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This document was approved by the Board on 7 June 2014. (approved revision, subsequent changes)
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Approval history:

7 June 2014 - First approval (approved revision, changes)

Chair[edit | edit source]

  • Leading the board’s development of best practice in governance and performance-review
  • Ensuring that board time is used effectively on strategic issues to achieve good governance
  • Monitoring trustee-engagement with the charity and trustee code of conduct compliance
  • Providing opportunities for each trustee’s knowledge, skills and experience to be used to best advantage for the benefit of the charity
  • Ensuring that new board members are properly inducted into their duties as trustees
  • Chairing board and general meetings of the charity, determining all procedural questions, ruling on any adjournments needed and resolving disputes arising during the meetings
  • Setting the agenda for each board and general meeting
  • Facilitating constructive and open but respectful discussion at meetings, with all relevant factors being fully considered and clear decisions reached, and any dissenting views and the reasons for them duly noted
  • Balancing the general policy of open meetings in the interests of transparency with closed (in-camera) sessions for those matters where confidentiality is required
  • Acting as the main channel between board and staff
  • Meeting regularly with the CE, offering support and guidance
  • Working with the CE to ensure board access as required to professional advice to inform discussions and decisions
  • Conducting the CE's appraisal
External relations
  • Working with the CE to ensure appropriate representation of the charity to the Wikimedia movement, the media, the authorities and the general public, including:
    • Acting as spokesperson as needed
    • Acting as the board contact-point with the Wikimedia Foundation and other Wikimedia groups

Deputy chair[edit | edit source]

  • Assisting and supporting the chair
  • Acting for the chair when the chair is not available

Treasurer[edit | edit source]

  • Taking a leading responsibility for developing and implementing appropriate policies for financial management, including investment, funding (whether voluntary, revenue-earning or borrowing) and all aspects of financial reserves
  • Overseeing the charity’s financial health and the financial viability of the charity's strategy
  • Taking a leading role on the Audit & Risk Committee (ARC)
  • Undertaking expert liaison with the charity’s auditors
  • Ensuring that the required proper accounting records are maintained
  • Ensuring that an effective system of internal financial controls is maintained
  • Ensuring that the board receives regular comprehensive financial management reports
  • Ensuring that SORP-compliant statutory annual accounts are prepared and that these are appropriately audited or independently examined as required by law
  • Maintaining oversight for the board over the spending of annual budgets, including ensuring that budget decisions are recorded appropriately, and are followed

Board secretary[edit | edit source]

The Secretary has lead responsibility on the Board for:

  • Ensuring Board meetings are effectively organised and minuted
  • Liaising with the Chair and Chief Executive to plan Board meetings
  • Ensuring that agenda time is allocated to matters Board members wish to discuss
  • Reviewing and editing the draft Board minutes before they are published
  • Ensuring that Board and committee minutes are approved and published, as appropriate, on the public, office or board wikis
  • Checking that minuted Board actions have been carried out.

In addition, the Secretary helps to ensure (with others on the board as appropriate) that the charity complies with its governing documents, charity law and company law:

  • Verifying whether a meeting is quorate or not
  • Verifying that General Meetings and elections are conducted in accordance with relevant Bylaws and Regulations
  • Ensuring elections are in line with stipulated procedures
  • Identifying issues which may put the charity at risk of failing to comply with its governing documents, charity law or company law, and ensuring that the Board has proper advice on these matters before making decisions.

HR trustee[edit | edit source]

  • Providing HR advice and assistance to the CE
  • Working with the Chair to undertake the CE's appraisal
  • Acting as independent reviewer of staff appraisals, if required
  • Acting as board adjudicator in the event of any staff HR dispute