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[2009-07-28 20:44:48] <mpeel> Hi AndrewRT, cfp, Seddon, skenmy - I suggest we wait for zeyi to arrive, then start.
[2009-07-28 20:44:55] <AndrewRT> hi all
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[2009-07-28 20:45:10] <AndrewRT> I spoke to her this afternoon
[2009-07-28 20:45:18] <AndrewRT> she said she had a class that finishes at 8:30
[2009-07-28 20:45:31] <AndrewRT> needs to get back home then log in, so expected to be ~10 mins late
[2009-07-28 20:45:35] <mpeel> AndrewRT: please take a look at - I've added Tom's fundraising resolution suggestion, and also a suggested geonotice
[2009-07-28 20:45:58] <skenmy> Just making a quick update on the business card front - I appear to have overlooked one of the suppliers inadvertantly
[2009-07-28 20:46:41] <mpeel> skenmy: I was under the impression that we were going to do an order of ~ 200 of the standard cards (i.e. standard details). Am I misremembering?
[2009-07-28 20:46:44] <AndrewRT> cheers mpeel
[2009-07-28 20:47:03] <skenmy> I am under that impression too
[2009-07-28 20:47:35] -->| Colds7ream ( has joined #wikimedia-uk-board
[2009-07-28 20:47:48] <mpeel> do you have a quote for those? It wasn't in the email.
[2009-07-28 20:48:12] <mpeel> (I assume that 200 cards is not the same price as 4x50 cards)
[2009-07-28 20:48:40] <AndrewRT> mpeel, shall we start?
[2009-07-28 20:49:11] <mpeel> I guess so - we can talk about the fundraising resolution, and hopefully zeyi will arrive before section 2...
[2009-07-28 20:49:28] <mpeel> ok, <board meeting>
[2009-07-28 20:49:42] <mpeel> agenda is at
[2009-07-28 20:49:57] <mpeel> (cfp, Seddon, skenmy - I assume you're listening/here?)
[2009-07-28 20:50:10] <skenmy> just finsihing an email
[2009-07-28 20:50:28] <Seddon> yep am here
[2009-07-28 20:50:44] <mpeel> no minute approval this week - we'll approve this week's and last week's minutes at next week's meeting.
[2009-07-28 20:50:56] <mpeel> 1. Fundraising resolution (TD)
[2009-07-28 20:51:06] <mpeel> Tango42 - you want to talk about this?
[2009-07-28 20:51:18] <mpeel> proposed resolution is "The board resolves to authorise Thomas Dalton to form a temporary working group to put together a proposal for a fundraising drive starting on 9th August 2009 and lasting 2 weeks."
[2009-07-28 20:51:26] <AndrewRT> can smone voice TD?
[2009-07-28 20:51:31] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board +o skenmy  by ChanServ
[2009-07-28 20:51:35] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board +v Tango42  by skenmy
[2009-07-28 20:51:36] <Tango42> We're not moderated
[2009-07-28 20:51:37] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board +m  by skenmy
[2009-07-28 20:51:40] <skenmy> we are now.
[2009-07-28 20:51:44] <Tango42> Indeed!
[2009-07-28 20:51:45] <AndrewRT> :)
[2009-07-28 20:51:55] <mpeel> I wasn't going to bother... :)
[2009-07-28 20:51:57] -->| zeyi (i=51693e1b@gateway/web/freenode/x-c6dca71e2ff3d062) has joined #wikimedia-uk-board
[2009-07-28 20:52:01] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board +v zeyi  by skenmy
[2009-07-28 20:52:03] <AndrewRT> welcome Zeyi
[2009-07-28 20:52:05] <mpeel> hi zeyi - we're just starting
[2009-07-28 20:52:15] <zeyi> hi, sorry for late, 
[2009-07-28 20:52:24] <mpeel> zeyi: agenda is at - I've made a few modifications
[2009-07-28 20:52:41] <Tango42> I don't think there is much to say - I think everyone knows I am organising a fundraiser and I would like some help. It would be easier to do that with an official working group. It would be a very informal thing and would only produce a proposal, the board would then vote again on whether to actually accept the proposal.
[2009-07-28 20:52:54] <AndrewRT> thanks Tango
[2009-07-28 20:53:07] <AndrewRT> hwo large would this group be do you think?
[2009-07-28 20:53:19] <Tango42> depends how many people volunteer!
[2009-07-28 20:53:26] <AndrewRT> how many do you want?
[2009-07-28 20:53:28] <skenmy> Do you have anyone "lined up" for the group?
[2009-07-28 20:53:31] <Tango42> The more the merrier, really (I don't see it being so big as to be a problem)
[2009-07-28 20:53:37] <Tango42> no, you volunteering, skenmy?
[2009-07-28 20:53:54] <skenmy> It does sort of fall under my remit...
[2009-07-28 20:53:55] <Tango42> If you approve it I will email the uk list
[2009-07-28 20:53:55] <AndrewRT> skenmy has resp at the moment for fundraising
[2009-07-28 20:53:56] <Seddon> count me in
[2009-07-28 20:54:11] <Seddon> itll be good to email the members directly as well
[2009-07-28 20:54:16] <Tango42> skenmy: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about it and discovered I don't have any IM contacts for you
[2009-07-28 20:54:16] <skenmy> as both VolCor and Fundraising :P
[2009-07-28 20:54:22] <AndrewRT> Tango, skenmy, Seddon make sense
[2009-07-28 20:54:45] <AndrewRT> ]	<Colds7ream>	I'll volunteer to help out the fundraising working group if I can!
[2009-07-28 20:54:50] <Tango42> plus some more non-board members - I imagine skenmy and seddon are busy already
[2009-07-28 20:55:03] <skenmy> You imagine correctly... ;)
[2009-07-28 20:55:36] <Tango42> I propose we move to a vote
[2009-07-28 20:55:38] <mpeel> is everyone in support of the resolution, then, in the form as on the agenda?
[2009-07-28 20:55:48] <AndrewRT> no
[2009-07-28 20:55:56] <AndrewRT> I think the group should be appointed by the board
[2009-07-28 20:56:05] <Tango42> why?
[2009-07-28 20:56:06] <AndrewRT> m ay as well do it tonight
[2009-07-28 20:56:20] <AndrewRT> why?
[2009-07-28 20:56:22] <Tango42> can't do it tonight, we haven't asked for volunteers yet
[2009-07-28 20:56:29] <AndrewRT> the board is legally responsible for running the chapter
[2009-07-28 20:56:36] <Tango42> yeah, so?
[2009-07-28 20:56:39] <AndrewRT> and on the hook if anything goes wrong
[2009-07-28 20:56:43] <Tango42> the group is only writing a proposal
[2009-07-28 20:56:48] <AndrewRT> thsi is essentially a committee of the board
[2009-07-28 20:56:54] <Tango42> no, it's not
[2009-07-28 20:56:57] <Seddon> i would disagree with andrewrt only due to the fact that the board will be approving anything the group propose
[2009-07-28 20:57:01] <Tango42> no board powers are being delegated
[2009-07-28 20:57:12] <AndrewRT> "The board resolves to authorise Thomas Dalton..."
[2009-07-28 20:57:25] <AndrewRT> if it's not within the powers of the board why does the board need to authorise it?
[2009-07-28 20:57:26] <mpeel> we probably want to approve a group if we approve the fundraising proposal, but I'm not convinced that we need to do so before.
[2009-07-28 20:57:32] <Tango42> you are just letting me call it an official group
[2009-07-28 20:57:47] <AndrewRT> and i wouldn't want that to happen without the board approving its membership
[2009-07-28 20:58:12] <Tango42> the proposal would include details of who would be doing what
[2009-07-28 20:58:12] <AndrewRT> "official" = board approved, surely
[2009-07-28 20:58:28] <AndrewRT> what's the problem with it being board approved?
[2009-07-28 20:58:30] <Tango42> yes, this resolution would be the approval
[2009-07-28 20:58:37] <Tango42> it's a waste of time
[2009-07-28 20:58:42] <Seddon> if the list of those volunteering could be sent to board before next tuesday's board meeting?
[2009-07-28 20:59:02] <AndrewRT> wehave a list already - Seddon, Tango, skenmy, Colds7ream
[2009-07-28 20:59:10] <AndrewRT> why cant we just appoint them?
[2009-07-28 20:59:10] <Tango42> I would like to actually get started sometime soon, not wait for you guys to decide everything at length
[2009-07-28 20:59:13] <mpeel> we could approve the list of people that currently exists, then add more as needed by email resolution.
[2009-07-28 20:59:25] <Tango42> Why bother?
[2009-07-28 20:59:32] <Tango42> It's a working group to produce a proposal
[2009-07-28 20:59:34] <mpeel> Tango42: it keeps andrew happy. ;-)
[2009-07-28 20:59:38] <Tango42> stop being so damn power hungry
[2009-07-28 20:59:38] <Seddon> unless we keep it restricted to chapter members?
[2009-07-28 20:59:46] <Seddon> thay have been approved to members of the chapter?
[2009-07-28 21:00:03] <Seddon> they*
[2009-07-28 21:00:10] <AndrewRT> members are of course welcome to do anything they please as members
[2009-07-28 21:00:14] <Tango42> what difference does it make?
[2009-07-28 21:00:15] <AndrewRT> to support the chapter
[2009-07-28 21:00:20] <AndrewRT> but you cant have it both ways
[2009-07-28 21:00:28] <Tango42> THIS GROUP IS JUST WRITING A GOD DAMN PROPOSAL
[2009-07-28 21:00:32] <Seddon> then lets just limit it to that
[2009-07-28 21:00:41] <AndrewRT> ok in that case, no need for a resolution
[2009-07-28 21:00:42] <skenmy> ...can we keep this constructive, please?
[2009-07-28 21:00:46] <Seddon> and whoever wants to join from the membehsip can do so
[2009-07-28 21:00:57] <Tango42> motion withdraw, I've had enough.
