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[20:57] mpeel: agenda is at
[20:57] mpeel: apologies received from skenmy and cfp; zeyi isn't present
[20:57] mpeel: Minutes of the last meeting are at
[20:57] mpeel: (thanks Seddon_ )
[20:57] mpeel: everyone happy with them?
[20:57] Seddon_ is now known as Seddon.
[20:58] Seddon: please take a good look at them
[20:58] AndrewRT: have we lost some c/f actions?
[20:58] steveV: ok
[20:59] AndrewRT: From
[20:59] AndrewRT: JS to send the tokens of our appreciation to the retiring Directors, tellers and external speakers.
[20:59] AndrewRT: ACTION: JS
[20:59] AndrewRT: was that done?
[20:59] Seddon: thats there and has been carried forward again
[20:59] Seddon: i havnt had time to post them
[21:00] AndrewRT: ah yes so it is - different order!
[21:00] Seddon:  sorry 
[21:00] Seddon: see told you im not very good at it 
[21:00] AndrewRT: that's ok
[21:01] AndrewRT: just trying to confuse me!
[21:01] AndrewRT: are we happy that no actions have been dropped?
[21:01] mpeel: "PW will continue to research what is needed to produce business cards for Wikimedia UK officials."
[21:01] mpeel: can't see that one
[21:02] AndrewRT: TH to contact the bank to notify them of the new directors, to change the signatories to any two of MP, AT and TH and to set up AT and MP on the online banking.
[21:02] AndrewRT: ACTION: TH Doing...
[21:02] AndrewRT: can I add that in?
[21:02] Seddon: yer go ahead
[21:02] Seddon: if iv missed them
[21:02] mpeel: "So that we can use it for members-only merchandising, AT agreed to send the email to the Foundation previously discussed asking for permission to use their trademarks."
[21:03] cary joined the chat room.
[21:04] mpeel: I think that was all of the missed actions...
[21:06] mpeel: AndrewRT: are you adding the other two actions, or should I?
[21:06] AndrewRT: I haven't could u please
[21:06] Seddon: IV DONE IT
[21:06] Seddon: sorry about caps
[21:06] mpeel: thanks Seddon
[21:07] mpeel: is everyone happy with the version at ?
[21:07] AndrewRT: I dont understand this
[21:07] AndrewRT:     * Send our the newsletter put the newsletter mail list onto the board wiki? (PW)
[21:07] AndrewRT: ACTION: PW Please carry forward
[21:07] AndrewRT: it doesn't seem to be a cf action?
[21:07] mpeel: hmm; looks like two actions got merged together...
[21:07] mpeel: I'm not sure whether the last newsletter was sent out to all of the members
[21:07] AndrewRT: do you mind if I have a look through this later
[21:08] AndrewRT: ?
[21:08] effeietsanders joined the chat room.
[21:08] mpeel: I don't have the list of newsletter email recipients, so could only circulate the newsletter on wiki and to the mailing lists
[21:08] AndrewRT: I'll pick up any other issues when I do the minutes for today
[21:08] mpeel: skenmy's the only person with the email recipients list, I believe
[21:08] mpeel: ok; shall we delay the approval of these minutes until the next meeting, then?
[21:09] AndrewRT: sorry to be a pain but I'd like to
[21:09] mpeel: steveV, Seddon?
[21:09] AndrewRT: is that ok Seddon?
[21:09] Seddon: yer, i have already conceded a crap job 
[21:10] steveV: ok to all
[21:10] AndrewRT: please dont take it personally!
[21:10] AndrewRT: > TH to contact the bank to notify them of the new directors, to change the signatories to any two of MP, AT and TH and to set up AT and MP on the online banking.
[21:10] AndrewRT: he's sent the stuff to me
[21:10] AndrewRT: I've got it on my cupboard to post to Mike!
[21:10] AndrewRT: I guess that's a "doing"
[21:11] Seddon: marked
[21:11] AndrewRT: >> Look into starting a survey on social media sites (SV)
[21:11] mpeel: do we know what the status of notifying them of the new directors is?
[21:11] AndrewRT: yes it's all on the same form
[21:11] steveV:    
[21:12] AndrewRT: thanks for that Steve
[21:12] mpeel: ah - so there's another form that's been sent to seddon/steve/zeyi/skenmy?
[21:12] Seddon: yep
[21:12] AndrewRT: mpeel - yep I understand
[21:12] steveV: This is a poll (test) asking a simple question about Wikipedia - 128 responses in 6 days from all over world
[21:12] mpeel: thanks
[21:12] AndrewRT: >> Referral from the en-wiki OTRS queue from an Imperial College spin off company asking for our help on the use of wikis in education. Circulate to the Board, discuss on the mailing list and follow up." (AT)
[21:12] steveV: I have a  form
[21:12] AndrewRT: I've done that
[21:12] AndrewRT: steveV - from TH? excellent
[21:13] steveV: On the matter of the form - I have had to notify my company's owners of my directorship (Newscorp)
[21:13] steveV: They are asking me questions
[21:13] steveV: So I hope to get 100% all clear next week and send back that form
[21:13] steveV: looks positive though
[21:14] Seddon: Skenmy is going to send some form onto me
[21:14] AndrewRT: mpeel - could we have this Imperial College on the agenda tonight or talk now if you prefer
[21:14] AndrewRT: steveV - any problems from your employer?
