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Attending[edit | edit source]

  1. KB - Katherine Bavage (User:Katherine Bavage (WMUK))
  2. MP - Mike Peel (User:Mike Peel)
  3. DT - Doug Taylor (User:RexxS)
  4. EE - Emmanuel Engelhart (User:Kelson)
  5. TM - Tom Morton (User:ErrantX)

Apologies[edit | edit source]


Update on Actions from previous meeting[edit | edit source]

Item No Action Assigned to Update
1. Item 2 - Progress Update KB to remind Staff and Trustees need to report slow page loading for EE/TD to address bugs. KB X mark.svg Not done - KB agreed to progress by end of March 2013
2. Item 2 EE/TM to update page on UK Wiki to note change in capacity of server EE/TM Yes check.svg Done
3. Item 2 KB to ensure in future a cost/benefit review of server arrangements undertaken and presented to Tech Committee for consideration following discussion of options. KB X mark.svg Not done - KB agreed to progress by end of March 2013
4. Item 2 MP to pass appropriate details for moving the DNS onto UKreg to TM MP Yes check.svg Done TM has access to details on the server; control of ukreg account has been passed to KB. All DNS are now migrated to

UKreg and therefore WMUK server.

ACTION: KB to update name of the organisation, and individual contact name.
ACTION: MP to shut down elements on the server and take a final backup.
ACTION: MP to log an rt ticket re problem with
5. Item 3.1 - Issue Tracking KB to work with TM to set up a parallel bugzilla install with a project management extension, and test by end of Feb. KB/TM Symbol wait.svg Doing... - KB needs to trial extension before recommending change.
ACTION: KB to progress and make recommendation bt end of March 2013
6. Item 3.3 - Backups USB drive or hard-disk needed for physical backup storage. MP have a look at data and then advise KB on size of storage device needed. MP Yes check.svg Done MP recommended at least 100GB storage space needed. If the office server was connecting to the main WMUK server this would allow staff to download the files to a server at the office - or pull backups onto server using a cron job. TM noted that other than rackspace backups, there isn't yet an established backup manager process.
ACTION: KB to log backup manager process for Rackspace this as a job on rt. Discuss with TM and propose solutions for March meeting.
ACTION: KB to liaise with MP on the purchase of a physical external hard drive (either MP to purchase in Manchester and claim for, or KB to purchase and arrange for it to be posted to MP) to transfer the holding of backups to the office. Note recommendations that buying a larger drive (1TB+) may represent better value in long term, and that a large internal HD in the office linux server would be useful for future backups.
7. Item 3.3 - Backups KB to research costs of fireproof safe to inform a decision about on and off site back ups KB Symbol wait.svg Doing... KB and RS had been looking into options in terms of size and cost, and security. MP noted that it is important to

consider what we would need to get the office back up and running in terms of paperwork - for the purposes of this meeting the safe must contain the external drive with server backups and other relevant files.

8. Item 3.3 - Backups Tech committee to consider having more than back up locations as part of consideration of security strategy. KB/Tech Comm Symbol wait.svg Doing... Recommendations on secure backup arrangements to go to future Tech Committee for discussion and decision.
ACTION: KB to add to agenda for April meeting, and work on recommendations with TM/EE
9. Item 3.3 - Backups KB to get details of of current set-up and ask about how this might block server access - can they ftp onto our network? Follow up on advisement with TM. KB/TM X mark.svg Not done - KB agreed to progress by end of March 2013
10. Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit KB to work on some straightforward guidance for trustees as a simple overview/checklist MP to review - perhaps in collaboration with the community or Tech Committee (can certainly draft on-wiki) KB X mark.svg Not done - KB agreed to progress by end of March 2013
11. Item 3.4.1 - Security Audit DT noted that WMUK may need to review registration of data protection details in light of changed staffing and systems. KB to factor this in to ongoing security review work with TM. KB/TM Symbol wait.svg Doing... Needs to be progressed, not urgent, we need to check in light of new policies. Roll into work around checking compliance with the Fundraisier Agreement. Stick into annual security audit list.
ACTION: KB to progress by end of April 2013
13. Item 3.4.2 - CiviCRM KB log feature requests and bug requests in RT to mirror a global development page on wiki (rework the exisiting 'shopping list' page) KB X mark.svg Not done Not relevant until install and migration completed.