[2009-07-28 21:00:59] <--| Tango42 has left #wikimedia-uk-board
[2009-07-28 21:01:22] <AndrewRT> fair enough
[2009-07-28 21:01:26] <AndrewRT> move on?
[2009-07-28 21:01:26] <skenmy> I have no time for drama queens. I oppose the resolution.
[2009-07-28 21:01:57] <Seddon> any other board members oppose?
[2009-07-28 21:02:13] <mpeel> congratulations all: you've just lost a volunteer by adding unnecessary bureaucratic layers onto the process.
[2009-07-28 21:02:15] <AndrewRT> if the motion is withdrawn, I suggest we move onto the next item of business
[2009-07-28 21:02:24] <AndrewRT> the board has to be in control
[2009-07-28 21:02:29] <AndrewRT> that is non-negotiable
[2009-07-28 21:02:36] <mpeel> not that level of control, IMO
[2009-07-28 21:02:42] <skenmy> Can I also suggest this doesn't degenerate into chastising each other?
[2009-07-28 21:02:57] <Seddon> right lets move on then
[2009-07-28 21:03:12] <Seddon> we got other stuff to do, we can discuss this another time
[2009-07-28 21:03:59] <AndrewRT> mpeel?
[2009-07-28 21:04:10] <mpeel> ok, moving on...
[2009-07-28 21:04:13] <mpeel> 2. Initiatives (ZH) 
[2009-07-28 21:04:19] <mpeel> 1. Role of Board, Chair, Secretary, Initiatives Director
[2009-07-28 21:04:31] <AndrewRT> who do you want to talk to this mpeel?
[2009-07-28 21:04:35] <mpeel> AndrewRT: you added that, do you want to discuss that?
[2009-07-28 21:04:38] <AndrewRT> ok
[2009-07-28 21:04:47] <AndrewRT> I've had some discussions with mpeel, zeyi
[2009-07-28 21:05:05] <AndrewRT> about what role the board, chair, sec & inits director should do
[2009-07-28 21:05:16] <AndrewRT> please add in, mpeel, zeyi if you want
[2009-07-28 21:05:29] <AndrewRT> essentially, we agreed their role is to coordinate things
[2009-07-28 21:05:38] <AndrewRT> in a simiar way to what I do with actions at the moment
[2009-07-28 21:05:43] <AndrewRT> or mpeel does with reports
[2009-07-28 21:05:53] <AndrewRT> just give people a nudge every meeting
[2009-07-28 21:06:00] <AndrewRT> before every meeting I should say
[2009-07-28 21:06:14] <AndrewRT> for an update, progress, obstacles etc etc
[2009-07-28 21:06:30] <AndrewRT> I think this role could be very useful in keeping everything on track
[2009-07-28 21:06:34] <AndrewRT> what do people think?
[2009-07-28 21:06:46] <skenmy> That should be the job of the ID.
[2009-07-28 21:06:48] <mpeel> can you clarify? Is that the role of the inits director?
[2009-07-28 21:06:52] <skenmy> So yes, I agree :)
[2009-07-28 21:07:02] <AndrewRT> mpeel - yes
[2009-07-28 21:07:08] <skenmy> or, in the absence of the ID, the Chair
[2009-07-28 21:07:13] <AndrewRT> so inits director does the chasing, reports to board each meeting
[2009-07-28 21:07:16] <AndrewRT> in her report
[2009-07-28 21:07:19] <zeyi> I do want to clarigy what is my role, especially in our three initiatives :)
[2009-07-28 21:07:33] <AndrewRT> the board then has an overview role to disucss any problems etc
[2009-07-28 21:07:57] <AndrewRT> zeyi - are you happy with this?
[2009-07-28 21:08:27] <zeyi> yes, it sounds ok for me, 
[2009-07-28 21:08:46] <zeyi> I do need every one's cooperation though :)
[2009-07-28 21:08:52] <AndrewRT> seddon are you happy with this approach?
[2009-07-28 21:08:57] <Seddon> yrt
[2009-07-28 21:08:59] <Seddon> yer*
[2009-07-28 21:09:03] <AndrewRT> cheers!
[2009-07-28 21:09:14] <AndrewRT> ok, if that;s agreed onto next item mpeel?
[2009-07-28 21:09:27] <mpeel> OK. 2.2 Geonotice 
[2009-07-28 21:09:38] <mpeel> see for details
[2009-07-28 21:09:52] <mpeel> basically it's a means of sending a message around to all editors on Wikipedia in the UK geographical area
[2009-07-28 21:09:56] <skenmy> I have a slight suggestion for the Geonotice
[2009-07-28 21:09:59] <AndrewRT> like the text
[2009-07-28 21:10:09] <mpeel> current text is "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge in the UK—volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses."
[2009-07-28 21:10:20] <skenmy> "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge in the UK - Join us, Donate, or volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses."
[2009-07-28 21:10:30] <AndrewRT> does that fit on one line skenmy?
[2009-07-28 21:10:41] <skenmy> depends how wide your screen is
[2009-07-28 21:10:59] <AndrewRT> geonotices have to fit on one line
[2009-07-28 21:11:04] <AndrewRT> not sure the exact requirement
[2009-07-28 21:11:18] <skenmy> Or perhaps
[2009-07-28 21:11:27] <AndrewRT> i think it's a great idea to do this - if all support, who should action?
[2009-07-28 21:11:39] <skenmy> "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge in the UK - Join, Donate, or Volunteer! Find out more here."
[2009-07-28 21:11:43] <mpeel> we can suggest several versions - so we can offer both, with the expanded one being the preference.
[2009-07-28 21:11:49] <skenmy> I absolutely agree that it is a good idea
[2009-07-28 21:12:05] <mpeel> I'd rather see links directly to the initiatives within the text.
[2009-07-28 21:12:39] <mpeel> I'm happy to be actioned on this, if you want.
[2009-07-28 21:12:42] <AndrewRT> ditto mpeel
[2009-07-28 21:12:44] <zeyi> I support Mike, as we do need more people to join us in some particular things
[2009-07-28 21:12:55] <AndrewRT> like skenmy's first suggestion if it fits
[2009-07-28 21:13:08] <skenmy> That's fine - however I would see this as a missed opportunity for membership advertisement
[2009-07-28 21:13:49] <mpeel> skenmy: we should definitely link to membership if we can, but getting volunteers for initiatives is the motivation here, and that should be done as well as possible, IMO.
[2009-07-28 21:14:06] <AndrewRT> as discussed before getting volunteers is a good way to recruit members
[2009-07-28 21:14:16] <AndrewRT> once they volunteer, then get them signed up!
[2009-07-28 21:14:18] <skenmy> We have a target of 100 members, not a target of 100 people working on Initiatives
[2009-07-28 21:14:30] <skenmy> That's a fair point, Andrew
[2009-07-28 21:14:31] <AndrewRT> yes agreed
[2009-07-28 21:14:51] <zeyi> Shall we just see if it is fit? 
[2009-07-28 21:14:53] <AndrewRT> per discussions before, we may be able to get one of these up about every fortnight
[2009-07-28 21:15:04] <AndrewRT> so we can come back later for one specifically on membership
[2009-07-28 21:15:12] <mpeel> our targets should be guidelines, though - our aims should be furthering our objects, which is done more through initatives than membership, tbh...
[2009-07-28 21:15:20] <cfp> is there any reason why "join us" couldn't link to the membership page, "donate" to the donation page and "volunteer" to the volunteer page (with an onward link to membership sign-up)
[2009-07-28 21:15:40] <AndrewRT> cfp - yes, presume it should
[2009-07-28 21:15:56] <cfp> so we're covering all the bases fairly well already
[2009-07-28 21:15:59] <zeyi> cfp: yes, it make more sensse
[2009-07-28 21:16:14] <skenmy> That is what I intended :)
[2009-07-28 21:16:18] <AndrewRT> cfp - which text are you baseing that on?
[2009-07-28 21:16:40] <cfp> oh skenmy's i hadn't noticed it wasn't the current text. should have read more carefully.
[2009-07-28 21:17:04] <AndrewRT> ok makes sense
[2009-07-28 21:17:12] <cfp> i like the "join donate or volunteer" thing though
[2009-07-28 21:17:24] <mpeel> I've added an alt version to based on skenmy's suggestion
[2009-07-28 21:17:26] <AndrewRT> shall we say mpeel to action with skenmy's text if he can or else his original?
[2009-07-28 21:17:31] <skenmy> perhaps if we cut the "Find out more" bit
[2009-07-28 21:17:46] <skenmy> "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge in the UK - Join the chapter, Donate, or Volunteer!"
[2009-07-28 21:18:05] <mpeel> "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge in the UK—join, donate or volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses."
[2009-07-28 21:18:26] <mpeel> incidentally ... it would be good to have a central volunteer page, which we currently don't have.
[2009-07-28 21:18:31] <AndrewRT> ">	"Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge—join, donate or volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses."
[2009-07-28 21:18:33] <cfp> can we have "to further our work with"
[2009-07-28 21:18:33] <mpeel> * central volunteering page
[2009-07-28 21:18:42] <cfp> instead of "to work with"
[2009-07-28 21:18:47] <AndrewRT> too many words!
[2009-07-28 21:18:52] <AndrewRT> needs to be on one line!
[2009-07-28 21:19:03] <cfp> oh.
[2009-07-28 21:19:09] <mpeel> AndrewRT's suggestion looks good to me
[2009-07-28 21:19:31] <mpeel> "in the UK" is a bit superfluous
[2009-07-28 21:19:39] <skenmy> I like it.
[2009-07-28 21:19:54] <AndrewRT> shall we leave it with mpeel then?
[2009-07-28 21:20:23] <AndrewRT> skenmy do you still have to leave early?
[2009-07-28 21:20:24] <mpeel> ok, shall we move on then?
