Meetings/2009-07-21/Agenda/Chair's Report

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Activities[edit | edit source]

  1. Attended the launch of BBC Digital Revolution at the BBC in London on 10 July 2009 on behalf of the chapter
  2. Will be participating in a Science Online London panel session on 22 August 2009, entitled "Citizen science - How the Web enables anyone to be a scientist", but also focusing on communication of science.
  3. Have been introduced to the head of The Public Catalogue Foundation, and will likely be invited to a symposium on "Pictures in Public – Digital Connections between Collections, Researchers and the Public" in Oxford in September (along with potentially Tom?)
  4. Bug report on the error 404 page is ongoing - was closed by Brion, and reopened by me...

Blog[edit | edit source]

Via email I suggested the creation of a WMUK blog. The pros/cons that I can think of are below; please feel free to add comments


  1. Useful for releasing smallish items of news that are possibly bigger than just a post to a mailing list, but smaller than a press release (e.g. the Twitter survey results, WMF grant, etc.)
  2. Great for getting user feedback (everyone knows how to leave a comment on a blog)
  3. Additional line of communication in addition to mailing list/wiki/newsletter, easily to subscribe to and for others to find
  4. Easy to tie into other means of communication - e.g. Twitter


  1. Needs to be kept up to date
  2. Another job to do (but can be distributed to all board members)
  3. Content needs to be appropriate, timely and informative - not easy

Useful facts:

  1. Blogs are currently used by The WMF (also technical), WMFR and WMDE (any more?)