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Wikimedia UK will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting on Sunday 16 October 2011 at Penderel's Oak in London in order to pass a special resolution to change its Objects. The EGM is co-located with the 50th London Wikimeet as we have booked an additional room downstairs. See the blog post for the announcement.


There was a vote held to determine whether the objects of the company should be changed (see below). The total membership at the time of the vote was 212 people. There were 24 proxy votes cast, with 26 votes cast on the day. In total, 49 members voted for, and one abstained. There were no votes against. As a result, the resolution to change the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Wiki UK Ltd was passed.

Wikimedia UK EGM 2011 - In a nutshell

When: Sunday 16th October 2011, 14:00-15:00
Where: Penderel's Oak Pub, 283-288 High Holborn, Holborn, Greater London, WC1V 7HP
What: Changes to the constitution necessary for Wikimedia UK to become a registered charity
Cost: Free to attend. You need to be a member to vote. Sign up below.
Calendar: Download as an ics file to add to your calendar.
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Note that a brief board meeting to approve new members will take place shortly before the EGM - see Agenda 16Oct11. If you want to join at the meeting (rather than online or by post), then please come along early to make sure we get your application on time! We will have a copy of our activity plan for next year. It would be good to get members views and to see where they would like to help/lead.

Time Speaker Title
13.00 Wikimeet starts
13.00 WMUK board meeting
14.00 EGM starts
14:00 Roger Bamkin (Chair) Introduction to the EGM
14.05 John Byrne Update on our application to become a charity
14.15 Mike Peel (Secretary) Discussion and voting on the Resolution
14.25 Chief Exec Introducing himself; Q&A
14.45 EGM ends; Wikimeet resumes


Also see
EGM 2011/Notice

This motion is a Special Resolution and therefore requires a 75% majority of those members that are present or voting by proxy to pass. Please see the EGM Notice for information on how to vote by proxy.


THAT the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Wiki UK Ltd be altered as follows:

  1. in accordance with s.28 of the Companies Act 2006, clauses 1 to 6 inclusively of Wiki UK Ltd's Memorandum of Association shall be treated as provisions of the Wiki UK Ltd's Articles of Association and the said provisions shall be renumbered M1 to M6 respectively to avoid confusion with other provisions of the Articles of Association;
  2. by deleting Article M3 (previously Clause 3 of the Memorandum) and replacing it with the following new Article M3 (subject to such minor amendments to this Article as the Charity Commission may require for the purposes of registering Wiki UK Ltd as a charity):
    M3. The Objects of the Charity are, for the benefit of the public, to promote and support the widest possible public access to, use of and contribution to Open Content of an encyclopaedic or educational nature or of similar utility to the general public, in particular the Open Content supported and provided by Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., based in San Francisco, California, USA.
    “Content” means textual or numerical information, still or moving images, sound or music or other data disseminated on printed, electronic and other appropriate media and services. Content is subject to editorial policies and safeguards designed to ensure its overall accuracy and quality.
    Content is "Open" when it is available for no charge and without discrimination to the general public, with legal rights to view, copy, share, adapt, improve and otherwise use and reuse that content and when technical measures are in place to support such usage.
  3. by replacing the word “Object” with the word “Objects” in all instances that the word “Object” occurs throughout the Articles of Association.
  4. by adding the following new Article 29 to the Articles of Association:
    29. These Articles are to be interpreted without reference to the model articles under the Companies Act, which do not apply to Wiki UK Ltd.
If you have any questions about this resolution, please ask them on the talk page.


If you are planning on coming, please sign up below so that we know how many to expect!

  1. Mike Peel
  2. MartinPoulter
  3. Roger Bamkin
  4. Andrew Turvey
  5. Chris Keating
  6. John Byrne
  7. Steve Virgin
  8. Richard Symonds
  9. Panyd
  10. Thomas Dalton
  11. Steve Bowbrick
  12. WereSpielChequers
  13. HJ Mitchell | Penny for your thoughts?
  14. Diane Cabell
  15. Jon Davies
  16. CT Cooper · talk
  17. Filceolaire
  18. Leutha
  19. Christian Gowers
  20. Marek
  21. Dhaval Vyas
  22. Philafrenzy
  23. Tom Morris
  24. Andrew Gray


  1. Andy Mabbett - proxy authority submitted.
  2. Al Howat - proxy authority submitted.
  3. Gordon Joly - proxy authority submitted.
  4. Peter Coombe - proxy authority submitted.
  5. Richard Grafen - proxy authority submitted
  6. Andrew West - proxy authority submitted
  7. Deryck Chan - proxy authority submitted
  8. James Farrar


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  • Wikimedia UK EGM 2011
  • Pendrel's Oak, 283-288 High Holborn, Holborn, Greater London WC1V 7HP
  • 20111016T1400+01:00-20111016T1445+01:00