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Open Knowledge Foundation[edit | edit source]

I recieved a response from Jonathen Gray. We will be arranging a call for Mid July. Points to discuss would be grateful.

From the initial emails we have had, he said that range of people from the cultural heritage sector went to thier recent Communia event. This would helpful with our cultural partnerships.

I have also suggested the formation of a UK open source/free knowledge council following on from my suggestion to iCommons. This is however in the early stages and will require much more communication before anything formal is suggested.

I also mentioned conferencing partnerships.

Online Information conference 2009[edit | edit source]

Work on a submission has started. On July 6th, a call will be made to the organisation committee as that is when they are reviewing any spare slots.

Manchester Wikimania[edit | edit source]

Early preparations are ongoing. Further documents will be sent to me from the the tourist board and meetings for the summer will be arranged for early july/mid august.

Kroto Research center[edit | edit source]

Attempted to make contact with the Kroto Research Center however iv been unable to contact them. Will continue to try to get through to them.

Director of Digital Engagement (Cabinet Office)[edit | edit source]

Created an information guide with regards to Crown copyright and public domain content for Steve Virgin.