[21:14] Seddon: i havnt been home yet to check my mail for anything other mail
[21:14] AndrewRT: (bearing in mind this is a public forum!)
[21:14] steveV: Dow jones is 'cool'
[21:14] steveV: It is now Newscorp that wants to 'have a look'
[21:14] mpeel: AndrewRT: I'll add it to the agenda
[21:15] steveV:  I see this as an opportunity to raise Wiki profile
[21:15] AndrewRT: great - steveV let me know if anyone else can help at all
[21:15] steveV: as this is Global VP Legal Level in Newscorp
[21:15] steveV: ok
[21:16] AndrewRT:     * Send our the newsletter put the newsletter mail list onto the board wiki? (PW)
[21:16] AndrewRT: so this was an action to send to the email recipients then?
[21:16] mpeel: that should read "Send the May newsletter to email recipients (PW)"
[21:16] Seddon: yer
[21:16] AndrewRT: do you want to change?
[21:17] mpeel: AndrewRT: done
[21:17] AndrewRT: thanks
[21:18] AndrewRT: >> MP to approach membership with regards to the membership list being on the Board wiki
[21:18] AndrewRT: mpeel?
[21:18] mpeel: c/f please - will do that in the next few days
[21:18] AndrewRT: >> JS to send the tokens of our appreciation to the retiring Directors, tellers and external speakers.
[21:18] AndrewRT: this has already been discussed - cf
[21:18] AndrewRT: >> MP has transferred ownership of to us; MP still to organise transfer of with current owner.
[21:19] AndrewRT: any progress mpeel?
[21:19] mpeel: still haven't managed to talk to James
[21:19] AndrewRT: >> PW will talk to SV and ZH to get them set up with an account on IRC and give them operator rights.
[21:19] Seddon: cf
[21:19] AndrewRT: Steve has you got an IRC account now?
[21:20] steveV: need 'guidance' from an old war horse like Seddon on this offline
[21:20] steveV: or pw
[21:20] AndrewRT: hehe ok
[21:20] Seddon: given that paul is busy ill give steve a hand tomorrow
[21:20] AndrewRT: >> AT is to respond to the pressure group whose letter had been received. c/f
[21:20] steveV: Ok am at home
[21:20] AndrewRT: I rang them this afternoon - will follow up by email
[21:21] AndrewRT: they were happy just to hear from a responsive person
[21:22] Seddon: i suppose they prob wernt expecting a resposne
[21:22] AndrewRT: I'll follow up with an email
[21:22] AndrewRT: they had made a change on Wikipedia
[21:22] AndrewRT: which had been promptly reverted!
[21:22] AndrewRT: they weren't happy!
[21:23] AndrewRT: >> "MP agreed to email a summary on cultural partnerships around the Board members for discussion at the next meeting." c/f - it's being drafted atm
[21:23] AndrewRT: mpeel still doing?
[21:23] mpeel: yes, sorry
[21:23] mpeel: I'll send that around now, actually, for contemplation before the next meeting.
[21:23] AndrewRT: >> Cfp to start discussion on the mailing list with regards to director access to paypal account.
[21:24] AndrewRT: didn't understand what this was?
[21:24] AndrewRT: although I did see that we now have a paypal button on
[21:24] mpeel: this was somethnig discussed at the last meeting
[21:24] mpeel: we now have a paypal account
[21:24] mpeel: we need to decide who has access to it
[21:24] AndrewRT: well done all!
[21:24] mpeel: the thinking was possibly the same people as have access to the bank account
[21:25] AndrewRT: mailing list = Board or WMUK-L?
[21:25] mpeel: the problem, though, is that unlike the bank account, where two people are needed to write a cheque etc., an action on paypal only needs one person.
[21:25] mpeel: might as well be WMUK-L, I guess
[21:25] AndrewRT: >> So that we can use it for members-only merchandising, AT agreed to send the email to the Foundation previously discussed asking for permission to use their trademarks."
[21:25] AndrewRT: c/f please
[21:25] AndrewRT: will do asap!
[21:26] AndrewRT: "PW will continue to research what is needed to produce business cards for Wikimedia UK officials."
[21:26] AndrewRT: has he discussed this with anyone?
[21:26] AndrewRT: anyone here?
[21:26] steveV: no
[21:26] AndrewRT: >> TH to change paypal address to
[21:26] AndrewRT: presume this is cf
[21:26] AndrewRT: MP to set previous board members emails to forward to him.
[21:26] AndrewRT: ACTION: MP
[21:26] AndrewRT: mpeel?
[21:27] mpeel: work in progress
[21:27] mpeel: I'm setting them to forward to the chair address
[21:27] AndrewRT: > SV, MP + JS to collate press response template list
[21:27] mpeel: so that it will easily transfer to the next person
[21:27] AndrewRT: steveV?
[21:27] AndrewRT: Seddon?
[21:28] AndrewRT: any progress with this?
[21:28] Seddon: havnt had a chance to work on it yet
[21:28] steveV: I need 'scenarios'
[21:28] Seddon: this will be a long term project i presume
[21:28] steveV: then I could do this really quickly
[21:28] AndrewRT: what are "scenarios"?
[21:28] Seddon: well what situations we will come accross
[21:28] steveV: It is called a Q&A briefing that you do for clients in the PR world
[21:29] steveV: yes seddon hits the nail
[21:29] mpeel: I have a file sat on my computer that starts doing this ... will upload that to the wiki when I get the time.