[2009-07-28 21:20:25] <zeyi> I go for Andrew's, and shall we put the link to initiatives with "work with schools, museums or businesses"?
[2009-07-28 21:20:32] <AndrewRT> zeyi - yes
[2009-07-28 21:20:36] <skenmy> i'm holding on :)
[2009-07-28 21:20:41] <skenmy> no worries for a while yet
[2009-07-28 21:20:43] <AndrewRT> when do you have to go?
[2009-07-28 21:20:46] <mpeel> zeyi: see the text on the agenda, it's already wikilinked.
[2009-07-28 21:20:59] <skenmy> probably about 10:00
[2009-07-28 21:21:26] <AndrewRT> mpeel - do you have expected timings for these sections at all?
[2009-07-28 21:21:33] <mpeel> revised geonotice versions are now on the agenda page -
[2009-07-28 21:21:41] <AndrewRT> cheers
[2009-07-28 21:21:41] <mpeel> about 15-20 mins each would be good
[2009-07-28 21:21:52] <AndrewRT> cheers
[2009-07-28 21:22:12] <cfp> we could do with a central volunteering page with links to mailing list sign up
[2009-07-28 21:22:15] <AndrewRT>  over to skenmy?
[2009-07-28 21:22:20] <AndrewRT> cfp - we have [[Speakers]]
[2009-07-28 21:22:25] <zeyi> can we start to do paul's?
[2009-07-28 21:22:30] <mpeel> AndrewRT: that's a specific type of volunteering
[2009-07-28 21:22:31] <skenmy> which I still need to fill out
[2009-07-28 21:22:37] <mpeel> we should have a general one, saying what the options are
[2009-07-28 21:22:59] <AndrewRT> yes good idea
[2009-07-28 21:23:04] <cfp> exactly mpeel. we need to direct people towards the mailing list primarily (and tell them where they can help and who to contact for specific projects)
[2009-07-28 21:23:08] <mpeel> skenmy: would you be interested in putting a general volunteering page together?
[2009-07-28 21:23:24] <skenmy> Certainly. I will ask for everyone to co-operate, though
[2009-07-28 21:23:46] <mpeel> thanks skenmy 
[2009-07-28 21:23:59] <mpeel> let's move on - 3.3 Schools project (skenmy)
[2009-07-28 21:24:04] <skenmy> I'll be completely honest and say that I am extremely busy IRL at the moment so WMUK is kinda getting shoved back a bit
[2009-07-28 21:24:17] <skenmy> but i'm trying! ;)
[2009-07-28 21:24:28] <skenmy> anyway
[2009-07-28 21:24:30] <AndrewRT> ok let's bear that in mind
[2009-07-28 21:24:31] <skenmy> Schools Project
[2009-07-28 21:24:49] <AndrewRT> how we doing?
[2009-07-28 21:24:54] <zeyi> can we just start to do a plan? like timeline or a list of schools?
[2009-07-28 21:25:00] <skenmy> we have a base skeleton of what I envision to be the "workshop" side of the project here:
[2009-07-28 21:25:44] <skenmy> however I anticipate that a workshop will not suit every venue
[2009-07-28 21:25:53] <skenmy> so a "lecture" or "talk" is a good idea to develop as well
[2009-07-28 21:26:09] <AndrewRT> we said before we wanted to have the list of core volunteers complete by the end of July
[2009-07-28 21:26:14] <AndrewRT> how are we doing on that?
[2009-07-28 21:26:28] <skenmy> we have 6 volunteers listed, including myself
[2009-07-28 21:26:36] <AndrewRT> how many volunteers do you think we need min?
[2009-07-28 21:26:47] <AndrewRT> in order to do 8 schools by the AGM?
[2009-07-28 21:26:52] <skenmy> Six is a fair number of a "core" group, however I don't think we can limit the total number
[2009-07-28 21:27:07] <AndrewRT> is that six from
[2009-07-28 21:27:15] <Seddon> you have 7 now
[2009-07-28 21:27:17] <AndrewRT> no indeed - more the better
[2009-07-28 21:27:17] <skenmy> yes
[2009-07-28 21:27:19] <AndrewRT> :)
[2009-07-28 21:27:22] <skenmy> One volunteer per school
[2009-07-28 21:27:33] <AndrewRT> try logging in! :)
[2009-07-28 21:27:37] <AndrewRT> seddon!
[2009-07-28 21:27:42] <skenmy> I would envision that I can do a few more myself
[2009-07-28 21:27:49] <skenmy> (which would also serve as trials)
[2009-07-28 21:27:53] <Seddon> stupid unified login not working
[2009-07-28 21:27:59] <AndrewRT> ;)
[2009-07-28 21:28:11] <AndrewRT> so do you think that's a tick for the schools project or do we need more?
[2009-07-28 21:28:25] <skenmy> I will be contacting all those who have volunteered shortly for a schools project meeting
[2009-07-28 21:28:28] <AndrewRT> (people I mean)
[2009-07-28 21:28:31] <skenmy> to hammer out specirfics, etc
[2009-07-28 21:28:40] <skenmy> I think we have a tick for the core group
[2009-07-28 21:29:15] <AndrewRT> great news
[2009-07-28 21:29:28] <AndrewRT> can I ask another q?
[2009-07-28 21:29:34] <skenmy> sure
[2009-07-28 21:29:42] <AndrewRT> sorry, dont mean to dominate the meeting
[2009-07-28 21:29:53] <AndrewRT> what's the plans for buying computer(s)
[2009-07-28 21:30:08] <skenmy> None, yet
[2009-07-28 21:30:14] <skenmy> was the next point on the agenda!
[2009-07-28 21:30:33] <AndrewRT> ah yes
[2009-07-28 21:30:46] <AndrewRT> do we need to do this now, or are you happy to wait?
[2009-07-28 21:31:04] <skenmy> well i'd at least like to have an idea of what is going to be pruchased
[2009-07-28 21:31:08] <skenmy> so we can develop to fit
[2009-07-28 21:31:18] <AndrewRT> i think that's up to you isn't it ;)
[2009-07-28 21:31:30] <AndrewRT> within the 1k budget!
[2009-07-28 21:31:43] <skenmy> so I will develop and approach the board with a purchase proposal when we are ready
[2009-07-28 21:31:47] <skenmy> £1k is a LOT
[2009-07-28 21:31:53] <AndrewRT> yes
[2009-07-28 21:32:11] <AndrewRT> we could always ask the WMF to reallocate if need be
[2009-07-28 21:32:37] <mpeel> is there any other related equipment that would be useful?
[2009-07-28 21:32:41] <mpeel> would it be worth getting e.g. a projector?
[2009-07-28 21:32:47] <skenmy> Maybe a projector / screen
[2009-07-28 21:32:49] <AndrewRT> there's a thought
[2009-07-28 21:32:54] <mpeel> or would having a budget for printing handouts, etc., be more useful?
[2009-07-28 21:33:00] <skenmy> for those venues that don't have an AV install
[2009-07-28 21:33:27] <AndrewRT> or wifi?
[2009-07-28 21:33:59] <mpeel> wifi? I would assume that computers come with both wireless and wired network connections...
[2009-07-28 21:34:12] <skenmy> 99% of laptops do.
[2009-07-28 21:34:20] <AndrewRT> yeah i was thinking of those dongle things
[2009-07-28 21:34:31] <skenmy> wireless internet?
[2009-07-28 21:34:40] <skenmy> I don't see much need..
[2009-07-28 21:34:48] <AndrewRT> yeah you're right
[2009-07-28 21:35:07] <skenmy> I shall develop a proposal with our core team
[2009-07-28 21:35:12] <AndrewRT> great thanks
[2009-07-28 21:35:57] <mpeel> skenmy: do you want any sort of mailing list / group structure setting up for this, or are you happy with discussing via the general mailing list + wiki?
[2009-07-28 21:36:16] <skenmy> a mailing list would be very useful
[2009-07-28 21:36:24] <skenmy> (not everyone uses IRC / reads talk pages)
[2009-07-28 21:36:38] <mpeel> we should be able to set one up at if everyone's happy with that
[2009-07-28 21:36:43] <AndrewRT> yeah sure
[2009-07-28 21:36:52] <zeyi> yes,
[2009-07-28 21:36:57] <AndrewRT> except you cant view history on that
[2009-07-28 21:37:03] <AndrewRT> i.e. old posts
[2009-07-28 21:37:10] <mpeel> AndrewRT: I was thinking like with wikimediauk-l
[2009-07-28 21:37:17] <mpeel> same setup, using mailman
[2009-07-28 21:37:32] <AndrewRT> yeah - can you do that?
[2009-07-28 21:37:34] <AndrewRT> excellent
[2009-07-28 21:37:35] <mpeel> (incidentally, we should probably set one up for the board at some point, rather than the existing setup.)
[2009-07-28 21:37:35] <mpeel> yup
[2009-07-28 21:37:45] <AndrewRT> good idea
[2009-07-28 21:37:50] <mpeel> please action me to do that.
[2009-07-28 21:37:51] <AndrewRT> keeps a record of board discussions
[2009-07-28 21:37:55] <AndrewRT> done
[2009-07-28 21:38:27] <mpeel> do we want to move on to the next subsection? the list of schools?
[2009-07-28 21:38:39] <AndrewRT> sure
[2009-07-28 21:39:01] <skenmy> I am sure that my own school will be happy to be a Pilot
[2009-07-28 21:39:15] <AndrewRT> geat
[2009-07-28 21:39:17] <AndrewRT> great
[2009-07-28 21:39:42] <AndrewRT> do you want to see how that goes first then recruit more schools?
[2009-07-28 21:39:43] <Seddon> I reckon my tertiary college would be an almost cert
[2009-07-28 21:39:47] <AndrewRT> or have them lined up first?
[2009-07-28 21:39:50] <skenmy> I can also make contact with the E2BN and see if anyone else is interested!
[2009-07-28 21:39:54] <zeyi> do we need to do timeline or wait for your proposal?
