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[20:29] mpeel: g'evening Warofdreams , cfp
[20:29] andrewrt joined the chat room.
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[20:29] mpeel: hi andrewrt
[20:29] Warofdreams: good evening
[20:29] AndrewRT: hi mpeel
[20:29] Warofdreams was granted voice by ChanServ.
[20:30] mpeel: so we're just missing KTC...
[20:31] AndrewRT: hi mickey, tom
[20:31] mpeel: hmm; we have incomplete minutes from the last meeting...
[20:31] cfp: evening
[20:32] cfp: i don't have logs sorry
[20:33] Warofdreams: I've got logs from when I joined the meeting, and I've minuted all of that
[20:33] AndrewRT: i though the point of this meeting was to do the membership only
[20:34] mpeel: ok; so we leave minutes until the next meeting?
[20:34] cfp: yeah lets keep it quick
[20:34] AndrewRT: yes please
[20:34] mpeel: ok
[20:34] mpeel: I put together a brief agenda at
[20:34] mpeel: no point on there should take longer than a few minutes
[20:35] mpeel: Andrew: I was hoping that you could briefly update us on the AGM agenda and WMF funding application...
[20:35] mpeel: is that ok?
[20:35] AndrewRT: sure
[20:35] AndrewRT: i need to leave at 9
[20:35] mpeel: am I right in remembering that KTC can't make this meeting?
[20:36] AndrewRT: shall we start?
[20:36] AndrewRT: mpeel to chair?
[20:36] mpeel: ok
[20:36] mpeel: I'll also put together the minutes, if people want
[20:36] cfp: thanks mpeel
[20:37] mpeel: 3. Membership applications (MP; in camera)
[20:37] mpeel: (I figure we've done the first two)
[20:38] You have returned from away.
[20:43] mpeel: Returning from in camera; the board approved two additional membership applications.
[20:43] mpeel: 4. AGM agenda (AT)
[20:44] AndrewRT: I've sent a draft email to the Board
[20:45] AndrewRT: comments back were cfp - nto wantign board report in first session
[20:45] AndrewRT: and the tellers suggesting more time for election Q&Aa
[20:45] AndrewRT: any other comments?
[20:45] cfp: everythig else looked good thanks andrew
[20:45] mpeel: I think the board report is fine where it is - having it later means that more people will probabyl be there to hear it
[20:46] AndrewRT: copies will be available throughout the meeting either way
[20:46] mpeel: am not sure whether more time will be needed for Q&A's - I guess it'll be a case of seeing how many questions people have on the day
[20:46] AndrewRT: how many have we had so far on the wiki?
[20:46] mpeel: none that I've seen
[20:47] AndrewRT: 8 people for 7 positions
[20:47] mpeel: only has "1.    1. (sample - remove)"
[20:47] AndrewRT: we might not even have 8 candidates show at the AGM
[20:47] mpeel: I'd hope that all candidates would appear...
[20:47] AndrewRT: personally I think the hustings will be a bit of a non-event
[20:47] AndrewRT: hence why it should be over in so little time
[20:47] mpeel: have you heard anything that suggests that people won't show?
[20:48] AndrewRT: no
[20:48] AndrewRT: I think if it does over run that's fine
[20:48] AndrewRT: or we could schedule more time if you prefer
[20:49] mpeel: I'm happy for the agm agenda to be sent as is.
[20:49] AndrewRT: how about moving the Board report to 3:45?
[20:50] AndrewRT: given I've only put 3 minutes down it wont make much difference!
[20:50] cfp: that'd be good for me, but it's up to you guys
[20:50] mpeel: might be a good idea; I don't particularly mind either way.
[20:50] mpeel: Warofdreams?
[20:51] Warofdreams: I'm sure it's fine.  I thought we were only doing memberships, so I've not really given the agenda any thought
[20:51] Warofdreams: I've only seen the e-mail in the past few minutes
[20:52] mpeel: sorry; andrew's deadline for this was yesterday, so when it wasn't sent out I thought it would be good to discuss it now...
[20:52] AndrewRT: do you want to email me your comments later warofdreams?
[20:52] mpeel: (deadline == "please come back to me with any comments by Friday night 17th April at the latest.")
[20:52] AndrewRT: yes!
[20:53] AndrewRT: so, subject to WOD's comments, you all ok for me to send out tonight as is, with the Board report at 3:34
[20:53] Warofdreams: the proposal we had at the last meeting looked fine to me - I'm not sure how this one differs?
[20:53] AndrewRT: 3:45
[20:53] mpeel: I am.
[20:53] cfp: yup
[20:54] AndrewRT: it doesn't
[20:54] mpeel: 5. WMF funding application (AT)
[20:54] AndrewRT: haven't done it yet
[20:54] mpeel: I just wanted to make sure that things were on track with this, considering the impending deadline.
[20:54] AndrewRT: deadline is 21st?
[20:54] mpeel: yup
[20:54] AndrewRT: next meeting is?
[20:54] cfp: need any help with anything specific?
[20:54] AndrewRT: 20th?
[20:54] AndrewRT: not at the moment - can we discuss at next mtg?
[20:54] mpeel: it isn't in the minutes
[20:55] AndrewRT: ?
[20:55] mpeel: doesn't say when the next proper board meeting is
[20:55] mpeel: just "The next board meeting will be held on Saturday 18th April at 20:30 BST."
[20:55] AndrewRT: ah so it isnt'
[20:55] Warofdreams: Andrew: in that case, I'm happy for the agenda to go out tonight, with the report of the board at 3:45.
[20:55] cfp: i'm flying back to oxford on the 20th, so won't be available then.
[20:55] AndrewRT: sure we decided to meet next week - monday or tuesday cant remember
[20:56] AndrewRT: WarofDreams: thanks
[20:56] Warofdreams: it's Monday in the log
[20:56] mpeel: ok, we can discuss the funding application in that meeting, then. 
[20:56] mpeel: 6. AOCB
[20:56] mpeel: 6.1 2 items from MP (in camera)
[20:56] cfp: in camera?
[20:57] mpeel: yes...sorry
[20:57] AndrewRT: sure
[21:04] Tango42_ joined the chat room.
[21:06] Warofdreams: ok, I think we're back
[21:06] mpeel: yup
[21:06] Warofdreams: newsletter - a reminder - please write your sections (this includes me!)
[21:06] mpeel: will do... 
[21:07] mpeel: AOB?
[21:07] Warofdreams: nothing more from me
[21:07] mpeel: ok, I guess we'll leave it here then. Thanks all for coming.
[21:07] Warofdreams: see you on Monday


You have returned from away.
[20:41] Tango42: oh... I forgot:
[20:42] Tango42: CABAL! CABAL! CABAL!
[20:48] mpeel: only a quick one. 
[21:03] Tango42: CABAL! CABAL! CABAL!
[21:04] Tango42_ joined the chat room.
[21:08] mpeel: oh-oh: two Tango42's?
[21:09] Tango42_: Dodgy net connection
[21:09] Warofdreams: A cabal of Tango42s?
[21:09] Tango42_: what's that command for taking back ones name?
[21:09] mpeel: ghost
[21:09] mpeel: "/msg nickserv ghost tango42"