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On 24 April 2017, Cardiff University hosted an event for the GW4 Alliance and Jisc themed around the academic use of historical text from digital archives. The event was open to members of the GW4 consortium, which includes the universities of Cardiff, Bristol, Bath and Exeter. Attendees were mostly university academics, with some museum and library staff.

The morning included an overview of Jisc Historical Texts and the UK Medical History Library (UK MHL), led by Owen Stephens. The afternoon was a look at "Wikimedia tools for historic texts" by Martin Poulter. Martin's connection resulted from his work as the Jisc Wikimedia Ambassador in 2013/14. There were seventeen attendees in total, including the two trainers.

Activities[edit | edit source]

The Wikimedia session involved:

  • Wikimedia overview
  • Wikisource: by each proofreading one page and validating another page, we produced a complete transcription of The Thruston speech on the progress of medicine 1880 from the UK Medical Heritage Library
  • Wikipedia comprehension: finding view stats and quality ratings for articles in your field
  • The Cite tool in Wikipedia: how to cite current research and historical texts
  • Wikidata overview
  • Histropedia: creating a timeline from a category on Wikipedia, then customising it.

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