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Draft for a meeting of Education Committee May 2013. See Education Committee/Education Committee meeting 16 April 2013 for the previous meeting. This meeting will be at 6pm on Tuesday 28 May, via conference call. Etherpad for notes at .



  1. Matters from previous meeting
  2. Train the Trainer review - see talk page (DC) Train the Trainers review 2013
  3. EduWiki 2013 (TS & DC)
  4. Education talk/s at Wikiconference (TS & MLP)
  5. "The Wikipedia Adventure as guided tour" -
  6. VLE
  7. SEEG student project [1]
  8. AOB


Wikimedia UK Education Committee meeting 28 May 2013


Charles Matthews (CM, Chair), Doug Taylor (DT), Martin Poulter (MP), Toni Sant (TS), Daria Cybulska (DC), Leutha (L)


Stevie Benton (SB), John Cummings (JC)

Matters from previous meeting

Train the Trainer review - see talk page (DC) Jon has received comments from committee and has now created a google doc to hold a SWOT analysis for the draft review. He has contacted Midas for their views. A survey will be held in June and further comments are welcome. We note Mike Peel's call for key metrics, and will seek to quantify the outputs of the programme as part of the evaluation, but recognise that some of the most important outcomes of the programme will be hard to meaningfully quantify. We will be able to give further thoughts as the review takes place.

EduWiki 2013 (TS & DC) + Venue quotes Looked at 10 different sites in South Wales; only 4 were available for both dates we wanted. Toni has evaluated these quotes and they have been passed on to Board for approval. The Board has not made any comments in the last 5 days, so Toni will proceed with a provisional booking. The Committee endorses the work done and supports Toni in continuing as planned. A public announcement will be made as soon as the venue is booked and confirmed.

Education talk/s at Wikiconference (TS & MLP) Toni and Martin will be making presentations on education-related matters. Stevie Benton will present on VLE (meeting Charles on 31st May to discuss details). "The Wikipedia Adventure as guided tour" - The Committee will keep watch on the project as it develops and offer support as needed.


VLE now has a bugzilla tracking system on the Tech WIki and Tom is working on porting all of the files from the hosted site onto our own servers. Doug has access to our site to modify skins when the migration has finished. Help is needed with content development. One solution would be to accelerate the software development so that the content could be crowd-sourced as soon as possible. There was general agreement among the committee members that we should press for developers to prioritise this work.

SEEG student project Public Health & Policy 2013 student proposals. The students are using userspace to produce Wikpedia pages which may be used to update current content. (See for discussion of a similar project by Leigh Thelmadatter)


EC membership? Committee composition We need to ask the Board to appoint a new Trustee member to replace Doug as Board liaison. Detail of structure can be discussed on the mailing list. Doug has suggested that the committee should stay open and encourage many people to participate.

Date of next meeting

Hopefully in 4-6 weeks to be planned by poll.