5,000, excluding recurring expenses (such as salary, pensions and rent).]
ACTION 6.9: RS to check Finance policy updated to reflect this [Trustee authorisation limits].
Done: See diff
ACTION 6.10: MP, DT, RB, SB to work through the outstanding issues with the Gibraltarpedia MoU.
ACTION 6.11: RS to create a list of people representing the chapter (on the office wiki) (details in-camera)
Done: see Office Wiki.
ACTION 6.12: JD conflict of interest policy (details in-camera)

6a. Minutes 19Sep12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 6a.1: Action on Chris to prepare a public statement on Roger's resignation.
ACTION 6a.2: Move forward with a call for a new trustee, to be appointed before the November board meeting. Action on Chris.

6b. Minutes 25Sep12[edit | edit source]


7 Minutes 9Oct12[edit | edit source]

ACTION 7.1: MP to assemble a list of public and in-camera minutes which are ready for approval or have previously been approved, and set up a voting page on the office wiki to approve them and decide whether they should be made public or not. New in-camera minutes will be posted to the board wiki for now, and moved onto the office or public wikis as the board decides. Office to assist MP wherever possible.