GLAMcamp London/September 2012/Volunteers and Education

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A general problem for all chapters is: how to find active volunteers for GLAM projects? This question

  • editors for GLAM activities
  • organizers

Types of volunteers[edit | edit source]

Students as 'forced' volunteers / involving educational institutions[edit | edit source]

Relate Wikipedia edits to assignments/assessments


  • Matchmaking; connecting GLAM projects and educational programs

Best practices:

Tips / lessons learned:

  • Instead of working with final year students, start earlier so that the students can 'grow' into their editorship

Engaging editors from Wikimedia projects[edit | edit source]


  • How to get actual Wikipedia editors out of their homes, and involved into 'real life' projects?

Best practices:

Engaging a 'new' target audience[edit | edit source]


  • Finding new target audiences.

Best practices:

General problem for all chapters: how to find active volunteers? Students as forced volunteers - connection with GLAM projects is obvious

Students are also editors, but in many cases not treated as such

Project Wikipedia in schools - Serbia

Matchmaking between GLAM projects and educational programs.

Related to assessments, assignments. Reach out to educational institutions.

Outside of schools

How to get actual Wikipedia editors interested in real life events?

How to convert people from casual to regular editors? Best practices? It is about quality. What percentage do you consider a success? Example of successful format: writing contest

Follow-up in education: start with second-year students

Experience of working with students in GLAM projects.

What motivates people?

Problem of friendliness  Mentorship program / ambassadors