Conference Committee/Planning meeting 3/Minutes

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  • Harry Mitchell [HJM]
  • Tom Morris [TM]
  • Rock drum [RD]
  • KTC [KTC]
  • Ed Saperia (text only) [ES]

1 July board meeting outcomes

ConfCom was officially recognised by the WMUK board and some responsibility has been delegated to the committee. There will also be GLAM and Outreach committees.

8 June 2013 - WikiConference UK 2013, AGM

2014 Wikimania bid

  • ACTION: TM to create wiki page for potential partners, advertise on Wikimediauk-l - replacement for Seddon action last meeting

2012 Hackathon

  • ACTION: TM to contact Lewis Cawte re. hackathon


New geonotice from 27 July for EduWiki, GLAM-WIKI

  • ACTION: Create EduWiki page on Meta - HJM

Wikimania 2012

Most of board and staff are attending. Those attending are listed on the last meeting's minutes.

  • ACTION: ES to complete slides to be sent around to WMUK and WMUK-affiliated people attending Wikimania this year to publicise the 2014 London bid.


  • Next meeting: 29 July, 14:00