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These minutes were approved at the Annual General Meeting on 12 May 2012.

Minutes for the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 16 October 2011 between 14:00 and 15:00 at Pendrel's Oak, London.


  • All WMUK board members (Roger Bamkin [Chair], Andrew Turvey, Michael Peel, Chris Keating, Steve Virgin, Ashley Van Haeften, Martin Poulter)
  • John Byrne, lead volunteer on the charity application
  • Richard Symonds, Teller
  • The WMUK Chief Exec (Jon Davies)
  • In total, 26 members were present and voted in person, and 24 members voted by proxy.

The total membership of Wiki UK Ltd at the time of the vote was 212; as such the meeting was quorate.

Introduction to the EGM

Roger Bamkin gave a general introduction to the EGM.

Update on our application to become a charity

John Byrne gave an oral update on the current status of our application to become a charitable organisation, and the steps that have taken place over the last few months.

Discussion and voting on the Resolution

The Special Resolution #1, to change the Articles of Wiki UK Ltd, as set out at EGM_2011#Resolution and in the EGM notice was discussed.

Thomas Dalton, an ordinary member, expressed concerns that the resolution had been presented to the membership without any opportunity for members to amend it meaning members were given the choice of either accepting the resolution as is or rejecting it and destroying the chapter's chances of becoming a charity in time for the fundraiser. He informed the meeting that he would be proposing a resolution for the AGM designed to prevent this from happening again.

The question was put forward to vote.

There were 24 proxy votes cast, with 26 votes cast on the day. In total, 49 members voted for, and one abstained. There were no votes against.

As a result, the resolution to change the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Wiki UK Ltd was passed.

Introducing himself; Q&A

Jon Davies briefly introduced himself to those present at the EGM, and was available to answer questions in the hours following from the EGM.


The meeting ended at 3pm.