IT Development/Technology committee meetings/Agenda 4 February 2014

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Agenda for meeting of the Technology Committee, 4 February 2014. In-person in the WMUK office, plus remote participation. Scheduled for 2 pm to 4 pm. This agenda is now closed to new items.

  1. Apologies and introductions
  2. Minutes of previous meeting
  3. Discussion of need for a committee chair
  4. Reports
  5. Policy and impact
  6. Hosting
  7. Use of Bugzilla
  8. Project manager role
  9. Virtual Learning Environment
  10. Wikisoba
  11. Improve accessibility on Wikimedia, etc, projects
  12. FTP service
  13. Voice Intro project
  14. Usage of non-EU systems
  15. OpenId Connect
    • Should Wikimedia UK formally nudge the Foundation towards prioritising work on OpenId Connect ("Single User Login 2")
  16. Tech pages on the UK wiki
  17. AOB
  18. Date of next meeting

Minutes[edit | edit source]