[2009-07-28 21:40:13] <mpeel> skenmy: E2BN?
[2009-07-28 21:40:23] <skenmy> East of England Broadband Network
[2009-07-28 21:40:40] <skenmy> every school / college with a county-provided connection
[2009-07-28 21:40:54] <skenmy>
[2009-07-28 21:40:59] <zeyi> yes, I remembered you said this before, which should be a great plan!
[2009-07-28 21:41:00] <AndrewRT> can i suggest we also put on the pages a note for people from schools who might want to join in?
[2009-07-28 21:41:18] <mpeel> makes sense to get in touch with them, and any similar organizations where we have volunteers.
[2009-07-28 21:41:18] <AndrewRT> e.g. at the top of
[2009-07-28 21:41:34] <skenmy> AndrewRT, good idea
[2009-07-28 21:41:58] <AndrewRT> I have them occasionally ;)
[2009-07-28 21:42:16] <mpeel> timeline?
[2009-07-28 21:42:20] <skenmy> Foster them, for they are in new and unchartered territory
[2009-07-28 21:42:26] <cfp> can i also remake an old point and suggest we attempt to get in to one of the centralized teacher training days that happen in conference centres every so often. rather more efficient than hammering invidual schools.
[2009-07-28 21:42:29] <AndrewRT> hehe
[2009-07-28 21:42:35] <zeyi> Andrew, great idea!
[2009-07-28 21:42:48] <skenmy> cfp - aye, good idea
[2009-07-28 21:42:52] <AndrewRT> gd idea cfp
[2009-07-28 21:43:02] <AndrewRT> perhaps via Theresa?
[2009-07-28 21:43:10] <AndrewRT> "I'm a teacher and am happy to help out where I can although going into schools myself would be difficult as it's difficult for me to get time off work during term time. Theresa knott 17:51, 19 July 2009 (UTC)"
[2009-07-28 21:43:34] <skenmy> she is a fantastic person to have on board
[2009-07-28 21:43:43] <skenmy> she could quite literally say "kids will hate this"
[2009-07-28 21:43:50] <skenmy> or "I would ahte this as a member of staff"
[2009-07-28 21:43:52] <skenmy> *hate
[2009-07-28 21:43:56] <AndrewRT> hehe
[2009-07-28 21:44:00] <zeyi> hehe
[2009-07-28 21:44:18] <zeyi> yes, she also could give some advice about our speech
[2009-07-28 21:44:22] <mpeel> I had a chat to her about this at the last wikimeet
[2009-07-28 21:44:28] <mpeel> she goes to them quite regularly (in london)
[2009-07-28 21:44:39] <AndrewRT> the agenda mentions a "timeline"
[2009-07-28 21:44:48] <skenmy> could someone be more specific?
[2009-07-28 21:44:50] <AndrewRT> or, I guess, a plan
[2009-07-28 21:45:03] <AndrewRT> does this mean, list of tasks plus when we hope to do them?
[2009-07-28 21:45:24] <skenmy> can this be deferred until we get the ML? It will allow for much freer discussion about tasks and dates
[2009-07-28 21:45:29] <zeyi> yes, the list of tasks and the time we expect to finish
[2009-07-28 21:45:31] <AndrewRT> ML?
[2009-07-28 21:45:36] <mpeel> mailing list
[2009-07-28 21:45:37] <skenmy> mailing list
[2009-07-28 21:45:41] <skenmy> (sorry :()
[2009-07-28 21:45:46] <AndrewRT> ok sounds good
[2009-07-28 21:45:52] <AndrewRT> can I just mention one more thing
[2009-07-28 21:45:55] <AndrewRT> CRB checks
[2009-07-28 21:46:01] * skenmy is CRB checked.
[2009-07-28 21:46:08] <AndrewRT> presume you're doing those on volunteers?
[2009-07-28 21:46:17] <mpeel> skenmy: that CRB check might not be transferrable to this
[2009-07-28 21:46:20] <skenmy> who is footing the bill?
[2009-07-28 21:46:21] <AndrewRT> or those going into schools anyway
[2009-07-28 21:46:27] <AndrewRT> well the board will have to
[2009-07-28 21:46:33] <skenmy> mpeel - it's a standard schools CRB check
[2009-07-28 21:46:34] <AndrewRT> do you know how uch they'll cost?
[2009-07-28 21:46:38] <Seddon> CRB's are not transferrable unless you get an individual one
[2009-07-28 21:46:42] <skenmy> i'm vetted to work with children
[2009-07-28 21:46:58] <skenmy> i've also had child protection training
[2009-07-28 21:47:16] <mpeel> skenmy: is there proof of that which can officially be passed to the board?
[2009-07-28 21:47:22] <skenmy> sure :)
[2009-07-28 21:47:37] <skenmy> I have a certificate!
[2009-07-28 21:47:44] <AndrewRT> skenmy - are you going to check that everyone who needs one has a cert?
[2009-07-28 21:48:04] <skenmy> I will do some research
[2009-07-28 21:48:14] <mpeel> apologies for that bit of bureaucracy, but we do need to check that CRB checks have happened and are valid before saying that WMUK volunteers are CRB checked...
[2009-07-28 21:48:26] <skenmy> of course
[2009-07-28 21:48:30] <Seddon> we need to have copies really
[2009-07-28 21:48:33] <AndrewRT> of course
[2009-07-28 21:48:43] <AndrewRT> we'd be in big trouble if we dont
[2009-07-28 21:49:06] <AndrewRT> i think that's everything on schools project
[2009-07-28 21:49:12] <skenmy> just one thing
[2009-07-28 21:49:14] <skenmy> re CRB checks
[2009-07-28 21:49:18] <AndrewRT> thanks for all your work skenmy - looks like its in safe hands!
[2009-07-28 21:49:22] <skenmy> You *can* transfer CRB checks
[2009-07-28 21:49:31] <skenmy> but it is done so at the organisations own risk
[2009-07-28 21:49:34] <AndrewRT> ah
[2009-07-28 21:49:54] <AndrewRT> do you know if similar orgs accept transfers?
[2009-07-28 21:50:02] <skenmy> I will research :)
[2009-07-28 21:50:06] <AndrewRT> cheers
[2009-07-28 21:50:17] <mpeel> do we know whether we can request CRB checks etc.? I think Seddon was looking into that for the CC application?
[2009-07-28 21:50:19] <AndrewRT> seddon's already looking into CRB checks wrt the board
[2009-07-28 21:50:37] <skenmy> excellent
[2009-07-28 21:50:39] <skenmy> I shall liasie
[2009-07-28 21:50:40] <AndrewRT> could he take on the whole thing?
[2009-07-28 21:50:41] <Seddon> Ill be reporting back to you guys on that next week :)
[2009-07-28 21:50:44] <AndrewRT> lovely
[2009-07-28 21:50:44] <skenmy> and that's it from me!
[2009-07-28 21:50:49] <AndrewRT> cheers
[2009-07-28 21:50:59] <mpeel> Seddon: could you do an on-wiki report earlier, rather than at the meeting?
[2009-07-28 21:51:09] <mpeel> (i.e. on the CC application page)
[2009-07-28 21:51:19] <Seddon> mpeel: yes, i shall endeabour to do so
[2009-07-28 21:51:22] <Seddon> vour*
[2009-07-28 21:51:23] <mpeel> thanks Seddon 
[2009-07-28 21:51:54] <mpeel> ok, assuming there's nothing else on the above: 2.4 London Loves Wikipedia (MP) 
[2009-07-28 21:52:11] <mpeel> I've expanded this a little on
[2009-07-28 21:52:27] <mpeel> I sent an email to the mailing list a while back, but no-one stepped forward to volunteer as a result, sadly.
[2009-07-28 21:52:35] <mpeel> so currently we just have me + andrew involved
[2009-07-28 21:52:42] <zeyi> May I just ask one thing more, when do you think the proposal can be done?
[2009-07-28 21:52:43] <AndrewRT> are you happy to take the lead on this them mpeel?
[2009-07-28 21:52:49] <zeyi> skenmy?
[2009-07-28 21:53:02] <AndrewRT> zeyi - you mean schools or LLW?
[2009-07-28 21:53:03] <mpeel> AndrewRT: I'd rather it were done by someone else, with me assisting, but I'm happy to lead if no-one else is willing.
[2009-07-28 21:53:47] <zeyi> Mike, I am happy to assist you rather than leading it :P
[2009-07-28 21:53:53] <zeyi> I mean the school one
[2009-07-28 21:53:54] <skenmy> zeyi - when the mailing list is up and running
[2009-07-28 21:54:50] <mpeel> zeyi: please add your name to :)
[2009-07-28 21:55:16] <AndrewRT> mpeel - how many core volunteers do we need to run this event would you say?
[2009-07-28 21:55:24] <zeyi> skenmy- ok, thanks, sorry for bothering, when do you think the mailing list can be running, is that too difficult as I don't know :P
[2009-07-28 21:55:32] <mpeel> ideally, 3-4 active people, I guess
[2009-07-28 21:55:34] <skenmy> that's mpeel's action
[2009-07-28 21:55:35] <mpeel> depending on how big we make it
[2009-07-28 21:55:36] <zeyi> Mike-sure, will do
[2009-07-28 21:55:37] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board -o skenmy  by skenmy
[2009-07-28 21:55:53] <cfp> i'm happy to help with llw as well. generally though it'll be easier to get volunteers once specific things need doing i imagine.
[2009-07-28 21:55:54] <AndrewRT> well, the original idea was 8 museums, one each weekend day of February 2010
[2009-07-28 21:55:56] <zeyi> Skenmy-ok, get it...
[2009-07-28 21:55:59] <mpeel> tbh, I'd like to rename the project - "London Loves Wikipedia" is centred in london, and I think we should be aiming more widely with that.
[2009-07-28 21:56:04] <mpeel> and trying to involve more museums
[2009-07-28 21:56:14] <mpeel> it's a project that should scale well
[2009-07-28 21:56:25] <AndrewRT> sure - England Loves Wikipedia?
