Expert outreach/Jisc Ambassador/Summary 7 October 2013

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This is the second summary report from the Jisc Wikimedia Ambassador project, covering 8 September to 7 October 2013. More detailed reporting is on the activity log.


I have been preparing for a series of workshops in universities on Research impact and open education. Institutions are being chosen partly on the basis of prior contact with Jisc, but also approaching some that are a short trip away. So far, three universities have agreed definite dates, three more have agreed and dates are being sought, and in the host university (Bristol) I'm still in the process of arranging an event.

More preparation work has been done for the two forthcoming public editathons, one of which is next week and the other in mid November.

Workshops and presentations related to this project have a large slot in the programme for the EduWiki Conference 2013 at the start of November.

There will be a slot for this project in the Jisc Innovation Group meeting.

Communications & documentation

A long meeting with Sara Hassen has decided a number of communications opportunities for the project, including an internal Jisc webinar if a slot comes available. Presently waiting on Jisc to publish the teaching case study.

The 4,000 words of new content written include a guide to evaluation of small activities such as editathons, a table of overlaps between Jisc and Wikimedia (which will be used in presentations) and a guest blog post for a course blog at Oxford University.

The next case study will be about PLoS Computational Biology's wiki-to-journal-to-wiki publication process. Contact already made with Daniel Mietchen.

Content sharing

No more work done on content sharing this month.


University of Bristol have helped with a corporate account for First Great Western train journeys, which may save money.

Only new expenses for this period are one train journey to London. Spending will increase over the coming months as events kick in.