Meetings/2009-06-23/Agenda/Corporate Report

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  1. BBC – Meeting to take place with Steve Bowbrick on Wednesday 24th June to discuss ‘next steps’ ideas and suggestions
  2. Details agreed so far (none). Steps forward – Michael Burns EMEA PR man Dow Jones is prepared to get involved in some way – particularly if we get a Marcoms Media & Industry Workshop together with Steve’s help inside the BBC – plus point for us Burns would be there on behalf of Dow Jones ‘officially’
  3. PR Agency lead – spoken to Fernando Rizo – Head of Digital Media Ketchum PR (EMEA) – a highly talented ‘friend’ of Wikimedia in the USA…he wants to meet up, learn more about what we do and would be a ‘good recruit’ to the Chapter as he has relocated from the USA to take charge at Ketchum (and might be up for rejoining a few friends in the Wiki orbit). I was also thinking if it were possible to rope him into the Steve Bowbrick arrangement in some way
  4. Director of Digital Engagement (Cabinet Office) – have a meeting with Richard Stirling to discuss copyright and cooperation on Wednesday 24th June at 12.15 in Whitehall
  5. EU Lobby – not had time to move this forward
  6. PR Position Statement – had no example scenarios passed on to me so a little difficult to develop them without examples - now seen five scenarios and some earlier Wikimedia work on subject so this can move forward a little now
  7. Wales – My public affairs friend has been sick and has not had time to move this on
  8. Bristol City Council – Am in touch with Chief Executive Jan Ormondtroyd & Cllr Lesley Alexander about seeing if there are ways to explore a closer relationship between Bristol and Wikimedia
  9. Red Maids School Bristol – term is drawing to a close and plans are not really that flexible this year – I imagine this is an initiative that can be restarted easily for next term
  10. University of Western England – having trouble with the Marcoms contact as she seems to have totally forgotten her previous promise of ‘discussions week of 14th July’
  11. Leeds Metropolitan University – made contact with the Vice chancellor (friend) and got confirmation that an event ‘could theoretically be staged in Leeds.’ Next step would be to work on her/them to see whether we could get the venue for ‘free of nearly free’
  12. Also have a name of a Barrister who helped the Institute of Public Relations obtain Chartered status from the same friend at Leeds – not going to do anything here as the Digital Cabinet office lead opens up the same avenue and (as it is potentially cheaper) I will explore the Cabinet Office one first
  13. Online Conference December - Michael Burns (Dow Jones EMEA PR man) has agreed to work with Wikimedia UK to see if he can get us a free slot inside the December online event. He knows the organisers are discussing running order and attendees during the week of 7th July and wants to be reminded to call them to ‘persuade’ them to involve Wikimedia – Jo Seddon has been introduced to Michael and will call that week
  14. Have reviewed some proposed words for the Online conference in conjunction with Jo – who is working on final text
  15. Waiting to see how Jo got on with other lead at Kroto Research
  16. Been in touch with a school teacher (friend of Wikimedia) based in Chester North Wales. he is dead keen to work with us to find ways to introduce Wikipedia into the classroom. - Is there anyone of the membership in easy reach of Chester who can take this on?