[2009-07-28 21:56:33] <AndrewRT> Britain Loves Wikipedia?
[2009-07-28 21:56:49] <mpeel> BLW sounds better to me.
[2009-07-28 21:56:54] <AndrewRT> I'm sure there's some great museums in Edinburgh!
[2009-07-28 21:57:09] <mpeel> can we do advertising via T-shirts, with "Britain <heart> Wikipedia" on them? They'd go like hot cakes...
[2009-07-28 21:57:18] <AndrewRT> soudns great idea!
[2009-07-28 21:57:23] <zeyi> hehe, is that possible to do all this year or we should leave somethings to next year?
[2009-07-28 21:57:28] <AndrewRT> want to approach WMF for copyright permission
[2009-07-28 21:57:35] <AndrewRT> ?
[2009-07-28 21:57:40] <AndrewRT> (need to do this anyway)
[2009-07-28 21:57:44] <mpeel> AndrewRT: OK, can do.
[2009-07-28 21:57:48] <AndrewRT> cheers
[2009-07-28 21:58:02] <skenmy> right - need to shoot! thanks all!
[2009-07-28 21:58:04] <mpeel> will need to ask them about this more broadly anyway, in terms of other advertising things.
[2009-07-28 21:58:11] <AndrewRT> volunteers atm are MP, me, cfp, zeyi
[2009-07-28 21:58:13] <mpeel> thanks skenmy for coming
[2009-07-28 21:58:18] <AndrewRT> thanks skenmy
[2009-07-28 21:58:32] <AndrewRT> is that enough or should we get more?
[2009-07-28 21:58:44] <mpeel> the more the merrier
[2009-07-28 21:58:58] <mpeel> that suffices as a core team for going forward in the near future, though.
[2009-07-28 21:59:18] <mpeel> the biggest problem that the project currently faces, though, is something that's not in our control - the NPG issue.
[2009-07-28 21:59:30] <AndrewRT> yeah too right
[2009-07-28 21:59:30] <mpeel> which is why I haven't been doing too much with this so far...
[2009-07-28 21:59:35] <AndrewRT> good diea
[2009-07-28 21:59:51] <AndrewRT> I suggest we lie low for a short while until (hopefully)that resolves itself
[2009-07-28 22:00:02] <mpeel> I'm hoping that the issue is resolved sooner rather than later, after which I'd start approaching museums.
[2009-07-28 22:00:13] <mpeel> we can get on with doing on-wiki work before that, though
[2009-07-28 22:01:12] <mpeel> I'm not sure that much more can be discussed with this now
[2009-07-28 22:01:26] <mpeel> I'll continue developing things on-wiki, and via the wikimediauk-l mailing list
[2009-07-28 22:01:32] <mpeel> any questions? or shall we move on?
[2009-07-28 22:01:32] <AndrewRT> ok
[2009-07-28 22:02:02] <AndrewRT> any qs from others?
[2009-07-28 22:02:33] <zeyi> ok for me:)
[2009-07-28 22:02:49] <mpeel> ok, 2.5 Workplace Learning Lunches (AndrewRT)
[2009-07-28 22:02:59] <AndrewRT> right that's me
[2009-07-28 22:03:15] <AndrewRT> I've spoken with Steve a bit on this
[2009-07-28 22:03:18] <AndrewRT> he's agreed to lead
[2009-07-28 22:03:28] <AndrewRT> set up an outline at
[2009-07-28 22:04:00] <AndrewRT> 1. Set up the leader - that's Steve
[2009-07-28 22:04:06] <AndrewRT> 2. Recruitment of presentors
[2009-07-28 22:04:21] <AndrewRT> how many do we need? maybe two per place total of say 4 people?
[2009-07-28 22:04:27] <AndrewRT> atm we have me & SV
[2009-07-28 22:04:41] <AndrewRT> any other volunteers?
[2009-07-28 22:04:46] <mpeel> I'm happy to present/talk.
[2009-07-28 22:05:09] <mpeel> although I don't generally come from a business point of view... :)
[2009-07-28 22:05:26] <AndrewRT> looking at 
[2009-07-28 22:05:49] <AndrewRT> we've got quite a few potentials - zeyi, Cormac, JamesH, 
[2009-07-28 22:06:32] <zeyi> Yes, I am happy to do so as a researcher :)
[2009-07-28 22:06:40] <AndrewRT> mpeel - could you add yourself to
[2009-07-28 22:06:43] <AndrewRT> ditto zryi
[2009-07-28 22:06:48] <AndrewRT> _zeyi_
[2009-07-28 22:07:20] <mpeel> AndrewRT: done
[2009-07-28 22:07:40] <AndrewRT> shall I take an action to approach cormac?
[2009-07-28 22:07:56] <zeyi> so, we have a list of potential speakers, depends on topics. 
[2009-07-28 22:08:17] <AndrewRT> i imagine the topic will be general wikimedia introductions
[2009-07-28 22:08:55] <zeyi> yes, I assume the lunch workshop not just one time, so...
[2009-07-28 22:09:13] <AndrewRT> yes, that's details to be worked out later
[2009-07-28 22:09:26] <zeyi> :) 
[2009-07-28 22:09:36] <AndrewRT> is there anything else you wanted to cover here?
[2009-07-28 22:09:51] <AndrewRT> progress report - on hold pending the steves
[2009-07-28 22:10:04] <mpeel> timeline?
[2009-07-28 22:10:18] <AndrewRT> I can draft one if you want
[2009-07-28 22:10:26] <mpeel> please AndrewRT 
[2009-07-28 22:10:27] <AndrewRT> I'll take an action to talk with SV and then draft one
[2009-07-28 22:11:05] <zeyi> actually, I think we need a timeline for this, and if we can't make deal with BBC by some time point, should we just drop it>
[2009-07-28 22:11:31] <mpeel> it would be good if this was broader than just the BBC - i.e. dealing with businesses/organizations as a whole
[2009-07-28 22:11:32] <AndrewRT> well, i think it's important to widen the scope
[2009-07-28 22:11:40] <AndrewRT> and start looking for other orgs beyond the BBC
[2009-07-28 22:12:10] <AndrewRT> if we dropped it I think we should have something else in reserve to make up our "three initiatives by AGM" target
[2009-07-28 22:12:11] <zeyi> do we have accesses to others if possible?
[2009-07-28 22:12:23] <AndrewRT> I'm now aware of any other leads atm
[2009-07-28 22:12:41] <AndrewRT> but I've worked in places before where Lunch & Learns are a regular feature
[2009-07-28 22:12:43] <zeyi> yes, so I suggest this initiative need to have Plan B
[2009-07-28 22:12:50] <mpeel> I suggest that you talk to Steve, AndrewRT - he may have suggestions for other groups to get in contact with.
[2009-07-28 22:13:10] <AndrewRT> ok, I'll talk to steve see if he can suggest other companies to approach
[2009-07-28 22:13:18] <AndrewRT> take that as plan b?
[2009-07-28 22:13:21] <mpeel> AndrewRT: would any of the places you've worked at before be interested in this?
[2009-07-28 22:13:33] <AndrewRT> I'll have a think
[2009-07-28 22:13:43] <AndrewRT> not sure
[2009-07-28 22:14:12] <AndrewRT> it needs to link in with people's day jobs
[2009-07-28 22:14:16] <AndrewRT> media companies this does
[2009-07-28 22:14:23] <AndrewRT> not sure it does for banks!
[2009-07-28 22:14:55] <cfp> we have wmf funding for content access and generation projects. they should be fairly high in our priorities list of the "three initiatives by the agm"
[2009-07-28 22:15:21] <AndrewRT> shall we move onto this then?
[2009-07-28 22:15:38] <mpeel> content generation was covered above - Britain Loves Wikipedia
[2009-07-28 22:15:52] <mpeel> I'm not sure there's much to discuss about content access partnerships, as things are basically on hold pending the resolution of the NPG issue..
[2009-07-28 22:16:30] <mpeel> although I'm in ongoing discussions with one society - but that's a long term thing, not short term.
[2009-07-28 22:16:37] <AndrewRT> yes, but that shouldn't last all the way till next March, surely
[2009-07-28 22:16:43] <mpeel> I hope not...
[2009-07-28 22:16:48] <AndrewRT> is it worth "projectifying" this?
[2009-07-28 22:16:54] <mpeel> not yet
[2009-07-28 22:17:06] <cfp> well there are non museum ideas here:
[2009-07-28 22:17:09] <mpeel> I'm loathe to do anything with this at the present time...
[2009-07-28 22:17:17] <AndrewRT> are we going to end up having to give the money back then?
[2009-07-28 22:17:30] <mpeel> cfp: I tried talking to a society, and they came back with the NPG issue.
[2009-07-28 22:17:43] <mpeel> it might not have gone as far as county councils, though.
[2009-07-28 22:18:03] <AndrewRT> BBC, unlikely to make much progress before AGM
[2009-07-28 22:18:06] <cfp> well leicestershire county council was mentioned on that page, what exactly was that?
[2009-07-28 22:18:14] <mpeel> AndrewRT: I hope not, but I'm out of the loop wrt NPG so can't say anything for definite at present.
[2009-07-28 22:18:16] <cfp> could we do something similar with other county councils?
[2009-07-28 22:18:31] <AndrewRT> LeicCC was a digitisation project 
[2009-07-28 22:18:32] <mpeel> cfp: they have a "Photo Digitisation Access Project " ongoing
[2009-07-28 22:18:35] <cfp> (i do have some contacts in L.C.C. though whether they'd be any use on this i don't know)
[2009-07-28 22:18:41] <mpeel> I could get in contact with them about that, if we want.
