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Education Committee meeting (DATE HERE)[edit | edit source]

Will take place by telecon (please email for details if you'd like to join), arranged via the EduCom mailing list [1].

Meeting Chair

Report items[edit | edit source]

Please place report items - simple 'consent items', reports from the previous meeting, and rolling updates here. A number of these items are rolling items.

  1. EduWiki report
  2. VLE report
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. (please add other items here - e.g. reports from conference attendance or key external meetings)

Actions from last meeting[edit | edit source]

Please copy actions from the previous meeting here - marking using templates Yes check.svg Done, Symbol wait.svg Doing..., X mark.svg Not done, Cancelled cross.png Cancelled

  1. Please list items here

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  1. Apologies
  2. Agree minutes of previous meeting
  3. Actions from last meeting
  4. Upcoming Events - any discussion required re: further committee support?
  5. EduWiki
  6. Wikimania education engagement
  7. Strategy items
    1. What are our current projects
    2. Evaluation of project overview
    3. Forward planning
  8. Update on international movement
  9. AOB

Minutes[edit | edit source]

Education Committee/Agenda template/minutes