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Who do we consider a volunteer in the context of Wikimedia UK?

  • Someone who carry out tasks in any Wikimedia UK’s events or projects without pay.
  • While important, does not include any Wikimedia or other open content project’s editors on that basis alone, or members or donors who does not take part in Wikimedia UK events.

Things we are already doing[edit | edit source]

Why do people volunteer?[edit | edit source]

  • Altruism
  • Because its fun
  • Social - meeting others who share a common interest
  • Peer recognition
  • Help Wikimedia and its idea of sharing free knowledge
  • Improve own knowledge
  • To gain voluntary experience for job applications
  • Collaboration
  • Patriotism - helping their country, culture or language community

Why don't people volunteer?[edit | edit source]

  • Lack of local events
  • Lack of time
  • Unaware that the chapter / events exist
  • Lack of confidence in own ability to become a volunteer
  • Turned off by aggressive online interactions on Wikimedia projects
  • Find it difficult to volunteer
  • Not sure that there is any point to volunteering
  • Don't know how to volunteer
  • Unaware what specific tasks require volunteer attention
  • Find conversations between Wikimedians too cliquey and inward looking

What might we want to do in the next five years?[edit | edit source]

  • We should be teaching people how to edit
  • Double the number of editors on Wikimedia projects
  • Have regional office / groups of editors
  • Engage with small local groups (e.g. Local History groups)
  • Engage with local institutions
  • Relationship with education - our reputation is poor. It could be improved!
  • Engaging with government to influence legislation & policies
  • Being an influence and source for the free press
  • Increasing awareness of other projects - mediawiki development
  • Teach the public how to Use & Re-Use
  • Adopting or starting new wiki-projects

How are we going to achieve that?[edit | edit source]

  • Promote the idea and values of Wikimedia UK to local editors not currently involved
  • Regular communication with current and potential volunteers
  • Having volunteers attract new volunteers
  • Motivating volunteers - having a survey to find out why people volunteer
  • Use mentorship to teach new volunteers
  • Organise more small events & projects
  • Bring new volunteers in by looking for completion of small easy tasks such as staffing of cloakroom at events
  • Look for volunteers beyond the current backgrounds of Wikimedia editors
  • Consider what organisation such as Volunteering England (NCVO) can offer
  • Learn from what other charities do
  • Consider successful past programmes and emulate model of success in programmes going forward