[2009-07-28 22:18:42] <AndrewRT> steve is following up a similar one with Bristol City Council
[2009-07-28 22:19:30] <AndrewRT> none of it is really at a firm enough stage atm
[2009-07-28 22:19:40] <AndrewRT> with real plans / ideas of a way forward
[2009-07-28 22:19:43] <mpeel> I'm also in communication with people from the Public Catalogue Foundation, which me and cfp will be attending a symposium on in September.
[2009-07-28 22:19:48] <cfp> we have £1000 for content access, which is really quite a lot for a few trips to london
[2009-07-28 22:19:49] <zeyi> I say, go for it, if we can get them both done, why not just do 4 initiatives, if one of them failed, we have another backup
[2009-07-28 22:19:52] <AndrewRT> just seems to be leads that are being/need to be followed up
[2009-07-28 22:19:53] <mpeel> but that's more long term, rather than short term.
[2009-07-28 22:20:10] <AndrewRT> cfp - yep, plenty!
[2009-07-28 22:20:20] <mpeel> I don't think we need to beancount with the number of initiatives that we're running
[2009-07-28 22:20:42] <cfp> but it would be ar eal shame if we failed to spend the foundations money on something worthwhile
[2009-07-28 22:20:44] <AndrewRT> zeyi - ys I agree, 3 is a minimum, 4 is better as long as w're not stretching our resources too much
[2009-07-28 22:20:47] <mpeel> cfp: yes, I worry about that amount a bit. :)
[2009-07-28 22:20:49] <cfp> it'd also reflect rather poorly on us.
[2009-07-28 22:21:13] <mpeel> it's probably worth talking to them about redistributing it to something else, but I don't think it's clear what that something else would be yet.
[2009-07-28 22:21:17] <cfp> the swahili language project could potentially help us spend the content generation money
[2009-07-28 22:21:18] <AndrewRT> cfp - agree it would be a shame, although i think the WMF would be more charitable about us!
[2009-07-28 22:21:43] <cfp> and the schools money will be easy to spend profitably.
[2009-07-28 22:21:52] <mpeel> it may be that an organization needs some kit to do digitization, which we could pay for out of the grant, but that will only be something that is apparent further down the line.
[2009-07-28 22:22:08] <cfp> now that sounds like an idea worth pursuing
[2009-07-28 22:22:42] <cfp> could we feasibly buy digitisation kit for £1000?
[2009-07-28 22:22:52] <mpeel> it depends on how professional it is
[2009-07-28 22:22:58] <mpeel> which depends on the organization
[2009-07-28 22:23:12] <cfp> well, i guess we'd be targetting small museums or some such.
[2009-07-28 22:23:13] <mpeel> e.g. it could be a decent flatbed scanner (~£400)
[2009-07-28 22:23:13] <AndrewRT> there's an idea
[2009-07-28 22:23:19] <AndrewRT> or small councils
[2009-07-28 22:23:21] <Seddon> does anyone think my glam wiki idea is worthwhile purseuing?
[2009-07-28 22:23:24] <mpeel> or an SLR camera (~£600)
[2009-07-28 22:23:34] <cfp> if we bought and owned the kit we could lend it round, their labour, our kit, shared content
[2009-07-28 22:23:57] <AndrewRT> probably best not to buy the kit until we had at least one party signed up to it
[2009-07-28 22:23:59] <cfp> places like the samuel johnson museum, or the freud museum.
[2009-07-28 22:24:01] <mpeel> Seddon: yes, but not at the current time.
[2009-07-28 22:24:16] <mpeel> I agree with AndrewRT - and I'm not sure how worthwhile it is speculating at this point...
[2009-07-28 22:24:20] <AndrewRT> seddon - can you remind me what it was?
[2009-07-28 22:24:26] <mpeel> better to make contact, and see what's necessary.
[2009-07-28 22:24:38] |<-- zeyi has left ("Page closed")
[2009-07-28 22:24:44] <AndrewRT> mpeel - worth running it by people, though, see if they would be interested!
[2009-07-28 22:24:52] <Seddon> andrewrt: you familiar with australia chapters, GLAM-WIKI?
[2009-07-28 22:25:00] <mpeel> AndrewRT: which?
[2009-07-28 22:25:19] <AndrewRT> seddon - vaguely
[2009-07-28 22:25:30] <AndrewRT> mpeel - any museums, councils we talk to
[2009-07-28 22:25:30] -->| zeyi (i=51693e1b@gateway/web/freenode/x-19f4b8a37fc9d25c) has joined #wikimedia-uk-board
[2009-07-28 22:25:47] <mpeel> AndrewRT: sure, I'll bear it in mind, and will mention the idea if it comes up.
[2009-07-28 22:26:32] <mpeel> shall we move on?
[2009-07-28 22:26:43] <Seddon>
[2009-07-28 22:26:51] <cfp> if i get some time i'll send off some emails to some smaller museums.
[2009-07-28 22:26:52] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board +o mpeel  by ChanServ
[2009-07-28 22:26:57] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board +v zeyi  by ChanServ
[2009-07-28 22:27:01] =-= Mode #wikimedia-uk-board -o mpeel  by ChanServ
[2009-07-28 22:27:27] <AndrewRT> thanks seddon - this would go well off the back of BLW
[2009-07-28 22:28:35] <AndrewRT> shall we just say, continue thinking about stuff and discuss again in four weeks' time?
[2009-07-28 22:28:45] <mpeel> last thing before we wrap up for the evening - 2.7 Other Initiative proposals (either sequential, or specific ones) (MP)
[2009-07-28 22:28:59] <mpeel> there are a number of initiatives listed at
[2009-07-28 22:29:08] <AndrewRT> i agree with cfp's general point that we should do something - just not sure what!
[2009-07-28 22:29:10] <mpeel> it would be good to have some sort of path towards getting them active
[2009-07-28 22:29:46] <cfp> i think the minority language ones deserve to be followed up and they could certainly use some of that wmf budget
[2009-07-28 22:30:08] <AndrewRT> i think it's good to have a kind of incubator place
[2009-07-28 22:30:15] <AndrewRT> where ideas can be floated
[2009-07-28 22:30:22] <AndrewRT> and not necessarily taken forward
[2009-07-28 22:30:39] <cfp> the "Understanding reliability of online information information pack" fits pretty squarely under the schools project
[2009-07-28 22:30:44] <mpeel> as it stands, ideas are put forward, and then nothing happens with them.
[2009-07-28 22:30:51] <AndrewRT> a few of these merge into existing ones
[2009-07-28 22:31:08] <mpeel> we need to make sure that they're discussed, and either fitted into existing ones or a set of requirements set out.
[2009-07-28 22:31:22] <AndrewRT> Support Wikimedia clubs ~ Workplace Learning Lunches
[2009-07-28 22:31:53] <cfp> they'd also fit under schools
[2009-07-28 22:31:55] <AndrewRT> can we leave them till these three have been done and then pick up the best ones then?
[2009-07-28 22:32:29] <mpeel> AndrewRT: why wait?
[2009-07-28 22:32:41] <mpeel> I don't anticipate any sort of end to the current three
[2009-07-28 22:32:45] <AndrewRT> because it's best not to spread our limited resources too thinly
[2009-07-28 22:32:57] <AndrewRT> I'd rather complete three things than half do six things
[2009-07-28 22:33:00] <cfp> it's just that some of these might be good ways of spending our wmf budgets
[2009-07-28 22:33:10] <cfp> but yes, time is our chief constraint.
[2009-07-28 22:33:18] <AndrewRT> for the grant yes
[2009-07-28 22:33:41] |<-- KTC has left (Client Quit)
[2009-07-28 22:33:41] <zeyi> can we discuss them with members firstly to collect some ideas then discuss them later on board meeting?
[2009-07-28 22:33:42] <mpeel> if we get an initiative put forward by someone not currently active, though, then we should make sure that we discuss it / get them involved.
[2009-07-28 22:33:52] <AndrewRT> yes definitly
[2009-07-28 22:34:02] <mpeel> I think that was my essential point.
[2009-07-28 22:34:07] <AndrewRT> I think if someone comes forward and says - I want to lead this, we should support them
[2009-07-28 22:34:15] <AndrewRT> and that of course includes if a board member
[2009-07-28 22:34:28] <AndrewRT> but leave it up to them to take the initiative
[2009-07-28 22:34:42] <mpeel> also, a number of the proposals are fairly small - requiring minimal time and finance - which negligibly detracts from attention on other things.
[2009-07-28 22:34:49] <AndrewRT> perhaps have an open invitation at each initiatives board meeting for new ideas?
[2009-07-28 22:35:01] <cfp> yeah. well i may be prepared to lead something, but i don't want to make a commitment until i know what my work load's going to be like next academic year. i hope that's understandable
[2009-07-28 22:35:10] <AndrewRT> cfp - yes entirely
[2009-07-28 22:35:14] <mpeel> cfp: that seems logical. :)
[2009-07-28 22:35:20] <mpeel> AndrewRT: sounds good
[2009-07-28 22:35:31] <zeyi> that's ok
[2009-07-28 22:36:11] <AndrewRT> are we done then?
[2009-07-28 22:36:18] <mpeel> ok, I think that's it.
[2009-07-28 22:36:20] <mpeel> 3 Date & content of next Initiatives meeting
[2009-07-28 22:36:33] <Seddon> andrewrt: i was thinking piggybacking a uk thing on BLW, though i do think keeping it in london better
[2009-07-28 22:36:34] <mpeel> 2 weeks time, 11th August?
[2009-07-28 22:36:51] <Seddon> apologies for my lack of participation
[2009-07-28 22:36:58] <Seddon> just very busy
[2009-07-28 22:37:18] <AndrewRT> are we moving to weekly meetings?
[2009-07-28 22:37:33] <mpeel> the original plan at the first meeting was to alternate meetings
[2009-07-28 22:37:38] <mpeel> regular board meetings one week, initiatives the next
[2009-07-28 22:37:41] <AndrewRT> yes, but to have them fortnightly
[2009-07-28 22:37:53] <mpeel> that wasn't the impression I got
[2009-07-28 22:38:02] <AndrewRT> can we do 5th then 18th?
