Conference Committee/Planning meeting 5

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  • Where?: Mumble, server, channel wikimedia-uk-confcom
  • When?: 26th August 2012 1400hrs BST
  • Minutes: /Minutes


Actions from last meeting

  • EdSaperia to discuss treasury with KTC
  • Tom Morris to Contact Harej (James Hare) re WMF support to DC2012, esp timing (when did they find out the WMF pledge?)
  • Tom Morris to Contact Harej (James Hare) re WMF support for DC bid
  • EdSaperia to contact Jon Davies about WMUK support for London bid


  • Wikimania bid:
    • Update on progress from ES
      • Our plan for the conference is largely unchanged from that of our 2013 bid.
      • We have one quote from a PCO (LF) and we're working on getting others. The first quote involved payment before the bid is won, as a lot of the work is front loaded. We may be able to find one that's willing to only take a success fee, but NB LF is non-profit.
      • We're putting together a detailed web and print sponsorship pack, including inspirational videos including Jimmy Wales, Boris Johnson, Stephen Fry.
      • We're working with London First and WMUK to create a fundraising strategy. We have a number of soft sponsorship commitments that are in place and keen but we need to get back to them with a termsheet and a committed programme.
    • Community involvement in bid
    • Review of decisions made by the working group
    • Contract from London First
      • Discussion over necessity of contracting LF or any third party
      • Discussion of competing bids
      • Discussion of cost of contracting a third party
    • What expertise do we have in-house?
    • What expertise do we lack, and what is the best way to rectify this?

  • WikiConference UK 2013:
    • Process for determining host city
    • Budget for venue hire
  • Internal:
    • Membership/leadership of the committee
      • New chair?
    • Wikimania 2014 working group
    • Pattern of Confcom meetings/date for next meeting
  • AOB
  • Next meeting?
  • Wikipedia Takes Coventry?