CiviCRM installation on Drupal platform/latest version now set up - EE had been focusing on trying to troubleshoot Gift Aid Declaration on wiki. Historically the existing instance was set up by Tom Dalton - MP had been caretaker in terms of updating and fixing bugs. EE will focus on getting the installation in place. Migration of the database shouldn't be too complicated - Civi works 'outside' the platforms that delivers it, so the SQL tables are the same. Upgrade may need more attention - but is a well documented progress.

ACTION: KB to catch up with EE in Mid march to discuss implementation times as the priority. GAD issue to come back to, but EE to speak to MP around this.
ACTION: KB to look into putting EE in touch with Civi developer community.
ACTION: KB to log feature requests and bug requests in RT to mirror a global development page on wiki (rework the existing 'shopping list' page) following migration (carried forward action)
14. Item 3.4.3 - SAGE server KB liaise with RS to get specification of who wants to access and how. Then log as a job in RT/Bugzilla with a matching planning page on-wiki KB/RS Yes check.svg Done RS still to come back with specifications. DT notes that the standard installation of SAGE 50 has multi user functionality built into it - can carry out over a network. MP - SAGE Accounts Plus with two users was the current licence Wikimedia UK owned.
ACTION: KB liaise with RS to get specification of who wants to access and how. Then log as a job in RT/Bugzilla with a matching planning page on-wiki (carried forward action)
15. Item 3.4.4 - MediaWiki/Wordpress improvements MP to log jobs via RT in connection with this as appropriate. MP Yes check.svg Done This is ongoing work. Take off as a specific action.
16. Item 3.5 - Hosting UK Wiki on our server TM to contact Oliver Keyes and copy in tech list. TM Yes check.svg Done
17. Item 3.5 - Hosting UK Wiki on our server Move the larger question onto agenda of tech committee and look into getting more information about the implications. KB/Tech Comm X mark.svg Not done
ACTION: KB to put on agenda for April meeting
18. Item 4 - Role of the Technology Committee KB to set up a Doodle poll to schedule a meeting of the Technical Committee in the week after the board meeting. KB Yes check.svg Done
19. Item 5 - Any Other Business Katherine to schedule next meeting via doodle poll KB Yes check.svg Done

Operational[edit | edit source]

Issue tracker[edit | edit source]

TM noted there was no major difference between RT and Bugzilla as ticketing systems, except possibly accessibility/familiarity. DT said he could support giving Bugzilla a run. Finding time to trial one of the project management modules, and reporting back would decide. MP noted advantage of anyone being able to register an account to report bugs, which Bugzilla will facilitate. Aim for the end of March.

ACTION: KB to pursue testing and have at least one other member of staff trial too, by end of March.

Decision[edit | edit source]

To be deferred to March developer progress update

Next steps[edit | edit source]

To be deferred to March developer progress update

Final migrations[edit | edit source]

DNS[edit | edit source]

The DNS were migrated almost entirely from MPs hosting - GLAMwiki needs checking and stream.GLAMwiki.

ACTION: MP to check through, RT ticket any that aren't done yet.

QRpedia[edit | edit source]

The domain transfer was outstanding, with re-directing DNS to follow. DT queried if there would be any delay in service as we move to our hosting? MP noted that this should be a seamless transfer, and recommended a procedure for transferring QRpedia of transferring control of the domain names to WMUK (which should take place without interruption of service), then later updating the A-name records to point to the copy of QRpedia hosted by WMUK once our setup has been checked (which can be quickly undone in the event of any problems with the transfer).

