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By decision of the Board 14/9/2013 these draft minutes stand as the best available record of the meeting and the Board will not formally approve them because of the extended time which has elapsed since they were drafted

Minutes of the Wikimedia UK v2.0 Board Meeting #wikimedia-uk-board, 20:30 BST 07/04/2009

Present with full speaking rights: Mike Peel (MP), Andrew Turvey (AT), Tom Holden (TH), Mickey Conn (MC) and Kwan Ting Chan (KTC). Thomas Dalton (TD) was given speaking rights for part of the meeting.

Apologies for absence

Mickey Conn for lateness. Andrew Turvey for leaving early.

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of 30th March 2009 were available to view at [1] and were unanimously approved.

Matters Arising

AGM - Booking location

AT contacted Sarah to confirm booking of room at University of Manchester Students' Union, who then realised the Union would not be opened until 2 hours after the AGM scheduled starting time. AT suggest an alternative location of Kro-bar a short distance from the Union. MP suggest to look into the possibilities of rooms within the University of Manchester before confirming Kro-bar.

ACTION: MP to look into the hiring of rooms within the University of Manchester. AT to confirm booking with Kro-bar subject to email discussion based on MP's feedback.

AGM - Resolutions

A revised resolution has been sent out.

AGM - Speakers

Joseph Seddon have been confirmed to speak on UK's Oxford Wikimania bid. Andrew Cates on Wikimedia for Schools is to be confirmed. A speaker from the BBC have been confirmed, with announcement to be confirmed.

ACTION: AT to confirm speakers from the Open Knowledge Foundation, or OKFN and AC if OKF is unavailable. AT to contact CC-UK to see if they are interested in participating.

AGM - Notice

No new notice have been sent as no new members had been approved yet.

ACTION: MP to send notice to any new members.

Website - Bugs

There has been no movement on the bugs ([2] and [3]). Erik Moeller confirmed during chapters meeting that the WMF is happy with Wikimedia UK to assume control of domains used by the previous Wikimedia UK chapter, and have emailed James Forrester to indicate to that effect. MP is waiting to hear back from James Forrester on the issue of transfer.

On domains carrying the wikipedia trademark, WMF have indicated their desire to control them directly if possible. MP volunteered to investigate the current ownerships for them.

ACTION: MP to discuss ownership transfer with James Forrester.

HMRC charity status

No reply have yet been heard from the Member of Parliament, or member of government.

ACTION: AT to follow up with MP.

Wikimania press releases

AT has not had the opportunity to contact Seddon.

ACTION: AT to contact Seddon.

Chapter grants

MP gave a very brief report on this subject from the chapters meeting. Issue carry forward to next meeting.

ACTION: KTC to put on next meeting agenda.

Bank account

Additional log-in are available to existing signatories. Application can be made in writing. Will resolve at the in-person first meeting of the board after the upcoming AGM.

ACTION: TH to take along letter for additional log-in request to the AGM for signing.


No comments have been received.

Acknowledging Donations

MP has passed along addresses to TH.

Treasurer's Report

Account balance remains at £332.

Secretary's Report

AT was contacted by 2 individuals interested in standing for the Board at the upcoming AGM. AT has personally nominated them, after giving advice on the process.

Membership Report

The board went in camera to discuss membership application, and approved three new members (total now 21) subject to payment clearing. The board also took the opportunity in camera to discuss its position on Phorm.

The board discussed updated membership application form, and standing order form.

Membership drive

Ideas for membership drive plan were discussed.

Wikimania bid

Nothing to report or discuss.

Timetable Review

All appears to be on track.


To be finalised at the next meeting.

ACTION: All to contribute.

Berlin chapters meeting

TD & MP reported back on chapters meeting. AT departed meeting due to other commitments during this part of the meeting.

ACTION: TD & MP to give further report next meeting due to time reason.

Wikipedia (and other WMF's) trademark

The board along with comments from TD, who was involved with the discussion at the chapters meeting, discussed in camera WMF's trademarks and WMUK use & argeement with WMF in relation to it.

ACTION: TD was tasked with following up new trademark agreement draft with Mike Godwin, with the board being kept informed at all stages.

Chapter selected seats

A discussion was held in camera in relation to proposals with regards to chapters selected seat on the WMF board. The board voted in majority to oppose one of the proposal being considered by the chapters community.


No other business was conducted.


The next board meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th April at 20:30 BST.