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Proposals for presentations, workshop proposals, or panel discussions at the GLAM-WIKI 2013 conference have now closed

We have two broad themes for papers, within the broader area of open content in the cultural sector; sustainability and future models, in particular with reference to engagement with the Wikimedia movement.

We welcome submissions both from within the Wikimedia community and from cultural institutions of all kinds, whether or not they have worked with us before.


Please send submissions to Daria Cybulska - - or submit them on the wiki, below. You can also contact the Wikimedia UK office on +44 (0) 20 7065 0990 with questions.

Proposals should be no more than 400 words long, giving the following information:

  • Title
  • Name or names of those presenting
  • Organisation, if any
  • Brief summary or description, with key themes covered
  • Time needed, please give range of minimum to maximum, and preferred
  • Style of presentation (eg talk, workshop, demo)
  • Has it been given before? If so, where & when?
  • Any relevant links
  • Any special requirements, beyond usual screen etc
  • What you expect delegates to learn from your session.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is February 15th 2013 and the selection panel will notify all applicants either way by March 1st. All presentations should be in English. Talks should be up to an hour at most, including time for questions.

On-wiki submission guidelines

If submitting a proposal on the wiki, please use the template code below, adding to the top of the #Talk proposals section

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which gives an output of the following kind:

An interesting and informative title

  • Presenter Name: Johnbod
  • Talk Length: short
  • Talk Description: vital

Talk proposals

Professional GLAM staffers on Wikipedia, a new kind of paid editor

  • Presenter Name: Axel Pettersson (WMSE)
  • Talk Length: 30 min, including Q&A
  • Talk Description: During the fall I've taught some 50 professional GLAM staffers, curators and experts, from most of the national museums of Sweden, how to edit, upload images and interact with the community. In this presentation I'll talk about what their impression is on working on Wikipedia and with Wikipedians as professional editors. In an ongoing survey among the people I've trained we are asking about the pros and cons on editing during work time, what they think when another user questions something or reverts an edit and their thoughts on uploading images and using them. I'll also look into the inertia among the GLAMs meaning that the work will continue even though the initial project has ended. 15-20 minutes presentation and 10-15 minutes Q&A.


Training GLAMs and activating WIkipedians in Residence across Africa

  • Presenter Name: Isla Haddow-Flood (talk)
  • Talk Length: 20 min
  • Talk Description: Africa remains the least visible collective of histories, communities and peoples on Wikipedia. The pan-African WikiAfrica Training Programme is the natural extension of WikiAfrica and Share Your Knowledge project. To-date 54 GLAMs across the African continent are signed-up participants of WikiAfrica in various stages of training regarding the donation of their cultural content onto Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. However, despite many successes, many limitations still exist. The WikiAfrica Training Project is a sustainable, thorough, co-ordinated approach that offers GLAMs the skills to access open technology and the knowledge to extend their vital heritage information to a digital, global audience. Additionally, it will build a regionally activated, self-supported and skilled community of Wikipedians (including trained Wikipedians in Residence). This presentation will discuss the need and the approach of the project.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-031). Andrew Gray (talk) 15:27, 17 February 2013 (UTC)

A round-up of recent innovations in collaborations

  • Presenter Name: Johnbod (talk)
  • Talk Length: 15 mins+ questions, or less
  • Talk Description: A quick update on new types of collaboration & highlights of the last year or so, including the Waters Art Museum images, the Metropolitan online exhibition catalogues, Smarthistory, and .... (other suggestions welcome). A basic session, but I think needed.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-030). Andrew Gray (talk) 15:25, 17 February 2013 (UTC)

A strategic argument for high resolution content - Why every pixel matters.

  • Presenter Name: Peter Weis
  • Talk Length: 30 min (15-20 min presentation, 10-15 min Q&A)
  • Talk Description: The presentation will start with highlighting current approaches for and against high resolution content from different GLAM institutions on Wikimedia Commons. The second part illustrates the benefits of high resolution content for improving metadata through error reports, the importance for the featured picture process (and how it affects click statistics), the role for high quality digital restorations and the effects on outreach through re-use. The third part consists of an audience-driven Q&A.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-029). Andrew Gray (talk) 15:25, 17 February 2013 (UTC)

To what extent are GLAMs ready for Open Data and Crowdsourcing? – Results of a pilot survey from Switzerland