[2009-07-28 22:38:47] <mpeel> cfp, Seddon, zeyi - what are your thoughts?
[2009-07-28 22:39:21] <AndrewRT> we're barely quorate as it is, move to weekly meetings and we could start having problems
[2009-07-28 22:39:37] <mpeel> is that due to the regularity of the meetings?
[2009-07-28 22:39:47] <cfp> during late oct/november/december i certainly hope we'll only be meeting fortnightly, as i'll be doing marking on alternate tuesday evenings (i think...)
[2009-07-28 22:39:52] <AndrewRT> meeting on 18th would fit in well with
[2009-07-28 22:40:12] <cfp> i'm away for much of august, so perhaps there's not a lot of point trying to fit around me in any case
[2009-07-28 22:41:03] <mpeel> shall we discuss this during the next board meeting, then?
[2009-07-28 22:41:09] <mpeel> i.e. discuss on the 5th?
[2009-07-28 22:41:17] <cfp> fine.
[2009-07-28 22:41:23] <zeyi> ok
[2009-07-28 22:41:24] <AndrewRT> ok
[2009-07-28 22:41:35] <mpeel> if we get through everything in that meeting, then there might be no need to have a seperate initiatives meeting... :)
[2009-07-28 22:41:42] <mpeel> ok, thanks all for coming.
[2009-07-28 22:41:48] <AndrewRT> thanks mpeel
[2009-07-28 22:41:50] <mpeel> </board meeting>
[2009-07-28 22:41:52] <AndrewRT> thanks everyone
[2009-07-28 22:42:16] <zeyi> thanks, bye


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[2009-07-28 20:44:43] <Seddon> yer, well when you spend an hour packing stuff, you end up not caring whether it comes back :P
[2009-07-28 20:44:57] <Seddon> i assure you, if a bottle came back, id have drunk it :P
[2009-07-28 20:45:20] <Seddon> Colds7ream: hope you enjoy it :)
[2009-07-28 20:45:45] <Colds7ream> I've got plans for it; thanks a lot!
[2009-07-28 20:45:50] <Seddon> no worries :)
[2009-07-28 20:46:43] <Seddon> well thats confirmation from three people they have recieved the token
[2009-07-28 20:46:59] <Colds7ream> Anyhow, am I in the right place at the right time for the initiatives meeting?
[2009-07-28 20:47:15] <Seddon> join #wikimedia-uk-board
[2009-07-28 20:47:16] <KTC> #wikimedia-uk-board
[2009-07-28 20:47:16] <mpeel> public discussion will be here, official talk in #wikimedia-uk-board
[2009-07-28 20:47:17] <AndrewRT> yep
[2009-07-28 20:47:20] <Seddon> snap
[2009-07-28 20:47:45] <AndrewRT> Colds7ream - we're just waiting for Zeyi then we'll start
[2009-07-28 20:47:58] <AndrewRT> meeting was delayed from 8:30 to 8:45, not sure if you knew
[2009-07-28 20:48:32] <KTC> Seddon, it "arrived" last friday. the postman either didn't knock or i didn't hear it. finally drove down to the depot to pick it up today :)
[2009-07-28 20:48:41] <Seddon> Colds7ream: do let me know what it tastes like, i havnt tried it and am considering buying a bottle myself
[2009-07-28 20:49:00] <Colds7ream> Righto, can do.
[2009-07-28 20:54:15] <Colds7ream> I'll volunteer to help out the fundraising working group if I can!
[2009-07-28 20:54:25] -->| Majorly (n=chatzill@wikimedia/Majorly) has joined #Wikimedia-UK
[2009-07-28 20:54:36] <AndrewRT> cheers Colds7ream
[2009-07-28 20:54:59] <Tango42> excellent!
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[2009-07-28 21:01:43] <Colds7ream> Well, that went well. :-)
[2009-07-28 21:01:53] <AndrewRT> hmm
[2009-07-28 21:02:52] <Colds7ream> If its any help, I wouldn't mind forming a group to do it, but I'm not exactly experienced in such matters, other than how to wheedle money out of the folks for uni upkeep. :-)
[2009-07-28 21:03:03] <AndrewRT> thanks Colds7ream
[2009-07-28 21:03:37] <Colds7ream> Is there some sort of 'fundraising for dummies' book?
[2009-07-28 21:03:49] <AndrewRT> there is soem stuff on meta that's helpful
[2009-07-28 21:03:54] <AndrewRT> I'll see if I can find it
[2009-07-28 21:04:05] <Colds7ream> Thanks.
[2009-07-28 21:05:34] <KTC> not exactly helpful for Colds7ream, but there's a fundraising corner on Internal
[2009-07-28 21:06:52] <AndrewRT> ah I think that's the one I was thinking of
[2009-07-28 21:07:34] <Colds7ream> Where abouts am I looking?
[2009-07-28 21:07:42] <KTC>
[2009-07-28 21:07:50] <AndrewRT> fraid internal is a restricted webiste
[2009-07-28 21:08:14] <Colds7ream> Ah, wonderful. :-)
[2009-07-28 21:09:02] <mpeel> Colds7ream: take a look at
[2009-07-28 21:10:16] <KTC> u might want to wait until after the board election
[2009-07-28 21:10:46] <AndrewRT> huh? KTC?
[2009-07-28 21:10:58] <KTC> foundation board of trustee election
[2009-07-28 21:11:11] <KTC> sitenotice is advertisting that now
[2009-07-28 21:11:24] <KTC> *shrug*
[2009-07-28 21:11:35] <AndrewRT> ah good point
[2009-07-28 21:11:47] <AndrewRT> KTC - is that on watchlist?
[2009-07-28 21:11:58] <Colds7ream> How would we go about filling that space with text of our own? Presumably not by waltzing onto the template and editing it...
[2009-07-28 21:11:58] <KTC> *click*
[2009-07-28 21:12:07] <KTC> "The Wikimedia Board of Trustees election has started. Please vote."
[2009-07-28 21:12:09] <KTC> yep, all pages
[2009-07-28 21:12:21] <AndrewRT> no, we have to apply as ordinary users
[2009-07-28 21:12:25] <mpeel> The geonotice goes on the watchlist, not the top of the pages.
[2009-07-28 21:12:27] <AndrewRT> and they're free t turn us down!
[2009-07-28 21:12:32] <Seddon> when does the election end?
[2009-07-28 21:13:35] <KTC> voting just started today
[2009-07-28 21:13:51] <Colds7ream> Well, I'd have thought that'd be ideal - have links to membership, initiatives and donate in the geonotice and away we go!
[2009-07-28 21:14:10] <KTC> 28 July–10 August 2009: elections. 12 August 2009: publication of results.
[2009-07-28 21:14:11] -->| Majorly_ (n=chatzill@ has joined #Wikimedia-UK
[2009-07-28 21:14:25] <Colds7ream> Incidentally, mpeel, thanks for that link - looks like it should be useful.
[2009-07-28 21:14:38] <mpeel> Colds7ream: no problem
[2009-07-28 21:15:16] <Colds7ream> I guess a decent WikiAd would also be a good idea...
[2009-07-28 21:17:22] <Colds7ream> ...and if we could write up something for the Signpost?
[2009-07-28 21:17:30] |<-- issyl0 has left (Client Quit)
[2009-07-28 21:17:37] <AndrewRT> we've had a few signposts already
[2009-07-28 21:17:44] <AndrewRT> definitiely worth going for another
[2009-07-28 21:18:30] <Colds7ream> FWIW, I like the second geonotice suggestion. :-)
[2009-07-28 21:18:58] <AndrewRT> which one's that?
[2009-07-28 21:19:17] <Colds7ream> "Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge in the UK—join, donate or volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses."
[2009-07-28 21:19:36] <AndrewRT> _in the UK_ is repeated isn't it?
[2009-07-28 21:19:52] <Colds7ream> True. Bit of a mouthful I guess.
[2009-07-28 21:20:06] <AndrewRT> >	"Help Wikimedia UK support free knowledge <s>in the UK</s>—join, donate or volunteer to work with schools, museums or businesses."
[2009-07-28 21:20:47] <Colds7ream> Yep, - scrub the 'in the UK' - at the end of the day, it's not just UK users we're benefitting. (is that how you spell that?)
[2009-07-28 21:21:07] <AndrewRT> no idea ;)
[2009-07-28 21:21:30] <mpeel> revised geonotice versions are now on the agenda page -
[2009-07-28 21:21:55] <Colds7ream> Yep, definitely liking option 2 of those.
[2009-07-28 21:22:09] |<-- randmontoya_ has left (Remote closed the connection)
[2009-07-28 21:22:14] -->| randmontoya ( has joined #Wikimedia-UK
[2009-07-28 21:22:44] -->| issyl0 (n=isabell@wikimedia/Isabell121) has joined #Wikimedia-UK
[2009-07-28 21:22:52] <AndrewRT> Colds7ream would you be interested in doing a talk?
[2009-07-28 21:23:30] <Colds7ream> I would, depending on location and the materials provided. F'rinstance, I'd LOVE to do one at Keele University.
[2009-07-28 21:23:38] <AndrewRT> brilliant!
[2009-07-28 21:24:05] <AndrewRT> could you sign up at
[2009-07-28 21:25:31] <Seddon> oh yes i need to put my details there
[2009-07-28 21:25:38] <AndrewRT> cheers!
[2009-07-28 21:28:08] <KTC> lol
[2009-07-28 21:28:32] <Colds7ream> Done.
[2009-07-28 21:29:07] <AndrewRT> fantastic!
[2009-07-28 21:32:01] <KTC> 1K? u can get one for < 500 :D
[2009-07-28 21:32:17] <AndrewRT> yep
[2009-07-28 21:32:20] <skenmy> I work in IT. We get pretty damn powerful machines for sub 400
[2009-07-28 21:32:21] <Colds7ream> Presumably a netbook would do?
