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I was a Wikimedia UK board member during 2011-2013, being part of the board that with enormous unpaid volunteer effort created the UK Charity. I was the chair of Wikimedia UK in 2012. In the same year, I was the first Chair of the Wikimedia Chapters Association and I co-founded the Wikimedia LGBT group, which became recognized as a User Group in 2014 for which I am a co-signature. Until 2014, I am the only openly gay trustee for Wikimedia UK, being voted in with LGBT projects as part of my stated reasons for becoming a trustee.

On the Wikimedia Projects I am best known for contributions on Wikimedia Commons, with more than 750,000 uploaded media files and more than 4,500,000 edits under my main account and my bot account, mostly GLAM project related volunteer work, with no funding.

A sad final note with regard to my volunteer work has been that in 2014 the board of WMUK rejected my membership for reasons of "tone", shortly after I publicly complained about a misleading report about the work of the charity (which was corrected). This went to a vote of members at the AGM where the board had a specialist charity lawyer advising them on what to say, and all members attending were allowed to speak, apart from myself (the current chairman using the rationale that I was not a member). I remain the only Wikimedia volunteer in the history of the chapter who has had their membership payment rejected and I remain a non-member of WMUK unable to borrow equipment and unable to make project proposals for chapter funding, these aspects of the work of the charity having their policies changed to be restricted to members and therefore exclude me; after the 2014 AGM.