[21:29] steveV: that's a Bristol expression with a long history
[21:29] AndrewRT: SteveV - do you want to email the mailign list to ask what scenarios we should cater for?
[21:30] steveV: I think we have some fabulous experience of it in the mailing list and a board to list mail asking for 'examples' is a great idea
[21:30] AndrewRT: action steveV then?
[21:30] Seddon: i will get the standard templates from otrs
[21:30] Seddon: if you could action me on that
[21:30] steveV: but it is a longer project than one week
[21:30] AndrewRT: sure
[21:31] steveV: and perhaps JS and I work on it in tandem but I lead
[21:31] Seddon: the ones on otrs are tried and tested as well
[21:31] AndrewRT: shall we move on?
[21:31] AndrewRT: >> [ZH to] Work on timeline of all WMUK activities.
[21:31] Seddon: cf i suppose
[21:32] AndrewRT: has any page been created on the wiki for this?
[21:32] mpeel: the old timeline page still exists
[21:32] steveV: -please keep voting all those 'listening'
[21:32] AndrewRT: I haven't noticed anything on
[21:32] AndrewRT: ok cf then
[21:33] AndrewRT: >> Tango42 to contact the gazette on behalf of WMUK, and cfp to contact pro bono groups by email
[21:33] AndrewRT: TH has proomised to do this this week!
[21:33] Seddon: Actually I have something to add associated with that
[21:34] AndrewRT: mike? want to discuss now or later?
[21:34] AndrewRT: mpeel?
[21:35] mpeel: now's good
[21:35] AndrewRT: over to you Seddon
[21:35] Seddon: I managed to get hold WJBscribe, who is a proper lawyer, and he has said that he would be willing to help us, however he does not specialise in charity law so has said that although he will happily assist us, he would rather that another lawyer who is more experienced in charity law in assisting us with the HMRC issues
[21:35] mpeel: is he in the UK?
[21:35] Seddon: yes he is
[21:36] AndrewRT: excellent news
[21:36] AndrewRT: thanks for that
[21:36] AndrewRT: when you say help us - does this mean written headed letter advice
[21:36] mpeel: that's great - is he able to offer advice formally, or just informally?
[21:36] AndrewRT: or just informal word of mouth?
[21:37] Seddon: ill try and clarify that
[21:37] AndrewRT: thanks
[21:37] AndrewRT: good work anyway!
[21:37] AndrewRT: >>  MP to email organiser [of chapters lobbying EU] expressing interest from SV
[21:37] AndrewRT: Action: MP Done
[21:38] AndrewRT: stevev - are you going along then?
[21:38] steveV: have done little more than say hi at the moment
[21:38] steveV: too busy
[21:38] steveV: am marking a c/f
[21:38] steveV: for me
[21:38] AndrewRT: do you think you'll go to the in person meeting in July?
[21:38] steveV: Don't know where I am week to week
[21:38] AndrewRT: (is it July?)
[21:39] AndrewRT: hehe know how that feels!
[21:39] steveV: i think so
[21:39] mpeel: yes, July
[21:39] steveV: I know some MEP's but need to think it all thru
[21:39] mpeel: see the discussion in #wikimedia-uk
[21:39] mpeel: effeietsanders, who's here, is the one organizing the event.
[21:39] AndrewRT: ok that's all the actions from the meeting
[21:39] steveV: andrew RT can you nudge me on this
[21:40] AndrewRT: nudge you to do what?
[21:40] steveV: to remember
[21:40] Seddon: he is in the wikimedia-uk channel now
[21:40] Seddon: look there
[21:41] mpeel: 3. Reports
[21:41] mpeel: 3.1 Secretary (AT)
[21:41] mpeel: AndrewRT?
[21:41] AndrewRT: a few bits from me
[21:41] AndrewRT: Got an email from BBC - Stev Bowbrick who came to the AGM
[21:42] AndrewRT: I've forwarded it on
[21:42] AndrewRT: anyone fancy taking ownership of this one?
[21:42] mpeel: I can, if no-one else wants to lead this.
[21:42] AndrewRT: there may be some opportunities here, but I'm not sure the current direction of travel is going to be of much use to us
[21:43] AndrewRT: I suppose this is a "Corporate" lead
[21:43] steveV: sounds like it
[21:43] AndrewRT: is SteveV able to do this?
[21:43] steveV: did not read in detail yet
[21:43] AndrewRT: also Steve and Steve might be better liaising together as they have much in common from teh industry
[21:44] Tiptoety joined the chat room.
[21:44] AndrewRT: coudl we action SteveV to follow up with BBC Steve?
[21:44] steveV: ok by me
[21:44] AndrewRT: cheers
[21:44] mpeel: thanks steveV
[21:44] Seddon: too many steves
[21:44] AndrewRT: Second email was from Open Knowledge Fondation
[21:44] AndrewRT:                          
[21:45] Seddon: oooo 
[21:45] AndrewRT: Seddon - were you talking to some guys from there too?
[21:45] Seddon: I might have been at some point
[21:45] Seddon: iv lost track of where people are involved
[21:45] AndrewRT: it was just a brief email saying they'd like to work together
[21:45] Seddon: fantastic ill happily follow that up
[21:45] AndrewRT: following up from the AGM speaker invite which in the end they couldn't do
[21:45] AndrewRT: ok I'll forward
[21:45] Seddon: cool beans
[21:46] AndrewRT: action Seddon to follow up?