  • Presenter Name: Beat Estermann (talk)
  • Talk Length: 30 min
  • Talk Description: By means of our survey among Swiss GLAMs of national significance we wanted to find out to what extent they are ready to adopt an open data policy and to engage in crowdsourcing approaches, including co-operations with the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community. We asked them about the perceived risks and opportunities of such approaches, their attitudes towards “free” licensing, the extent of material already made available on the Internet, previous experiences with volunteer work and a few other things. Apart from that we used the survey as a broad-scale instrument to have GLAMs self-select themselves for follow-up contacts with regard to cooperation projects or consulting services.
    I’ll be happy to present the results of our study and to give a brief overview of the successes we have had so far with the follow-up contacts. Depending on the interest of the audience we can also discuss possibilities for extending the survey to other countries.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-028). Andrew Gray (talk) 15:13, 6 February 2013 (UTC)

Collaborating with GLAM: An East African Experience

  • Presenter Name: Abbas Mahmood
  • Talk Length: 20 mins
  • Talk Description: I'll be talking about my experience with cultural institutions (the Kenya National Archives & the Kenya News Agency): the challenges I've faced, the opportunities that arise, how to localize a GLAM-WIKI partnership, and the future of GLAM in Africa.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-027). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:26, 4 February 2013 (UTC)

I, Robot

  • Presenter Name: Ashley Van Haeften
  • Talk Length: 50 minutes (short presentation material and audience driven Q&A)
  • Talk Description: A year ago, Ashley had no batch uploading or bot programming experience, now he shares his hard won knowledge of programming specialized automated uploads to 'liberate' many thousands of files from respected institutions, through to the ongoing project of using Faebot to make millions of location based improvements to images across the UK (with a 99.97% success rate). This presentation has a focus on Commons but the techniques apply to any Wikimedia project. Discover practical tips on how to set up your own scripts to make a few hundred edits, navigating the Wikimedia API, through to the benefits of a recognized "bot" account to make hundreds of thousands of changes or uploads. This session explains how any keen amateur can enjoy using free tools and spare processing power to make a significant difference to Open Knowledge, whilst they sleep.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-026). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:26, 4 February 2013 (UTC)

What are the risks for institutions releasing cultural media to Wikimedia Commons?

  • Presenter Name: Ashley Van Haeften
  • Talk Length: 40 minutes (inc. 10-15 minutes discussion)
  • Talk Description: Wikimedia Commons is the largest and most used international open knowledge community resource for educational images, audio and video. Ashley is a well known contributor to Commons and has led several institutional collaborations. This presentation and discussion gives key, behind the scenes, practical insights in to how and why institutions such as archives, libraries and museums should partner with Wikimedia Commons to achieve their public access mission. Copyright, the complex international community and reputational risk are both barriers to open knowledge and reasons to launch a programme.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-025). Andrew Gray (talk) 10:39, 30 January 2013 (UTC)

Contemporary art and Wikimedia

  • Presenter Name: Joris Pekel & Sandra Fauconnier
  • Talk Length: 15-20 minutes
  • Talk Description:In a digital world, more and more contemporary artists see the potential outreach of the Wikimedia community. Several artists have shown that openly licensing their work greatly helps reaching out to a wider audience. At the same time, there are fears and licensing issues that prevent more artists from doing this. The Open Knowledge Foundation's OpenGLAM initiative works together with Wikimedia NL to create a booklet for contemporary artists that explains all the implications of the different CC-licenses and what it means to open up. At the time of the conference, we will be in the process of doing interviews with both artists and members of GLAM institutions about working with open data. We will present our work in progress and are very interested to hear your feedback. During the conference, we will also collect more interviews with GLAM representatives.
  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-024). Andrew Gray (talk) 10:38, 30 January 2013 (UTC)

Why and How Museums should be digitized by Wikimedians?

  • Presenter Name: Rangilo Gujarati
  • Talk Length: 30 minutes (20 minutes talk and 5-10 minutes questions/discussion)
  • Talk Description: In a country like India where museums play a major role in preserving the rich cultural heritage, the museums are less digitized (in some cases not at all digitized) in public domain to be used freely. In some museums digitization does take place but it is never made public. This presentation would aim to discuss the need of digitizing and more specifically putting those images in public domain from the museums. Wikimedians understand the need of those images and Commons can act as a wonderful platform to put those restored images in public domain like in this case. The presentation also aims to discuss the scenario for in a country like India where the big organizations aren't much involved in restoration and digitization, why and how a small Wikimedia movement can create difference and make strong cultural partnership ties with institutions.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-001). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:33, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Wikipedia Art and the Limits of Peer-Creativity

  • Presenter Name: Simon Lindgren and Ragnar Lundström, Media Places Research Programme, HUMLab, Umeå University.
  • Talk Length: 20 minutes (15 mins talk, 5 mins questions/discussion)
  • Talk Description: We will give a presentation of research made into the case of the "Wikipedia Art" project (2009), its continued existence at and the related controversy. A short overview of Wikipedia Art will be followed by a summary of analyses made of how this phenomenon made the boundaries of grassroots and peer creativity visible.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-003). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:36, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Europeana and the Wikimedia movement

