CE Board report, May 2013

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This is a open text conversion of the locked file File:CE Board report, May 2013.pdf and has been created for ease of access, readability and to make it easier for members to comment on this report. -- (talk) 08:50, 7 May 2013 (UTC)

Report title
CE report
Jon Davies
11th May
For information
Report description
Current issues and next three months.

Current Issues

MOU for Monmouth – recommend dropping this after discussions with Monmouth CC. No longer relevant. But for future similar collaborations essential
Monmouhpedia.org. Working with Doug and Mike and John Cummings to try and resolve any possible issues regarding these email addresses.
Wikimania Hong Kong – verbal report on arrangements to date.
Chapter's Conference – attended and made good contacts with other chapters and attended useful sessions. Presented review of year and supported Chris in popular (40+) session on our governance review. Fae led some useful sessions.
Daria – revised JD distributed.
Annual Conference – Katie working with conference committee. Annual Awards being organised.
Volunteer policy coordination – Katie has written report on this for this meeting. Treating as an urgent matter.
Insurances and data protection – have referred to A and R committee.

Projects from the last three months

Creating framework for FDC reporting and submitting first quarter report.
Recruiting, inducting and supporting new staff.
Reforming financial reporting systems.
Organising five year planning programme including 23rd March event.
Commissioning situational review.
Monitoring risk register.
Working on revised delegation scheme.
Attending Chapter's Conference, presenting WMUK review and supporting Chris's workshop.

Projects in the next three months

Modelling budget options for 2014-15.
Developing five year plan with community.
Dealing with results of Wikimania bid.
Refining monitoring processes and targets.
Supporting process for electing new trustees.
Planning review of Train the Trainers programme.
Preparing for Annual Conference.
Preparing for Wikimania Hong Kong.