[21:46] AndrewRT: that was it from me
[21:47] mpeel: 3.2 Chair (MP)
[21:47] mpeel: nothing to report
[21:47] mpeel: 3.3 Initiatives (ZH) I guess we skip
[21:47] mpeel: 3.4 Conferences (JS)
[21:47] mpeel: Seddon?
[21:48] Seddon: ummmm, i emailed the board a response from the lady from the the onlince information conference
[21:48] AndrewRT: how are you getting on with MTB?
[21:48] Seddon: AndrewRT, they are currently putting a list of suitable venues for wikimania
[21:48] AndrewRT: ah interesting
[21:49] AndrewRT: that's Wikimania 2013?
[21:49] Seddon: I have been talking with steve about appraoching two universities in london about using venues there
[21:49] steveV: I am speaking at the online conference and helped get the direct contact for JS
[21:49] steveV: But I am speaking as Dow Jones
[21:49] Seddon: AndrewRT, yep, planning for 2013 but that might change depending on continent rotation
[21:50] AndrewRT: > onlince information conference - did we establish if the speaker had to pay the £400/day fee?
[21:50] Seddon: not yet
[21:50] Seddon: ill get that clarified tomorrow
[21:51] Seddon: is there anyone who would be more suited to speak at this conference
[21:51] AndrewRT: if they don't, I think it'd be great to get someone to speak
[21:51] steveV: I have sent a mail to contact at Leeds Met (Prof Anne Gregory) about two matters (conferences + info on who might be the best person to talk to in govt on Crown copyright - as she is a cabinet adviser and a friend
[21:51] AndrewRT: steveV - is this conferences at Leeds?
[21:51] Seddon: I am wondering whether being so young might go against speaking at the conference
[21:51] I_am_Keegan joined the chat room.
[21:51] AndrewRT: how old are you again?
[21:51] Seddon: 19
[21:51] steveV: there are Fringes (at the online conference in London) where discussions can be ran
[21:52] steveV: Leeds (yes)
[21:52] AndrewRT: i thought you came across really well at teh AGM
[21:52] Seddon: i didnt 
[21:53] steveV: If we get hit for payment - I might see if Dow Jones can advise me on how to get Wiki in 'cheap' at the fringes for free
[21:53] AndrewRT: i would also be willing to apeak
[21:53] Seddon: anyone else?
[21:53] Seddon: cause i suggest those who wish to speak work together
[21:53] mpeel: I would also happy to speak / participate, if need be.
[21:54] mpeel: depending on the dates of the conference
[21:54] steveV: I intend to contact people I know at LSE (conferences again) - but am less optimisitic
[21:54] Seddon: its december, 1-3 i think
[21:54] AndrewRT: did you go last year steveV?
[21:54] steveV: yes Dec 1-3 at Earls Court
[21:54] steveV: No I went three or four years back
[21:54] AndrewRT: what do you think - should we go for a main speaking slot or better off doing a fringe event?
[21:55] steveV: 'money' is the key
[21:55] steveV: and the root of all evil
[21:55] AndrewRT: is it worth £400 of our money?
[21:55] steveV: and tonight I talk only in cliches
[21:55] AndrewRT: should we commit to spend money we dont have?
[21:56] steveV: not sure that's wise
[21:56] mpeel: AndrewRT: considering that's more money than we have, then unless we get more donations I'd say no.
[21:56] steveV: try and blag a slot - and if it fails - I'll see whether we can 'persuade' the organisers as a DJ man
[21:56] steveV: to let us in the fringes
[21:56] steveV: for free
[21:57] Seddon: ill clarify the cost for next week
[21:57] AndrewRT: Seddon - what do you think of that for a plan?
[21:57] Seddon: yer ill go with that
[21:57] steveV: Seddon - you and I deal directly with Michael Burns
[21:57] steveV: at DJ
[21:57] Seddon: ok action me as follows:
[21:58] Seddon: JS to contact OIC 2009 as to cost of speaking
[21:58] AndrewRT: k
[21:58] Seddon: JS and SV to communitcate with Michael Burns
[21:58] Seddon: JS, MP, AT to work on submission
[21:58] Seddon: sound ok?
[21:59] AndrewRT: fine by me
[21:59] mpeel: sounds good
[21:59] steveV: I need to be 'behind the scenes' on this - not in both camps
[21:59] AndrewRT: stevev - noted
[22:00] AndrewRT: I'll minute all that
[22:00] mpeel: Seddon: anything else?
[22:01] Seddon: nothing else springs to mind
[22:01] AndrewRT: Seddon - what's happening with Wikimedia UK 2010 conf?
[22:01] Seddon: Its an ongoing progress, currently looking into venues
[22:02] Seddon: preferabbly one we can get for free
[22:02] AndrewRT: and the chapters meeting?
[22:02] Seddon: I have recommended against it, mostly due to the sheer cost of it
[22:03] mpeel: 3.5 Corporate relations (SV) - steveV?
[22:03] mpeel: (we need to keep moving - it's 10pm. does anyone have a problem with us running ~ 30 minutes longer this evening?)
