Conference Committee/Planning meeting 6/Minutes

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Actions from last meeting

All outstanding actions forwarded to next meeting.

Wikimania bid

Quick point raised as to the desirability of a bid. Postponed actual discussion to future.

WikiConference UK 2013

Discussions of pros and cons for each venues we have received a quote for.

Greater Manchester

We've had an AGM before in Manchester.


Standard conference centre, round the corner from MediaCityUK. Public transport connected. Fair few new hotels in the area.


Very close to major train station, with lots of accommodation around.


City centre location, right next to the town hall. Cheap rates, but parking for attendees would be expensive. Community hall type rooms, which would not be ideal for conference. Wifi availability issue.


Beautiful venue. Accessibility could be a problem. Probably too much for us right now, maybe for the future.


City centre location, walking distance from the train station. Next to the university. Cheap rates, but parking can be expensive. Not as well connected travel wise compare to major cities.


Beautiful city but relatively expensive in rate, and expensive for members to travel to. Could work as a way to attract more Scottish Wikimedians towards WMUK, but risky.


We don't have an actual quote for a location at the moment. Could be ideal for 2 years time.


Standard-ish business meeting room. Travel can be a serious issue.


Maple House

Price is high in comparison. A walk from a major train station, but parking can be expensive.


Fazeley wifi reliability questioned. Unable to do a better analysis given quote appears to be for incorrect date.


The Lowry @ Salford, Manchester University, and New Life Conference Centre @ Lincoln are to be investigated further as conference location with site visit and report before final decision.


Clarification seeked from KTC on scale of conference given revised budget.

Next meeting?

Poll to be set up to decide date of next meeting.


  • ACTION: Outstanding actions from previous meeting.
  • ACTION: KTC to summarise discussion and distrubte to committee and wider community for comments.
  • ACTION: Daria to arrange venue visit to The Lowry, Salford & Manchester University. Will let committee know date and time.
  • ACTION: KTC to arrange venue visit to New Life Conference Centre, Lincoln. Will let committee know date and time.
  • ACTION: KTC to set up poll for date of next meeting.