  • KB to email Saad and request guidance as timing of proceeding and relevant concerns re privacy and patent litigation that may determine timing of transfer
  • KB to request RB authorise control of domain names to be transferred to WMUK (RB to unlock)
  • TM to request transfer of domain to UKreg hosting
  • KB to contact key users to bug test our parallel installation
  • When timing of transfer clear and install been de-bugged, email to current users explaining time of server transfer
  • Point domains to our server installation

EE queried whether having QRpedia on dedicated server to guarantee service would be necessary? TM noted low load on community server currently - think probably not necessary (view reply here) Would need to consider changing this if we hosted the UK wiki on our server, as that would represent a significant load.

EE noted that side effects should be considered - if there is any disruption on any other usage on the server then will impact on QRpedia functionality e.g. installing a new version, updating a packet on PHP.

DECISION: Not requiring an additional, separate server unnecessary currently.
DECISION: This to be monitored in line with increasing future use of the community server, including updates.

It was noted that Roger Bamkin and Terrence Eden would be advisers as part of the agreement to donate the software, and would be able to contribute valuable ideas. There was not an expectation they be 'lead' developers, but would want to have input. MP noted it would be appropriate to have a stable, live version, and a testing version. EE agreed, the current version is effectively a test version. Could look at running alongside a bug tracking and version releasing process.

Backups[edit | edit source]

Future backup routine[edit | edit source]

Covered in progress update above. Will return to in March. Need to be mindful of publicising all discussions versus creating security weakness by documenting all backup processes (See discussion under AOB)

DT noted that the linux server in office in a fairly old machine - only got a 120GB hard drive - may want to install another to provide additional memory for local backups and transfer.

MP noted that a big server had been donated in the past, but DT noted it wasn't functional.

ACTION: KB to check if on the fixed assets register and update this and remove item as appropriate.

SAGE server[edit | edit source]

Covered under progress update actions. Will return in March meeting.

Hosting UK Wiki on our server[edit | edit source]

Update from Board[edit | edit source]

MP noted that board had discussed on 9th/10th Feb and the general feeling was that it would be good to demonstrate independence of the Chapter by hosting its own site.

KB to email board and tell Board its happening with pros and cons and recommendation rationale? TM noted the Chapter would need to negotiate with WMF what info that could be provided for the switchover to us, and this could probably not include email address. MP noted WMUK may have archival email info and could use this ask people to resubscribe when the hosting changed. It would be worth looking at how Wiki Voyage dealt with this issue. There was also an option to use the 'email this user mail' to deal with this.

ACTION: To email James Forester to start the discussion about how to manage the process.
ACTION: KB to set up a page on wiki to start the planning process, when we've heard back from JF

Office IT, including Backup server[edit | edit source]

Web conferencing system[edit | edit source]

DECISION: Richard N to test Big Blue Button system and report back to the Tech Committee
ACTION: KB to discuss with RN - take to Tech committee to then make a recommendation to the board

Any Other Business[edit | edit source]

Bug tracking and security[edit | edit source]

EE noted that we will have to be mindful of access control in terms of reporting security flaws as bugs. It would probably be appropriate to produce an Ethical security disclosure policy. In certain circumstances it might be better to report bugs in relation to security flaws after they are fixed.

ACTION: KB add item to agenda for March meeting for more substantive discussion.

MediaWiki updates[edit | edit source]

EE noted new installations of MediaWiki had put in place, and queried if anyone had experienced issues No one had experienced bugs; any bugs should be reported to via rt. The upgrades had fixed some of the pre-existing issues such as file security and led to quicker processing.

ACTION: KB to highlight this to Board and staff. fixed some of the pre-existing issues such as

SSL certificates[edit | edit source]

TM noted that has one - what about the rest of the server?

DECISION: Board and Office wiki should have SSLs, and other sensitive areas. TM noted that community had discussed having a wildcard system
ACTION: TM dig out thread and re-start to push forward. ALL - need to consider areas that might require SSL.

Date of next meeting[edit | edit source]