  • Presenter Name: A shared presentation by John Andersson, User:John Andersson (WMSE) together with a speaker from Europeana.
  • Talk Length: 30 minutes (20-25 mins talk, 5-10 mins questions/discussion)
  • Talk Description: A brief introduction to Europeana and what Europeana is working with, followed by an overview of Europeana's support and cooperation with the Wikimedia movement to date (from sponsoring Wiki Loves Monuments to the current cooperation between Europeana and both Wikimedia Sweden (with Europeana Awareness) and Wikimedia Netherlands (with batch uploads)).


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-004). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:36, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

The GLAMwiki toolset project - current status

  • Presenter Name: A shared presentation by Dan Entous (Europeana), Valentine Charles (Europeana) and Maarten Zeinstra (Kennisland).
  • Talk Length: 40 minutes (30 mins talk, 5-10 mins questions/discussion)
  • Talk Description: A report on the state of development of the GLAMwiki Mediawiki-extension, the mapping of standard GLAM metadata standards to Wikimedia Commons templates and a preview of the final report on GLAM-requirements for statistics from the Wikimedia projects. The presentation will comprise a demo of the GLAMwiki tool extension, the working metadata mappings and a small number of sample uploads. A takeway from the presentation will be how you as a Wikipedian or a GLAM-professional can contribute to the project.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-002). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:34, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Local museums and Wikimedia - an untapped goldmine?

  • Presenter Name: Rock drum
  • Talk Length: 20 min (10-15 mins talk, 5-10 mins questions/discussion)
  • Talk Description: Using Wikimedia UK's partnership with Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry as a case study, I'll be talking about why collaborating with local, smaller cultural institutions is something that chapters (but particularly WMUK) aren't doing and why they should. I hope to round off the session with questions and a round table discussion on the topic. [I'm not available on the Friday.]


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-005). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:43, 17 January 2013 (UTC)
  • I was going to offer something similar, based on my work in residence with Staffordshire Archive and Heritage Service and others. Happy to defer to Rockdrum; to collaborate; or do this on Friday if it's needed then. Andy Mabbett (User:Pigsonthewing); Andy's talk; Andy's edits 16:30, 15 February 2013 (UTC)

QRpedia latest

  • Presenter Name: Andy Mabbett, User:Pigsonthewing
  • Talk Length: 20 min (or as required)
  • Talk Description: A brief overview of QRpedia for people new to it, and a summary of recent changes, developments and new/ planned deployments, including implications of the move to WMUK management.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-007). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:56, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

We hear your concerns

  • Presenter Name: Andy Mabbett, User:Pigsonthewing
  • Talk Length: 20 min (or as required)
  • Talk Description: Common reasons for not working with Wikipedia/Wikimedia given by GLAMs; and counter arguments to, or means to mitigate, them.


Collaborating with a whole network of Public Libraries.

  • Presenter Name: Carme Fenoll, introduced by User:Kippelboy
  • Talk Length: 20 min
  • Talk Description: Wikipedia is the entrance door to knowledge in digital world, as libraries are in "real" world. So it makes sense to do things together. Following this principle, Amical has reached an agreement with the Cultural Department of the Government of Catalonia, to promote Wikipedia among the Network of Catalan Public Libraries. We are establishing lines of collaboration with the glamwiki community, making it bigger, deeper and incorporating new content and users. 150 professional public librarians have already received Wiki training, in order to subsequently invite library users to join wiki projects. Also 1500 copies of the Welcome to Wikipedia manual have been printed and spread among the Libraries network. Session will be presented by Carme Fenoll, Catalonia's Libaries Network Director & Àlex Hinojo, Amical GLAM-WIKI coordinator.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-009). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:58, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

State of GLAM in Catalonia

  • Presenter Name: User:Kippelboy (Àlex Hinojo)
  • Talk Length: 20 min
  • Talk Description: GLAMwiki is one of the most successful tracks in Catalan Wikipedia. In this presentation I will show how all-size institutions can get into GLAMwiki projects, showing several succesful projects, done without many resources but with the commitment of both communities: Wikipedians and GLAM professionals. I want to explain how non-English Wikipedias can enlarge their audiences and their editor's communities using existing cultural communities (i.e.:Friends of the museums, universities, museum-retired professionals...)


