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DNAdigest Editathon Wikimedia Page - In a nutshell

  • Where?: Wayra, 2-10a Capper Street, London, Euston, WC1E6Ja,
  • When?: Thursday, 29 May 2014; 17:30-21:45 for the editathon and 21:45-22:30 for drinks and socialising
  • Point of contact: s.rai@dnadigest.org for DNAdigest contact,
  • Twitter: @dnadigest, @wikimediauk, #wikigenedit
  • Cost: Free
  • How do I sign up?: Register for the Editathon using the Eventbrite signup

This is an event organised by DNAdigest with support from WMUK

Your knowledge is valuable.Could you come share it with the world? Learn, contribute and build upon on the open knowledge within Wikipedia.

DNAdigest is organising a wiki editathon on May 29th open to everyone. The aim of the editathon is to make it easier to find new resources, online tools and recent content for genetics research when searching Wikipedia. We want to make wikipedia enriched with new content and links. Everything from “genetic data sharing”, “gene research”, "DNA data", “genomic formats”, “gene data governance” to queries related to: “How should I manage my data and how can I make it available for other researchers?”,"Where can I find and understand what a gene does?","Where can I contribute to genetic research?",“Where can I store my data in a public repository? What data goes in which repository?”,“How can I find data that I may access and use for my research?”.Join us on May 29th, either in person or online as a wikipedia contributor.

We are inviting the participation of the broad range of people including students, the general public, geneticists, data analysts, bioinformaticians, developers anyone who has an interest in this topic. The knowledge of our community has been exemplified with the extensive references and documentation already gathered during our hack days (see examples: existing metadata standards, tools and standards.) Our previous hackdays have benefited vastly from this multitude of experiences and perspectives, please do join us regardless of your experience. We want to increase the wikipedia knowledge base on practices for genetic data sharing and link out to relevent resources, tutorials, databases, data format standards and organisations. We'll provide the space, food and drink. Please do come with your knowledge.

How do I prepare?[edit | edit source]

  • Sign up for the event - Editathon via Eventbrite;
  • Create a Wikipedia account - w:en:Special:UserLogin/signup
  • Bring a laptop, cameras anything you like (wi-fi, paper materials will be provided)
  • Learn about editing if you like: Wikipedia Tutorial, or Getting started on Wikipedia for more information
  • Think about what you would like to edit about - you can prepare materials to bring with you on the day. Or join the discussion with others on the day in person or online through our hackpad.

Online participation[edit | edit source]

We'd love you to join us online communicate with us using:

  • Twitter hashtag: #wikigenedit
    • @dnadigest, @wikimediauk

Programme[edit | edit source]

Editathon[edit | edit source]

Draft Outline:

  • 17:30 Teas, Coffees and drinks reception
  • 17:45 Introduction to problems; resources; markup; references; materials
  • 18:00 Break out into into sub groups or individuals
  • 18:10 Editathon begins. First session
  • 19:00 Teas and Coffee Break
  • 19:20 Editathon begins. Second session (Opportunity to switch areas of interest)
  • 20:20 Teas and Coffee Break
  • 20:30 Editathon begins. Third session (Opportunity to switch areas of interest)
  • 21:45 Close + Wrap up
  • 21:50 Beer + Pizzas. Networking + Socialising

Target list for the editathon[edit | edit source]

A number of these are scientists. Anyone can create their own list and share it with us. (more to follow)

Trainers[edit | edit source]

We would like at least 1, but we believe we don't need more than 3 trainers for the event. Volunteers interested in being involved please sign below:

  1. Harry Mitchell (talk) (leading)
  2. Andrew Davidson
  3. Johnbod 18:06, 25 May 2014 (BST) (with my various hats)