[22:04] steveV: I have another option to explore - I am well in with Univ of western england (conferences
[22:04] Tiptoety left the chat room.
[22:04] Seddon: im ok with that 
[22:04] steveV: I will speak to them and keep Seddon informed
[22:04] steveV: corp relations
[22:04] steveV: It is bitty (as I am popping up all over the place)
[22:05] steveV: 1) vega
[22:05] steveV: Made contact with them on back of an article in The Times about 'free education' and Harold Kroto
[22:06] steveV: Seems like Wiki has a little history here (someone on membership list) spoke at a Kroto Research Institute conference (Sheffield) a while back
[22:06] steveV: This group has objectives similar to our own and is well connected to a number of educational institutes
[22:06] AndrewRT: who are they?
[22:06] steveV: In partnership with JS (I asked him to call) and discuss things a little further
[22:06] steveV: click link
[22:07] Seddon: action me for that
[22:07] mpeel: "The Vega Science Trust has created a broadcast platform for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) communities, so enabling them to communicate on all aspects of their fields of expertise using exciting Internet opportunities. "
[22:07] Seddon: ill get onto it later this week
[22:07] steveV: they are non profit and believe giving away lecture material etc for free
[22:07] mpeel: I've heard of their work (inc. Royal Society Public Lectures), but not them directly.
[22:07] steveV: includes Nobel Prize winning scientist Kroto who is the front man
[22:08] AndrewRT: been talking to anyoe else?
[22:08] steveV: I suggest a) Call - JS is a better rep on all that we do than I at the moment as I am learning b) JS and I meet if we believe useful c) we report to board
[22:09] steveV: yes I have
[22:09] steveV: just finding link
[22:10] steveV:    
[22:10] steveV: This man is Mark Chattaway
[22:10] steveV: He is a member of a global public affairs consultancy
[22:10] steveV: he is a friend and big pro-Welsh nationalist too
[22:11] steveV: I was chewing over JS comments about 'Welsh language' (regional/EU/govt) funding
[22:11] AndrewRT: ah
[22:11] steveV: and got talking to him about wikischools, wikiuniversity - using wiki to go and sell us inside local and regional welsh assembly govt
[22:12] steveV: he got quite excited (not as a company man) but as a friend
[22:12] AndrewRT: sounds interesting!
[22:12] AndrewRT: From
[22:12] steveV: he'd like some two or three pages on these projects in a mail
[22:12] AndrewRT: > 17. Supporting projects in minority languages native to the United Kingdom, accessing public funds that are available to promote these languages
[22:12] steveV: and he says he'll pitch them to welsh assembly local gov people he knows
[22:12] steveV: he also says he'd be keen to meet up to explore further
[22:13] steveV: I am thinking of using my 'ally' JS as the star man again
[22:13] AndrewRT: sounds good - let us know how you get on
[22:13] steveV: 17) exactly
[22:13] Seddon: ill drag ianto into this as well if he is up for it
[22:14] steveV: one small step for sv and one slightly larger for JS and Ianto
[22:14] steveV: I remain firmly fixed in cliches tonight
[22:14] mpeel: that all sounds great - shall we continue down the agenda, or is there more to discuss with this?
[22:14] AndrewRT: talking to anyone else?
[22:14] steveV: UWE - much the same 'pitch' - I intend to talk to a close contact this week
[22:15] AndrewRT: UWE = University of ...
[22:15] steveV: and see if we can get a similar pitch to the Bairds one going here in Bristol
[22:15] steveV: University of Western England
[22:15] AndrewRT: are they Bristol?
[22:16] steveV: I will (after the local elections) open up channels with the Bristol City Council leaders and political party people I know in a similar way too later in June
[22:16] AndrewRT: how do you see them helping us?
[22:16] steveV: UWE = bristol
[22:16] steveV: please vote (130 now)
[22:17] steveV: not sure on last one - need to see and explore angle of schools again
[22:17] AndrewRT: ok
[22:17] steveV: I have also contacted my Headmistress at my daughters school Red Maids (one of the oldest in the country)
[22:17] steveV: schools not headmistresses BTW
[22:18] AndrewRT: how did that go?
[22:18] steveV: and think that with JS in tandem we could 'road test' the wikischools idea
[22:18] steveV: Red Maids is WIP
[22:18] steveV: work in progress
[22:19] steveV: wip in the hand is worth two in the bush
[22:19] steveV:                          
[22:19] Seddon: that all done?
[22:19] steveV: yes
[22:19] Seddon: next
[22:19] steveV: not enough for you?
[22:19] AndrewRT: no its great work!
[22:19] steveV:                          
[22:20] AndrewRT: look forward to hearing how you progress with them
[22:20] AndrewRT: let us know if we can help at all with these
[22:20] steveV: will do
[22:20] steveV: back to the old 'need good quality marketing collateral' issue
[22:21] Seddon: next issue on the agenda?
[22:21] AndrewRT: sure
[22:21] mpeel: 4. Charity recognition
[22:21] mpeel: HMRC response letter -
[22:22] AndrewRT: looking good
[22:22] AndrewRT: appendix 1 needs a bit of work
[22:22] mpeel: I think appendix 1 needs a lot of work... 
[22:22] AndrewRT: but that's just collating stuff - don;t think there's anything contraversial there?
