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CRUK staff learning to edit Wikipedia

Cancer Research UK requested a Wikipedia Workshop, following from the success of the Wikimedia Foundation's National Institutes of Health Wikipedia Academy in 2009. The workshop was run in two parts. First, a presentation-format introduction to Wikipedia lasting around 2 hours was run on 31 January 2011. Second, a hands-on workshop lasting for a full day was run on 28 March 2011. Both parts took place at CRUK's Angel office.

Presentation (31 January 2011)[edit | edit source]

The presentation should be broad enough to interest both those wanting to edit themselves, and those wanting general background information on Wikipedia and how it works.

  1. What is Wikipedia/Wikimedia?
    Generally overviewing the different projects, their reach, 'featured articles', who are Wikimedians, etc.
    Presentation given by Mike Peel. slides and videos
  2. What makes a Wikipedia article?
    Going through the various components in a featured article, perhaps also a stub. Covering the principles that go into each article (NPOV, RS, etc.)
    Presentation given by Magnus Manske. slides.
  3. Current coverage of cancer research / other related topics on Wikipedia
    Some hit rates from enwiki: 9k hits per day (3 million a year!) for Cancer, 3.5k for Chemotherapy, 2.5k per day for Oncology
    Statistics of the articles; skimming through some examples (audience-selected perhaps?); introducing relevant Wikiprojects; etc. – Medicine (incl. Hematology-oncology task force), Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Pharmacology
    Should also cover Rfam etc.
    Presentation given by Darren Logan: slides. Also see wikipedia:User:Skysmith/Missing_topics_about_Medicine#Tumors_and_cancers and wikipedia:User:Rockpocket/Training.
  4. The basics of adding information to articles, and other ways to help improve articles
    using the 'edit' button, referencing material (WP:MEDRS), WP:MEDICAL, adding material, etc. In enough depth to show what's involved and how to make a start, but not too detailed
    Also: keeping a watchlist, reviewing, suggesting refs/improvements via Talk, sharing sources/images
    Presentation given by Paul Gardner: slides.
  5. How to avoid common pitfalls and interact with others
    Common problems, e.g. copyright of images, Conflicts of Interest, content disagreements (particularly public vs. experts), etc.. How to ask for help, and more generally interact with other editors.
    Presentation given by Martin Poulter: slides.
  6. Q&A

Workshop (28 March 2011)[edit | edit source]

This session is aimed at those wanting to directly edit Wikipedia, and focuses on helping attendees edit Wikipedia.

  • Advanced planning of which articles could be worked on during the session, and preparation of materials by participants, would be useful.
  • Experience suggests getting participants to create an account in advance is helpful.
  • A modified form of these training pages could perhaps be used during in the workshop.
  • History of a Wikipedia article: Heavy Metal Umlaut (featuring the Metal umlaut article from creation until 2005)

The session run between 10.00am-4.30pm. Lunch took place in CRUK's canteen.

Participants / Wikipedia Guides:


Planned articles to work on:

Articles edited
Human papillomavirus
Cancer screening
Cervical screening (New article)
Pap test
Christ's College Chapel Choir
The Hallmarks of Cancer (New article)
Childhood leukemia
Alcohol and cancer
Talk:Acute myeloid leukemia
Cancer Research UK
Colorectal cancer
Oak Island
Ovarian cancer
Shine (fundraising event) (New Article)
Malaysian cuisine

Other stuff we did:

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