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Harry Mitchell
Volunteer, Wikimedia UK
Harry Mitchell


Hi, I'm Harry. I'm not particularly interesting, I just don't like whitespace, so I'll use this spot to tell you that I'm a long-time editor on the English Wikipedia and on Commons, and a long-time administrator on the former. If you want to see what I've done, you can visit my userpages there.

My work

I do various things for or with the support of Wikimedia UK. I organise and run events; I do outreach work, in which I attempt to educate people about Wikipedia and teach them to edit; and from time to time, I get involved with major projects such as Monmouthpedia and Wikimania bids.

I have been involved with several partnerships with museums, including the Castle and Regimental Museum in Monmouth and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry. I also help with the upkeep of this wiki by keeping things tidy and removing spam.

For a list of some of the things I've done, see /Events.

Contact me

To contact me about something on this wiki, you can use my talk page; to contact me about something on Wikipedia, you can use my talk page on the English Wikipedia; otherwise, you can email me at hjmwiki at gmail dot com.