IT Development/Technology committee meetings/Agenda 1 April 2014

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This is the agenda for the meeting of the Technology Committee that will take place on Tuesday 1st April 2014 at 3pm. This meeting will take place online (connection details below). Some attendees will joining this meeting from the WMUK office.

This meeting will be chaired by Harry Burt. The agenda will be finalised at the start of the meeting. Minutes will be taken by Richard Nevell on etherpad and published on this Wiki.

Connection details

  • Online participation will take place via Mumble (connection details TBC). Those unfamiliar with Mumble should join 10 minutes early to test their connections.
  • In-person in the WMUK office - please contact Richard Nevell in order to arrange attendance by this means.


  1. Apologies
  2. Discussion about agenda
  3. Minutes of the previous meeting
  4. Bugzilla
    1. Send info@ emails to the WMUK OTRS -- needs decision
  5. WMUK wiki
    1. Spam
      1. ACTION: HB to write a spambot to deal with spam accounts. WMF maintains a spam blacklist; the bot will copy that to our servers and we can use that list. Yes check.svg Done
      2. To discuss: use of rangeblocks, API blocks
    2. Performance
      1. ACTION: RN to chase up Tom Morton with acquiring more capacity Yes check.svg Done
  6. Mailing list review
    1. Desired openness of list (who can join, etc.)
    2. Desired openness of list archives (bug 224)
  7. Programme Manager recruitment
  8. Difficulty of use and lack of instructions for the PyWik stats pages
  9. OpenID and OpenId Connect
    1. ACTION: HB will update the committee via the tech@ list Yes check.svg Done
    2. Decision needed on how to progress
  10. WMSV proposal for EU Horizon 2020 programme funding
    1. ACTION: CM to be available to meet Jan Ainali to discuss the application further
  11. Zurich hackathon
    1. ACTION: RN to ask Katie Chan to report on tech@ how many applications there are Yes check.svg Done
    2. Possibility of reopening scholarship requests, and if so, under what judging criteria
  12. Wikimania 2014
  13. WMUK technology workshop
    1. ACTION: MP, CC, and MM to discuss via email
  14. Possible forthcoming projects (MM)
    1. Accessibility
    2. Metrics
  15. Bjoern's proposal: Wiki-based teacher education and resource development (also see email of 21st March)
  16. Date and chair of next meeting
  17. AOB
    1. Bug #162: QRPedia SSL certificates
    2. Bug #235: Migrate deleted contributions?