Conference Committee/Planning meeting 5/Minutes

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  • EdSaperia
  • James Knight
  • Mike Peel
  • KTC
  • HJM
  • Kim
  • Rock drum

Actions from last meeting

  • EdSaperia to discuss treasury with KTC
    • We agreed that there it's too early for this role just yet, but that she should attend working group meetings and help where she can.
  • Tom Morris to Contact Harej (James Hare) re WMF support to DC2012, esp timing (when did they find out the WMF pledge?)
  • Tom Morris to Contact Harej (James Hare) re WMF support for DC bid
  • EdSaperia to contact Jon Davies about WMUK support for London bid
    • I had a meeting with him about it, and why it was so much. He basically said: pay yourselves.


Wikimania bid update

Plan is largely similar to last year; still in the Barbican etc. Putting together fundraising strategy.

Spending money on the bid

There was discussion on whether £40k needed to be spend on the bid. Mike suggested that £5k was a more sensible figure.

London First were asking for a pre-winning sum to help with organisation.


HJM suggested that we email the mailing lists and see what expertise is required.

The committee discussed what volunteers could do vs. the cost of contracting London First.

Rock drum raised that those who volunteered to take part. Ed was given responsibility.

WikiConference UK 2013

Host city

Conference Committee

New chair

  • Ed nominated himself; HJ to email mailing list and ask for more volunteers.

Meeting time

  • The WMUK board meet weekday evenings
  • Next ConfCom meeting will be held on a Monday evening at 19:30.
  • Keep meetings as once a month


  • ACTION: ES to contact volunteers signed up on Meta to say thank you, explain that the bid is in an eraly stage and we don't yet have much for them to do, but they can join ConfCom mailing list if they want
  • ACTION: Working group to sort out etc. so that it fits in with the WMF trademark policy.
  • ACTION: Invitation to be put out on the mailing list to invite people to join ComfCom or the Wikimania 2014 working group.
  • ACTION: HJM to email the WMUK mailing list to look for people on the GLAM and Education/Outreach commitees to join ConfCom.
  • ACTION: ES to put together concise update of Wikimania bid at
  • ACTION: HJM to put together concise update of other ConfCom business for same report Yes check.svg Done
  • ACTION: HJM to invite list to find venues and quotes for WikiConferences, and create structure for them to record their findings. Yes check.svg Done
  • ACTION: Wikimania bid working group to negotiate around LF involvement, as pre-bid expenditure deemed too large. Otherwise continue organising the conference.
  • ACTION: ES to chase up Tom Morris and get him to update ConfCom on mailing list