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Comment This is a draft charter for the GLAM UK committee and has yet to be approved by the Wikimedia UK Board, though the committee itself is already recognized.[1]


The goals for the committee include:

  1. Coordination of outreach and collaboration events with host institution participation across a number of cities across the UK.
  2. Establish shared tools for Institution Ambassador/specific point of contact self-coordination, action tracking and easy progress reporting.


  • Office based paid coordination support, initial estimate of 1 day/week.
  • Budget falls under the UK GLAM budget.

Outcomes planned

  1. Self organizing Institution Ambassador/SPOC network covering at least England and Scotland established in 2011/2012.
  2. UK specific outreach materials including institutional start-up packs.
  3. UK best practice advice, case studies and direct personal support for new Ambassador prospects.
  4. Encouraging process for funding to support ongoing Ambassador travel or other minor costs involved for Institutional meetings and non-local network events.
  5. Open published task backlog to encourage new volunteers to offer support and an Agile approach to task delivery.
  6. Deliver a quarterly GLAM report to support UK Board meetings with the status of UK GLAM projects with actions for attention of the Board, budget changes proposed, new project proposals, risks and issues.


  1. No more than 6 members at any one time. Geographic sub-groups as part of the Institution Ambassador network may resolve any “bandwidth” problem (e.g. a Scotland Ambassador group).
  2. A quorum for a meeting of the committee is defined as at least 3 committee members.
  3. At least one WMUK board member will be on the committee either as committee member or observer and can advise on budget issues.
  4. Minutes of meetings will be promptly published on the WMUK wiki.
  5. Decisions and proposals may be made with a simple majority of committee members present being in favour, with votes being recorded in the minutes when this is requested.[2] Decisions and proposals involving significant changes to the purpose of the committee or with budgetary impact greater than £1,000, require a simple majority of all committee members.
  6. Committee members may be confirmed by being recorded as such in the minutes without objection.


  • As of the GLAMUK minutes 2012-10-17, interested members are: John Byrne (WMUK Trustee), KTC, Rock drum, Leutha and WereSpielChequers, Daria Cybulska (UK Staff representative)
  • Other interested observers/potential members: Andy Mabbett (as an occasionally paid Wikipedian in Residence), Andrew Gray (observer), Jon Davies (UK CEO, observer), Fae (observer)
  • The GLAMUK committee has yet to name a Chair and Secretary.


  1. Minutes 30Jun12#Proposals for sub-committees states -
    "DECISION: It was agreed that there will be GLAM and education sub-committees, the creation of which will be led by Fæ and Doug respectively. The leaders are to come back to the board at the next meeting with a charter describing the committees, initial membership, and (if appropriate) budget outlines, for formal board approval." and
    "DECISION: Subcommittees should consist of four or more people, and their membership should include one staff member for an operational link to the Office and one trustee who will act as the liaison with the Board. Additional trustees and staff may also be part of the sub-committee in a non-liaison role."
  2. A simple majority is counted as equal to, or more than, (n+1)/2, where n is the number of committee members taking part in the meeting.