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Background[edit | edit source]

Google are seeking comments in a consultation on the right to be forgotten, and will be asking some of those submitting to in-person meetings in the future. From the page:

To further its understanding of the issues raised by the ruling, the Council seeks input on these topics among others that may arise:

  • Are there any procedural issues raised by the case (e.g., responsibilities of search engines, data protection authorities,, publishers, individuals)?
  • What is the nature and delineation of a public figure’s right to be forgotten?
  • How should we differentiate content in the public interest from content that is not?
  • Does the public have a right to information about the nature, volume, and outcome of removal requests made to search engines?
  • What is the public’s right to information when it comes to reviews of professional or consumer services? Or criminal histories?
  • Should individuals be able to request removal of links to information published by a government?
  • Do publishers of content have a right to information about requests to remove it from search?

August 11th deadline for the public meetings (they say they'll read ones after) with a list of meetings on the site (London, October 16th).

Organisational interest - brief background on impact of right to be forgotten on Wikimedia projects[edit | edit source]

Wikimedia context of interest to right to be forgotten[edit | edit source]