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-010). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:58, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Working together from shared ideals: Wikimedia NL and Teylers Museum

  • Presenter Name: Geert-Jan Janse & Sandra Fauconnier
  • Talk Length: 20 min
  • Talk Description: Teylers Museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands was founded in 1778 as a centre for contemporary art and science. In line with the ideals of the Enlightenment the founders aimed to collect and share all knowledge available to mankind. The first purchase for the new museum was significant: the Encyclopédie by Diderot and d’Alembert. In 2001, Wikipedia was founded “to provide free access to the sum of human knowledge”. Based on the shared values and goals of both organisations, the Dutch chapter of Wikimedia and Teyler Museum have organised a writing challenge from January till June 2012 to expand the coverage on various topics related to Teylers Museum and its rich collections. Curators and Wikipedians have successfully worked together, resulting in over 300 new articles in more then 13 languages, including Esperanto,Catalan and Volapük. Why did this project take place, how was it organised, what were our experiences, what are the lessons learned and how do we hope to continue our fruitful collaboration? Geert-Jan Janse, project manager digitisation of Teylers Museum, and Sandra Fauconnier, board member for cultural projects at Wikimedia NL, will together present different aspects of this project from the point of view of both the museum and Wikimedia.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-011). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:00, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Science GLAM

A drawer in the Australian National Insect Collection, with Buforania grasshoppers on display.
  • Presenter Name: Daniel Mietchen
  • Talk Length: 20 min
  • Talk Description: Science-related activities have so far taken a back seat within the GLAM:Wiki framework, but initial contacts with a number of science and natural history museums, botanical gardens, zoos, herbaria and similar institutions are encouraging. Building on a similar talk at Wikimania, this session is devoted to reporting on what has happened so far as much as to seeding a strategy for things to come.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-012). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:00, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

A quarter of a Million edits: A new kind of Wikipedian in Residence

  • Presenter Name: Maximilian Klein
  • Talk Length: 20
  • Talk Description: As much as you think Wikipedia has a lot of information, there is an order of magnitude more bibliographic data. Part of this database can be usefully linked to Wikipedia - and Wikidata - in a meaningful way. This the story of, and lessons learned from, Max Klein's attempt to link Authority Control data with Wikipedia as part of his Residency with OCLC. A case is made that Library data is of special importance to Wikipedia, and in the future, Wikidata. And a vision for a new kind of Wikipedian in Residence paradigm considering larger-scale long-term projects with focus on integrating data rather editing content.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-013). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:01, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

African content on Wikipedia


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-014). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:02, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

This Means War: Wikipedia and The National Archives

  • Presenter Name: Jo Pugh
  • Talk Length: 20 minutes
  • Talk Description: Central government meets the open content revolution. Have the results been pretty? What have we achieved so far and what should be the aims for the future? [I'm not available on the 15th, unfortunately]


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-015). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:02, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Being Bold: the next Wiki-Town?

  • Presenter Name: Roger Bamkin, John Cummings, Tyson Lee Holmes et al (TBA)
  • Talk Length: 20 minutes
  • Talk Description: So there was a project called Monmouthpedia and it has been quite successful. Its the first time that Wiki has partnered with a public body. By the time the paper is presented WMUK will have announced at least one more town and Gibraltarpedia will be in full swing. This new project aspires to be the first wiki-city - at the very least. It aims to not only be cross-cultural, multi-national and multi-lingual but also transcontinental. How does Wikimedia square up to a government? What are the barriers? How do you plan innovation? How do you make it work?


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-016). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:03, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Curating the Digital Commons: GLAMWiki and the Public Domain Review

  • Presenter Name: Sam Leon
  • Talk Length:15 minutes
  • Talk Description: In the past year the Open GLAM initiative, coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation, has been building communities, tools and resources for working with open cultural data and helping more cultural institutions to actively embrace openness. By far and away most successful Open GLAM project has been the Public Domain Review an online journal for curated collections of curiosities from the digital public domain. Much of the material on the Public Domain Review is taken from Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons. In collaboration with GLAMWiki want to investigate how to encourage greater participation in this process of curating the digital commons, teaching people how to use existing portals into the public domain as means to enrich it and establish the infrastructure and standards that will allow a curatorial layer to flourish.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-017). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:04, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Wiki Photographer / Wikipedia Photography Club