[22:22] mpeel: shouldn't be
[22:22] Seddon: yer, i think thats the one thing we need to concentrate on
[22:23] AndrewRT: could we just mandate mpeel and me to coordinate finishing this off and sending it
[22:23] AndrewRT: rather than take up more Board time
[22:23] steveV: 'mandate'
[22:23] Seddon: ok
[22:24] AndrewRT: i.e. not need to bring back to the Board meeting
[22:24] Seddon: yer ill go for that
[22:24] Seddon: just email the baord
[22:24] AndrewRT: yeah sure
[22:24] steveV: get on an send not round yet another bend
[22:24] mpeel: ok
[22:24] AndrewRT: u o with that steveV?
[22:24] Seddon: email the the list and ask for any suggestions
[22:24] steveV: I ok
[22:25] mpeel: 4.2 Offers of financial help (AT)
[22:25] AndrewRT: we have had two offers
[22:25] AndrewRT: which we need to reply to
[22:25] AndrewRT: one from the WMF
[22:25] AndrewRT: one from another pro-bono set of lawyers
[22:25] steveV: suggest 'yes please'
[22:25] steveV: to both
[22:25] steveV: :-0
[22:25] AndrewRT: except we've already agreed to send this out without legal advice
[22:25] AndrewRT: so actually we're sayign no thanks
[22:26] AndrewRT: unless we want to go ahead and get legal advice anyway
[22:26] steveV: can't we say 'yes please' but not in this case
[22:26] AndrewRT: they were both specific offers to help with this charity issue
[22:26] Seddon: i suggest our reply be: we have responded to hmrc
[22:26] Seddon: if there are further issues
[22:26] Seddon: we would be grateful for any assitance
[22:27] steveV: exactly
[22:27] AndrewRT: I'm fine with that
[22:27] mpeel: my feeling is that we should say "thanks; we're sending HMRC a response now; if that doesn't work then we'll take up your offer" to both, but with the pro bono group ask for help in general (and possibly specifically with the chapters agreement)
[22:27] mpeel: basically, I agree with seddon, but take longer to type. 
[22:27] Seddon:                          
[22:27] AndrewRT: ok action me to respond then
[22:28] steveV: I see pro bono help being a situation that may be needed more than once a year
[22:28] Seddon: yer, prehaps asking pro bono if they would like to become permanent legal aid?
[22:29] steveV: 'and maybe' they can 'say so' - publicly as a reward for being on 'call'
[22:30] steveV: subject to them not being associated with anything dodgy of course
[22:30] Seddon: can you forward the email to the board AT?
[22:31] AndrewRT: i think I've done that already
[22:31] AndrewRT: but i will yes
[22:31] Seddon: ok 
[22:31] mpeel: 5. New chapter agreement
[22:31] AndrewRT: how far did you get last time?
[22:32] mpeel: I started drafting a response to the committee's questions at
[22:32] mpeel: Tango42 suggested heavily that we get lawyers involved before going too far with this
[22:32] mpeel: I think that's basically where we're at.
[22:32] AndrewRT: could we go private for a second?
[22:32] mpeel: ok
[22:33] mpeel: channel name sent around in private messages
[22:35] mpeel: steveV: are you able to join the private channel?
[22:44] AndrewRT: we back?
[22:44] mpeel: right, we're back (I think)
[22:45] mpeel: how far do we want to go with the response at at this point?
[22:45] Seddon: well i think we need to hold with it for now till we can get the advice
[22:46] AndrewRT: committe would rather receive your interim thoughts now if posible
[22:46] AndrewRT: by all means come back later after consulting lawyers
[22:46] steveV: any more?
[22:46] Seddon: im cool with that
[22:47] steveV: ok  by me
[22:47] mpeel: shall I provide them with a link to the wiki page, then, and we can continue rewriting that as needed over time?
[22:48] mpeel: anyone...?
[22:49] mpeel: AndrewRT, Seddon, steveV?
[22:49] steveV: ok
[22:49] Seddon: ummmmm
[22:49] Seddon: id rather state our position now, then restate it in the future
[22:49] Seddon: but thats me personally
[22:50] mpeel: we would be effectively doing that anyway
[22:50] AndrewRT: I'd like to stay out of this discussion if that's ok
[22:50] Seddon: either way
[22:51] Seddon: chair's discretion
[22:51] mpeel: ok, I'll provide them with the link then.
[22:51] mpeel: moving on...
[22:51] mpeel: 6. Process to appoint the chapter-selected Board members of the Wikimedia Foundation in 2010 (AT)
[22:51] mpeel: AndrewRT?
[22:52] AndrewRT: sorry thats me
[22:52] AndrewRT: yes - I sent an email round the board
[22:52] AndrewRT: comments?
[22:52] steveV: no
[22:53] AndrewRT: no = we approve the process as drafted?
[22:53] Seddon: let me get into my emails
[22:53] Seddon: has it been posted to the mailing list
[22:53] Seddon: ?
[22:54] AndrewRT: er not sure
[22:54] mpeel: not yet, I don't think
[22:54] mpeel: AndrewRT sent it to the chapters list yesterday, to no objections.
[22:54] mpeel: it can probably be sent around to our mailing list now...
[22:54] Seddon: Id say do that to give members an opportunity to say no/yes/we have a problem with it etc
[22:55] mpeel: I agree with Seddon
[22:55] AndrewRT: ok fine action me to do that
[22:55] Seddon: mpeel: nice email you just sent
[22:55] Seddon: will be very useful
[22:56] mpeel: which? The cultural partnerships one?
