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Education Committee meeting May 1st 5pm[edit | edit source]

Will take place by telecon (please email for details if you'd like to join), at 5pm to finish by 6.30.

Meeting Chair Simon Knight

In Advance[edit | edit source]

These are resources it would be useful to see in advance, or which might simply be 'consent items' - items we don't need to discuss, but which acknowledgement of would be useful.

  1. EduWiki Serbia: (a) Serbia - blog post 1
  2. Virtual_Learning_Environment/Three-month_plan, next round of work - link to be added
  3. Education/Strategy/Detail has been updated, we may want to revisit this (but it is probably not for this meeting).
  4. Minutes of previous meeting

Actions from last meeting[edit | edit source]

  1. ACTION: all to post the suggestions to Toni (if it's UK-related). is also a page to engage with.
  2. ACTION: SB to bring forward something concrete to next meeting about restarting the Digital Disruption work Symbol wait.svg Doing...
  3. ACTION: Committee to collate feedback on the strategy on the mailing list for the 28th Feb deadline. Yes check.svg Done
  4. ACTION: All members to look at the and the wiki Activity Plan and others to see how the committee can support the plan.
  5. ACTION: a recurring item on the committee's agenda to be 'Planning' to look strategically at our work. see below
  6. ACTION: Stevie to write the tender to apply for the project, with Doug to support with delivery. X mark.svg Cancelled
  7. ACTION: committee members to update the training page.
  8. ACTION: Richard N to make the list of training materials prominent (could be linking Outreach wiki) - RN to liaise with Doug. Doug would also involve Martin in improving the documentation.
  9. ACTION: Toni to verbally update at the next meeting. see below

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  1. Apologies (Stevie, Charles, )
  2. Wikimania
    1. Wikimania Fringe/Hack event planning for Future of Education track. Also Fringe/Future of Education Hack/Planning.
    2. Main event
  3. Digital literacy, including Leicester City Council invitation to tender; Draft: Digital literacy strategy - note we will not be submitting a tender, but is a useful point of focus
  4. EduWiki Conference 2014
  5. Creation of bi-monthly(?) meeting templates with recurring items (including strategy, planning, and evaluation), reports to the board (template/structure, etc.)
  6. Update on WEF and WMF from SK
  7. AOB

Minutes[edit | edit source]