Meetings/2009-07-21/Agenda/Corporate Report

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BBC Learning Lunches - paused due to illness on the BBC contact's family - will pick up thread of this initiative again after Board meeting

Digital Engagment Team meeting - opened up a dialogue with government team responsible for the new open government strategies - primarily to explore the new click user licenses and how they relate to Crown Copyright and whether there is any opportunity to influence the shape of these new licenses and make the closer to our own CCSA model

Friend of Wikimedia - met with the Head of Digital Media at Ketchum EMEA a big PR agency - and he expressed interest in helping us (no charge) develop a more proactive approach to promoting the work that we do - one suggestion involved taking advantage of the 'number of hits on pages' on wikipedia when there are major events (Jackson death etc) and releasing a statement on that basis to the press to raise our profile. he is also an Administrator of the English speaking Wikipedia so he is onside

Schools/Council opportunities - fallen a little by the wayside as I have been in South Africa for 10 days. Plan to try and pick them up and see if I can set something in motion for September.

Requests to use Wikipedia content - have come in from a couple of parties and have simply asked about nature of usage (checking its legitimacy) before agreeing

PRCA - Our contact at Ketchum PR is a mainstream speaker for the PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) and speaks on social media matters across the country. He'd like to be able to offer up a 'case study' on Wikimedia to use at these events - and I'd seek board approval.

Press Lists - created and made available comprehensive press lists for use of the Wikimedia Board