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This page constitutes the Charter for the Education Committee of WMUK. It is editable by committee members, but should reflect both the consensus of the committee and the general view of the WMUK Board.


Updated summer 2013 to reflect the current position: see Talk.


  1. To help provide free educational resources to all;
  2. To encourage and develop participation of volunteers and staff in educational projects within the scope of Wikimedia UK;
  3. To report to and inform the Board of WMUK on educational issues;
  4. To help disseminate relevant information from the Board of WMUK to anyone interested in education.
  5. To develop and grow our network of contacts within the education sector.

Relationship to the Wikimedia UK Board

  • The Education Committee is an advisory committee of WMUK, established by, and responsible to, the Board of Wikimedia UK. It is not a Board sub-committee of Directors in the sense of the Articles.
  • The Education Committee will report to WMUK Board regularly through a nominated trustee.
  • The remit of the Education Committee is to advise the WMUK Board on educational issues.
  • The Education Committee will help liaise between stakeholders in the education sector and the WMUK Board.
  • The Education Committee will take responsibility for whatever delegated powers the WMUK Board assigns to it.

Meetings and Communications

  • The Education Committee has been meeting by teleconferencing.
  • Decisions may be taken: at meetings; or by email (on its dedicated list); or through a page on the WMUK wiki.
  • The Committee currently elects a Chair to conduct meetings and a Secretary to take minutes at each meeting.
  • Meetings take place as needed.


  • The Education Committee will consist of at least 6 members agreed by the members of the Committee.
  • The Education Committee will consist of at least one stakeholder drawn from each of: Trustees; Volunteers; Staff.
  • All members of the Education Committee are full members in their own right, and not delegates of any group.

Delegated powers

As things stand, the Committee has no formally delegated powers, and no budgetary control. Along with providing advice, acting as a clearing-house for the education area, and reporting, it has been acting as a forum for operational decisions for staff and volunteer-led projects.