  • Presenter Name: Nasir Khan Saikat
  • Talk Length: 25min
  • Talk Description: The main goal is to create a new group of contributors of Wikipedia. Text contents are the heart of the Wikipedia but media files plays a great role here. So the plan is to encourage the group of people who loves to take photographs. This will help us to continue the GLAM activities all the year round and other wiki photography events. In some countries there is no chapter or the local existing community is not active enough. Here this new group can load the wiki movements in that places. I did a little homework on this topics and got some point which will be helpful
  1. In every university (in my country) there is a photography club/community
  2. in every 2weeks they arrange photowalks
  3. a large number of people share good quality photographs in Flickr, Facebook, Google plus and some other social sites
  4. most of then are interested to join contest
  5. they love to show their best photos with others

there are other few findings. Based on these i think we can encourage those group of people to contribute to Wikipedia. Wikimedia commons has its own structure to select the featured and quality images. We can use this to boost the interests of the participants. At the same time we can start to use the term Wiki Photographer for those wikipedians whose contributed images has been used at least 10 articles of the wikipedia. I have other few plans to extend the activities and involvements.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-018). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:05, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

How can Wikimedia simultaneously partner with every GLAM organisation in the country?

  • Presenter Name: Mike Peel (talk) 05:22, 4 August 2012 (UTC)
  • Talk Length: 60 min
  • Talk Description: WMUK has thus far mostly been partnering with individual organisations for specific one-off or recurring events. However, there are over 2,500 museums in the UK - and many more archives, libraries and galleries. In order to achieve the goal of sharing the sum of all human knowledge, the Wikimedia projects need to strive to work with all of these organisations simultaneously. This panel discussion aims to address the question of how this can be done - including both events that involve a large number of partner organisations, and how to develop Wikimedia UK so that it could coordinate a thousand events a year (or how to embed Wikimedia in a thousand events a year). The panel will consist of both GLAM and Wikimedia representatives to discuss this issue.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-019). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:06, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Should GLAM organisations release all of their content under a free license?

  • Presenter Name: Mike Peel (talk) 05:22, 4 August 2012 (UTC)
  • Talk Length: 60 min
  • Talk Description: A panel to debate the question of releasing archives under free licenses. Is this good or bad for the archive/museum? This could be done as a 'For' vs 'Against' panel, similar to how Liam Wyatt organised a discussion about fair use at Wikimania 2012. The panel will consist of both GLAM and Wikimedia representatives to debate this issue.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-020). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:06, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

The impact of Museums and Libraries outreach Education Programme in Botswana

  • Presenter Name: Oarabile Mudongo (talk) 22:40, 4 January 2013 (UTC)
  • Talk Length: 20 min
  • Talk Description:Recognizing the need to reach audiences beyond the Gaborone city (Botswana) about the existence of Museums and Libraries, a group of volunteers from Botswana is planning to collaborate with the Education Division of the Botswana National Museum to developed several outreach programs and services for primary schools around the country and encourage students to edit and write educational articles on Wikipedia.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-021). Andrew Gray (talk) 12:07, 17 January 2013 (UTC)


  • Presenter Name: Kiril Simeonovski
  • Talk Length: 30 min
  • Talk Description: This is a presentation about a proposed project to list all the streets in a city, digitise the maps with their location and introduce them to the Wikimedia projects, create and expand content about each street and its namesake, take photographs from the streets and the important objects located there, and place QR codes where it's possible. The creation of the project was motivated by WLM and Monmouthpedia, but it, however, includes activities that are not part of the latter two.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-022). Andrew Gray (talk) 13:27, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Case study: WikiArchaeology on the Macedonian Wikipedia

  • Presenter Name: Kiril Simeonovski
  • Talk Length: 30 min
  • Talk Description: This is a presentation about a project with ongoing activities on the Macedonian Wikipedia. Several years ago the Macedonian Wikipedia Community managed to get access and free a database with information about archaeological sites in Macedonia. From there on the community members from the Macedonian Wikipedia have been working hard on creating articles about the sites with the information available in order to create the first digitised content of this type in Macedonian. The activities also include mapping all the sites with their exact coordinates and introducing graphical symbols to designate the type of the site and the period of its existence.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-023). Andrew Gray (talk) 13:28, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

VisualEditor: A preview

  • Presenter Name: James Forrester — Product Manager, VisualEditor, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Talk Length: 15 mins + questions (could be longer)
  • Talk Description: We at the Wikimedia Foundation are creating a visual editor for Wikipedia, Commons and all other MediaWiki instances. This means that most users will no longer have to learn wikitext, the complex syntax for editing, and instead can focus on what they're creating. I'd be happy to give a quick preview of what we've done and what is to come, and get feedback on our priorities and what items attendees would like dealt with first. This is not strictly GLAM-related, so happy not to be selected if felt inappropriate; I'll be attending the conference anyway as a volunteer.


  • Dialog ballons icon.svg Proposal received (GW-13-042). Andrew Gray (talk) 17:16, 19 February 2013 (UTC)