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Cornwall GLAMs one day Wikimedia projects workshop - In a nutshell

  • Where?: National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth - [1]
  • When?: Thursday 20 February, 9:30 to 4:45
  • Booking: email or Jonathan Cardy
NMMC in 2007

This Wikimedia projects workshop is composed of a practical introduction to the projects and a hands-on editathon in the morning followed by a more detailed workshop and exploration of GLAM focused case studies in the afternoon. The workshop is hosted by the NMMC and benefits GLAMs in Cornwall by helping to increase public engagement with the collections of artefacts, artworks, archives and educational material that the institutions hold, both by planning how providing different forms of physical and virtual access for volunteers can improve presentation of the material on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, and by organizing public events and longer term projects to publish/promote educational open knowledge.

The workshop is expected to include between 10 to 16 participants, with some joining in the afternoon session.


What does it feel like? (1min)
Wikipedia talk pages. (2mins)
  • 9:30-10 Coffee, registration
  • 10:00 Introduction - Jonathan Griffin NMMC Director
  • 10:10 Housekeeping for the day
  • 10:15 The what and how of Wikimedia and Wikipedia - Fae
  • 10:40 How the Editathon works, list of expected outcomes - Fae
  • 10:45 Editathon starts!
    • 10:45-11:05 New editors - creating a new Wikipedia article from scratch - Fae
  • 11:40 5 minutes to share solutions and re-forming - everyone
  • 12:30 (approx) 10 minute wind down, summary of achievements - everyone
  • 12:50-13:45 Lunch; continued parallel editathon; discussions and suggestions for the afternoon workshop
  • 13:45 How much does making the museum open cost us? - Fae
    • 4 key recent open knowledge case studies in 20 minutes
  • 14:15 Q&A (approx) - interactive
  • 14:50 Break
  • 15:00 Learning points from the editathon and vote on workshop options - Fae
  • 15:20 Workshop - group led choices based on experience of the day - interactive
    • practical funding and project proposals - leveraging the mission of Wikimedia and the mission of the museum
    • measuring project outcomes and existing reports to use
    • planning and costs of how to engage the global volunteer network
    • how 50,000 people could read about your museum in a day
  • 4:15 Summary of the day and commitments - Fae and Jonathan Griffin
  • 4:30 Close down, feedback forms, nominate local pub

Useful links


  1. Wikipedia Help:Contents
  2. Wikimedia Commons Help:Contents
  3. Wikipedia:EX#Warnings to expert editors, Wikipedia:Plain and simple conflict of interest guide

Case studies

  1. Cornish Wikipedia
  2. Institute of Cornish Studies
  3. History of Cornwall