Conference Committee/Planning meeting 3

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Just a quick meeting (hopefully around 20 minutes) for updates between the WMUK board meeting and Wikimania 2012.

Matters arising

  • HJM briefing ConfCom on outcomes of the WMUK board meting of 1 July and how they might affect ConfCom.
  • ES (and others?) briefing ConfCom on progress on Wikimania bid since last meeting
  • Volunteers for Wikimania
  • (ConfCom's relationship with GLAM-Wikki/EduWiki); may be difficult w/o Daira and may have to wait til after Wikimania
  • Wikimania 2012
  • From Daria:
  • Is anyone able to arrange for and take GLAM WIKI and EDU WIKI conferences leaflets for Wikimania to help promote the events.
  • Sign up to any jobs you are able to do on the GLAM WIKI job list
  • Any other business?