[22:56] AndrewRT: I'm struggling with a screaming baby at the moment
[22:56] AndrewRT: could we wrap this up?
[22:56] Seddon: yes
[22:56] steveV: the baby?
[22:56] AndrewRT: hehe
[22:56] steveV: a bit cruel?
[22:56] AndrewRT: he's already wrapped up!
[22:56] mpeel: we have three things left - 7. Imperial College - use of Wikis in education, 8. AOB, 9. Date of next meeting
[22:56] mpeel: none of them should take long
[22:56] Seddon: ok lets get the date sorted
[22:56] steveV:    
[22:57] steveV: just bringing this to everyone's attentiion as Wiki figures in charts from Hitwsie
[22:57] Seddon: next week? or shall we start trying fortnightly meetings?
[22:57] AndrewRT: given the number of c/f actions it might be worth giving forthnightly a try
[22:58] steveV: happy for what group decide
[22:58] mpeel: Tuesday 16th June, 8.30-10.30PM?
[22:58] Seddon: yep
[22:58] mpeel: I'm happy for it to be fortnightly, so long as we keep things moving
[22:58] steveV: 15 & 16 June are bad for me
[22:58] Seddon: if there are enough around
[22:58] Seddon: we can hold an interim one to clear a backlog
[22:58] steveV: can we postpone the fortnightly one week
[22:59] steveV: do next week - then jump to fortnightly
[22:59] steveV: that way I keep all my ticks that tango is collating
[22:59] steveV: hahaha
[22:59] mpeel: ok, Tuesday 9th June, then the 23rd June?
[22:59] steveV: ok
[23:00] mpeel: let's assume that, and discuss by email if we want to change it.
[23:00] Seddon: sure thing
[23:00] Seddon: yep
[23:00] steveV: ok
[23:00] mpeel: AndrewRT: do we want to discuss # Imperial College - use of Wikis in education?
[23:00] steveV: this will interest me (material wise) for all my 'leads'
[23:01] Seddon: i suppose all we need to know is who is doing the interview 
[23:01] mpeel: shall we discuss on the email list, then?
[23:01] Seddon: yes
[23:02] Seddon: lets let AT go 
[23:02] mpeel: ok - any AOB, or shall we wrap things up?
[23:02] steveV: no
[23:02] steveV: wrap
[23:02] Seddon: no AOB
[23:02] mpeel: none from me
[23:03] mpeel: that's a wrap then - see you all next week.
[23:03] mpeel: & thanks for coming.
[23:03] steveV: keep voting and spreading the link


[20:58] mpeel: ok, meeting has started
[21:08] effeietsanders joined the chat room.
[21:09] • Seddon waves to effietsanders
[21:09] Tango42: In Seddon's defence, he didn't exactly volunteer to do them...
[21:10] Seddon: its something i shall try anf practive
[21:10] Seddon: practice*
[21:12] Tango42: I remember one school council meeting I minuted (I minuted many, but I remember this one in particular) - I didn't get around to typing up my notes for a week or two after the meeting, so my memory had significantly faded and there was one part of my notes where I just couldn't read my handwriting. I had no idea what it said, I had no memory of that part of the meeting, so I didn't know what...
[21:12] Tango42: do. In the end, I just missed that out and nobody seemed to notice...
[21:14] mpeel: Tango42: you could probably have written about pink elephants for that bit without anyone noticing... 
[21:15] Tango42: The class reps were supposed to go through the minutes during registration and report back about what had happened, so in theory the minutes were read.
[21:16] steveV: what type of pink elephants - african or indian
[21:17] mpeel: steveV: Antarctican. 
[21:17] Tango42: invisible
[21:19] Seddon: spahghetti
[21:19] steveV: seddon - how did you know that's what I am eating
[21:19] Seddon: a fluke?
[21:20] Tango42: We often get actions about asking the membership stuff that get forgotten - perhaps it would be good to get into the habit of sending an email to the mailing list after every meeting (ideally immeadiately after, but the next day would be acceptable if the meeting went on late) reporting on what happened (a short version of the minutes, just the interesting stuff) and asking any questions...
[21:20] Tango42: ...that need to be asked.
[21:21] Seddon: sounds like a good plan
[21:21] mpeel: Tango42: along the lines of Michael Snow's reports from the WMF meetings?
[21:22] Tango42: Yes, just like that (only shorter because we don't discuss as much interesting stuff per meeting!)
[21:22] Seddon:                          
[21:22] mpeel: that's a good idea; I'll try to start doing those, unless AndrewRT wants to.
[21:23] Tango42: although, Michael usually splits out the questions into separate emails. No need for us to do that, I expect, since we're not talking about massive discussion topics, just simple questions in most cases.
[21:23] AndrewRT: you go ahead mpeel - sounds like a job for the chair!
[21:29] Tango42: there are lots of c/f's again... I see three options 1) Patience, 2) Beating people with sticks, 3) Not giving people as much to do. Comments?
[21:29] Seddon: all three
[21:30] AndrewRT: I like (2)
[21:30] AndrewRT: particularly mandating the secretary and/or chair to do aforementioned beating!
[21:30] • mpeel passes AndrewRT a virtual stick
[21:30] Tango42: I think (1) should apply to non-board members with actions...
