Meetings/2009-06-23/Agenda/Volunteers Report

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Report[edit | edit source]

  • I have begun to organise the Membership/Drive page - still needs work! Development will continue after the discussion points noted below.
  • I did not manage to get the Newsletter distributed as early this month as I would have liked. Please forward me any stories / information, and we get it out this week?
    • I would still like to bring back the release date for the newsletter. Could perhaps send as is and save stories into the July newsletter with an aim of getting it out in the first week of July?

Questions / Discussion Points[edit | edit source]

  1. Need to discuss the primary methods of attracting membership
    1. What "incentives" do we have to join?
    2. What can members get involved with? (Zeyi, Paul)
  2. How can we retain members over the one year period?
  3. How can we engage the membership?