IT Development/Progress meetings/09 May 2013

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Agenda[edit | edit source]

  1. Attendance and Apologies
  2. Update on Actions from previous meeting (Done, in process, not done. Substantive discussion may take place elsewhere on agenda)
  3. Operational
    1. Issue tracker
    2. QRpedia
    3. Rackspace Backups
    4. Security audit
    5. CiviCRM
    6. SAGE server
    7. Installation of OTRS/Zendesk
    8. Hosting UK Wiki on our server
    9. Reporting on time spent on different tasks
    10. VLE
    11. Attending Amsterdam Hackathon
  4. AOB.
  5. Date of next meetings.

Actions[edit | edit source]

Item No Assigned to Action Update
1. 210113 - Item 3.1 - Issue Tracking KB/TM Work with TM to set up a parallel bugzilla install with a project management extension, and test by end of Feb. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Bugzilla and Tech Wiki created. Need to agree access control for staff and community
2. 210113 - Item 3.3 - Backups KB Research costs of fireproof safe to inform a decision about on and off site back ups Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB not received further update from RS. Will chase
3. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB KB to work on some straightforward guidance for trustees as a simple overview/checklist MP to review - perhaps in collaboration with the community or Tech Committee (can certainly draft on-wiki) Symbol wait.svg Doing... Volunteer and Trustee Security checklist - Needs more work and to be circulated to new Trustees post AGM
4. 210113 Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB/TM Review registration of data protection details in light of changed staffing and systems. KB to factor this in to ongoing security review work with TM. Symbol wait.svg Doing... Still not progressed significantly since March 13 - still need to contact Deskana
5. 210113 Item 3.4.2 - CiviCRM KB Log feature requests and bug requests in RT to mirror a global development page on wiki (rework the existing 'shopping list' page) Yes check.svg Done TM migrated all bugs to RT. Can we close RT?
6. 280213 Item 2.4 - Updates on Actions MP Shut down elements on the server and take a final backup Symbol wait.svg Doing... MP will bring to office on 11th May!
7. 280213 Item 2.6 - Updates on Actions KB/TM Log 'backup manager process for Rackspace' as a job on rt. TM and propose solutions for March meeting. Symbol wait.svg Doing... See #16
8 280213 Item 2.6 - Updates on Actions KB/MP KB to liaise with MP on the purchase of a physical external hard drive (either MP to purchase in Manchester and claim for, or KB to purchase and arrange for it to be posted to MP) to transfer the holding of backups to the office. Symbol wait.svg Doing... - Have requested purchase from Richard Symonds - will send out asap
9. 280213 Item 2.8 - Updates on Actions KB/TM/EE Add 'Backup routine' to agenda for April meeting of Technical Committee and work on recommendations with TM/EE Symbol wait.svg Doing... TM working on Backup proposals. Was discussed at Tech Committee on 18th April 13, and will approve proposals at next Tech Comm?
10. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions KB/EE Catch up in Mid march to discuss implementation times of Civi CRM Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB has started this work but not had time to progress it post SF. Will schedule for w/c 13th May and liaise with EE. This is quite urgent now.
11. 280213 Item 2.13 - Updates on Actions KB Put EE in touch with Civi developer community. Yes check.svg Done KB attended Civi CRM March meetup and we may well be hosting the May meetup in Development house!