[21:30] Tango42: (1) and (3), actually
[21:31] mpeel: I seem to recall that threats of bricks are useful in those circumstances, Tango42... 
[21:31] Tango42: We have no control group to test that against, mpeel, so we can't be sure...
[21:32] AndrewRT: steveV> -please keep voting all those 'listening'
[21:33] Tango42: steveV - I voted, I'm good! I'm not sure the results are particularly useful (self-selecting samples don't work for that kind of question), but it is good to see how many responses we can get.
[21:34] Tango42: AndrewRT: That's a c/f from me, I'm afraid
[21:34] AndrewRT: np
[21:35] cary joined the chat room.
[21:35] cary: a "proper lawyer"
[21:35] steveV: Tango42 - this is a road test no more
[21:36] Tango42: Seddon: Is he willing to help in an official capacity, or more along the lines of the friendly barrister?
[21:36] Tango42: steveV - and a successful one, it seems - well done!
[21:36] steveV: The results will be 'interesting' the comments too - and the volume even more so - as it will be mostly non Wiki votes
[21:36] Seddon: Tango42: I didnt clarify that distinction
[21:36] Seddon: i shall try to do so
[21:36] Tango42: thanks
[21:37] steveV: no claims for perfection - just aiming for 'interest' 'awareness' and 'profile raising'
[21:37] Tango42: we do need official representation
[21:38] mpeel: effeietsanders: meet steveV, he's the most interested in politics of us. steveV, effeietsanders is organizing the EU lobbying meeting. Please talk to each other. 
[21:38] effeietsanders: hey, steveV 
[21:38] cary: steveV, effeietsanders is eternally dutch
[21:38] effeietsanders: and you are american, and I don't even blame you for that
[21:39] effeietsanders: steveV: did I already give you the link to ?
[21:39] effeietsanders: (I assume you're on the internal Wiki?)
[21:39] • Seddon isnt 
[21:40] effeietsanders: AndrewRT: it is July yes
[21:40] effeietsanders: June was a typo 
[21:40] AndrewRT: thanks
[21:40] • Seddon pings stevev
[21:40] steveV: I am here now
[21:41] AndrewRT: effeietsanders - would you be able to remind SteveV closer to the time?
[21:41] steveV: please
[21:41] effeietsanders: put your name here:
[21:41] steveV: and perhaps we can 'talk' online
[21:41] effeietsanders: and I guess I'll be pinging you 
[21:41] steveV: thanks
[21:41] effeietsanders: steveV: if you have skype and prefer that, we can also *talk* online 
[21:42] effeietsanders: I realize IRC must feel quite uncomfortable for people who are not used to it 
[21:42] effeietsanders: Seddon: btw, you can ask any other board member to send you the content of that page
[21:42] effeietsanders: it's not secret or something, that wiki is just more practical
[21:52] Seddon: effie: sure thing
[21:58] steveV: I have skype
[21:58] steveV: problem is 'time'
[21:58] AndrewRT: steve - do you prefer Skype to IRC?
[21:58] steveV: I just adore skype
[21:58] cary: skype is great
[21:58] steveV: But need to be warned to set it up
[21:58] steveV: only takes 2 minutes to plug headphones in
[21:58] effeietsanders:                          
[21:59] effeietsanders: I'm on skype usually when online, as 'effeietsanders'
[21:59] Seddon: ill add you effeietsanders
[21:59] effeietsanders: also for text 
[21:59] Seddon: and steve if your on skype
[21:59] Seddon: ill add you
[22:00] steveV: I am on skype as my wife (I think) Anne Boisset
[22:00] steveV: or that's my 'other identity' at the weekends perhaps????
[22:00] steveV:                          
[22:01] effeietsanders: you think it is your wife? 
[22:01] effeietsanders: I'd better be sure of that 
[22:02] steveV: if you get an viagra mails then I am wrong
[22:02] steveV:                          
[22:27] Tango42: If we have the offer, isn't it worth delaying a week or so to get advise on the letter we're sending?
[22:28] mpeel: it's unlikely to take a week with either, I'd have thought...
[22:28] AndrewRT: how long would it take? We previously thought it'd be longer than a week
[22:28] Tango42: that was to find someone and get a response, if we've already found someone it should be quicker
[22:29] Tango42: how long it takes depends on how generous they are
[22:33] mpeel: cue Tango42
[22:33] Seddon: ahem
[22:34] Tango42: oh, right
[22:34] Tango42: CABAL! CABAL! CABAL!
[22:34] Seddon: better
[22:34] Tango42: thanks for the reminder!
[22:48] Tango42: mpeel: silence="yes"
[22:49] mpeel: Tango42: silence could also = "no-one here"
[22:49] Tango42: in which case, they lose the right to object!
[22:49] Seddon: we need everyone :Pp
[22:50] mpeel: in which case, no majority decision.
[22:50] Tango42: 1 in favour, 0 against. That's a majority.
[22:51] Tango42: the quorum requirements are just that they be in the meeting, not that they vote on everything
[22:52] mpeel: I'd rather interpret them to mean that people should express opinions on things, or at least say no opinion. 
[22:55] Tango42: yeah, but that's one of the reasons we are now 30 minutes over our allotted time!
[22:57] mpeel: I blame that on us starting late. 
[22:59] Tango42: we only started about 20 minutes late...