[2009-07-28 21:32:23] <AndrewRT> isn't there one for £150 now?
[2009-07-28 21:32:32] <skenmy> Colds7ream, hisss :P
[2009-07-28 21:32:38] <Colds7ream> :-D
[2009-07-28 21:33:22] |<-- Majorly has left (Network is unreachable)
[2009-07-28 21:34:11] <Colds7ream> From personal experience, projectors are worth their weight in gold.
[2009-07-28 21:34:13] |<-- Majorly_ has left (Connection timed out)
[2009-07-28 21:34:19] |<-- issyl0 has left (Client Quit)
[2009-07-28 21:34:36] <AndrewRT> yeah for presentations definitely
[2009-07-28 21:34:41] <AndrewRT> any other kit we should buy?
[2009-07-28 21:35:00] -->| issyl0 (n=isabell@wikimedia/Isabell121) has joined #Wikimedia-UK
[2009-07-28 21:35:12] <Colds7ream> A screen, obviously, some decent speakers if you want to do AV, and some sort of printing arrangement.
[2009-07-28 21:35:25] <Colds7ream> ...if we can afford it.
[2009-07-28 21:35:36] <skenmy> might be able to source printing at my school
[2009-07-28 21:35:41] <skenmy> we have some hefty equipment
[2009-07-28 21:35:44] <Colds7ream> Bonanza! :-)
[2009-07-28 21:35:52] <skenmy> arrange a deal
[2009-07-28 21:37:00] <cfp> can i suggest we don't get anything too bulky. in which category speakers certainly fall.
[2009-07-28 21:37:12] <cfp> most places will have projectors and speakers these days
[2009-07-28 21:37:19] <skenmy> you'd be surprised
[2009-07-28 21:37:48] <Colds7ream> There are some really small bits of kit available if you look hard enough.
[2009-07-28 21:37:56] <cfp> and while i can see that it's worth while having a projector "just in case" the marginal benefit of speakers is almost certainly less than the hassle of getting them between board members upon board handover.
[2009-07-28 21:38:21] <KTC> just make sure u bring it along to the agm ? 
[2009-07-28 21:38:41] <skenmy> congratulations to the new board - here's a projector!!
[2009-07-28 21:38:51] <AndrewRT> hehe
[2009-07-28 21:38:57] <Colds7ream> :-D It could be giftwrapped!
[2009-07-28 21:39:04] <AndrewRT> new board doesn't need to have new schools project lead!
[2009-07-28 21:39:15] <mpeel> I guess the laptop/projector/etc. will be more broadly useful - e.g. for presentations at the AGM, or at conferences etc.
[2009-07-28 21:39:16] <KTC> or better yet, use the projector during the agm. "congratulations to the new board, you guys can pack up now" ;D
[2009-07-28 21:39:21] <skenmy> HAHAHA
[2009-07-28 21:39:23] <skenmy> YES
[2009-07-28 21:39:40] <Colds7ream> The first official duty - brings a tear to the eye... :-)
[2009-07-28 21:39:52] <mpeel> btw skenmy, don't forget to add security devices to the quote.
[2009-07-28 21:40:00] <mpeel> e.g. a kensington lock or two
[2009-07-28 21:40:05] <skenmy> we talking kensington locks? or asset tags?
[2009-07-28 21:40:11] <Colds7ream> wrt the current discussion, I can certainly arrange something at my uni.
[2009-07-28 21:40:21] <mpeel> asset tags?
[2009-07-28 21:40:40] <mpeel> Colds7ream: the current plan is to target schools, rather than universities.
[2009-07-28 21:41:17] <Seddon> but if we can get a place at a uni
[2009-07-28 21:41:22] <Colds7ream> Fair enough. Is there some vision for expansion to further & higher education establishments in the future?
[2009-07-28 21:41:23] <Seddon> then go for it
[2009-07-28 21:41:40] <AndrewRT> not atm, but sounds like a logical expansion
[2009-07-28 21:41:48] <skenmy> sounds very logical
[2009-07-28 21:41:57] <skenmy> could pilot it in Universities
[2009-07-28 21:42:22] <Colds7ream> I'm sure there are no end of procrastinating students that'd be happy to help out. ;-)
[2009-07-28 21:42:52] <Seddon> Ill poke around my uni in september to see what we can get
[2009-07-28 21:43:28] <Colds7ream> I'll speak to Keele's library & computer science depts.
[2009-07-28 21:45:04] <Seddon> Is there anyone in this channel, who is a member of Wikimedia UK that would be interested in joining the organising committee for the Open Knowledge Conference 2010?
[2009-07-28 21:45:17] <Seddon> this is seperate to the programme commitee
[2009-07-28 21:45:21] <Colds7ream> What is it?
[2009-07-28 21:46:13] <Seddon> Open Knowledge Conference is what is says on the tin, run by the Open Knowledge Foundation (dudes who have been around for years)
[2009-07-28 21:46:18] <Seddon> it*
[2009-07-28 21:46:19] <Seddon>  :P
[2009-07-28 21:46:23] <Colds7ream> Incidentally: Colds7ream is also CRB checked.
[2009-07-28 21:47:00] <Colds7ream> I'd love to, but long-term projects that need that much organising are difficult when you're on ward rounds at 0830 in the morning daily. :-)
[2009-07-28 21:47:01] <AndrewRT> good news
[2009-07-28 21:47:32] <Seddon> andrewrt: the above was only confirmed about 30 seconds ago :P
[2009-07-28 21:47:55] <Seddon> or was that to colds7ream :p
[2009-07-28 21:48:00] <Seddon> in that case ill be quiet :P
[2009-07-28 21:48:04] <Colds7ream> BTW, speaking of Open, has anyone thought of establishing some sort of contact with the OU?
[2009-07-28 21:48:05] <KTC> Seddon, re. OKC, maybe 
[2009-07-28 21:48:08] <AndrewRT> sorry that was meant to be to #wm-uk-board
[2009-07-28 21:48:13] <KTC> tell me more
[2009-07-28 21:48:16] <AndrewRT> not quite sure how that happened!
[2009-07-28 21:48:40] <Colds7ream> KTC, who was that directed at?
[2009-07-28 21:48:50] <KTC> <KTC> Seddon, re. OKC, maybe
[2009-07-28 21:50:03] <Seddon> KTC: well its a one day conference in london, around easter time
[2009-07-28 21:53:11] <Colds7ream> wrt London Loves Wikipedia, it'd be great if we could do something with museums in other cities - Birmingham, say, or Cardiff.
[2009-07-28 21:53:30] <AndrewRT> woudl you get people going to both London and other cities?
[2009-07-28 21:53:43] <mpeel> you don't need to, AndrewRT 
[2009-07-28 21:53:57] <mpeel> you're targeting different groups of people, primarily, in different areas.
[2009-07-28 21:54:18] <mpeel> Colds7ream: I agree, it would be good to involve other cities.
[2009-07-28 21:54:43] <AndrewRT> no, but one of the good things about having a single organisation across museums is that some people will get involved in more than one museum
[2009-07-28 21:55:31] <Colds7ream> It's just that the easier it is for people to get to your event, the more likely it is they'll turn up - and with events regularly going on in London, you essentially restrict yourself to Londoners, plus a few obsessive volunteers like us.
[2009-07-28 21:58:42] <AndrewRT> yes
[2009-07-28 21:58:56] <AndrewRT> I dont live in London myself so I guess I fall into the second?
[2009-07-28 21:59:19] <AndrewRT> Colds7ream did you get involved in WLA this year?
[2009-07-28 22:00:02] <Colds7ream> Was hoping to, but couldn't arrange decent transport - would have been a £60-plus rail fare each way plus some sort of acc when I got there, really.
[2009-07-28 22:00:18] <AndrewRT> woudl you be interested in gettign involved in organisation this yr?
[2009-07-28 22:00:51] <Colds7ream> I just feel that if we can hold events simultaneously in, say, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Birmingham, London & Belfast, it'd a) get more people involved and b) get is one heck of a lot of publicity.
[2009-07-28 22:01:05] <Colds7ream> With museums in my area, yes.
[2009-07-28 22:01:09] <AndrewRT> tep - think that's been decided now - it's Britain Loves Wikipedia ;)
[2009-07-28 22:01:13] <AndrewRT> _yep_
[2009-07-28 22:01:19] <Colds7ream> Brilliant!
[2009-07-28 22:01:28] <KTC> what about NI ? :(
[2009-07-28 22:01:33] <KTC> (not that i live there)
[2009-07-28 22:01:37] <AndrewRT> hmm
[2009-07-28 22:01:47] <mpeel> NI = Northern Ireland?
[2009-07-28 22:01:49] <AndrewRT> yeah I thought about that
[2009-07-28 22:02:12] <Colds7ream> Belfast?
[2009-07-28 22:02:14] <mpeel> I don't think we have any active people there, and it's logistically difficult to interact with.
[2009-07-28 22:02:20] <AndrewRT> dont have any members from there atm
[2009-07-28 22:02:25] <Colds7ream> Then we need to get some! :-)
[2009-07-28 22:02:30] <AndrewRT> although did Mickey Conn come from there?
[2009-07-28 22:02:31] <mpeel> * interact with without having someone on the island
[2009-07-28 22:02:51] <AndrewRT> problem is, to be blunt, many nationlists there wouldn't join WM- _UK_
[2009-07-28 22:03:05] <AndrewRT> so half population is lost already
[2009-07-28 22:03:27] <Colds7ream> Fair point. Is there a WM-IE we could interact with?
[2009-07-28 22:03:29] <mpeel> I would expect those that are active on wikipedia have a more wider viewpoint, rather than being nationalist.
[2009-07-28 22:03:35] <mpeel> WM-IE doesn't yet exist
[2009-07-28 22:03:37] <AndrewRT> not yet
[2009-07-28 22:03:40] <Colds7ream> Issues.
[2009-07-28 22:03:41] <AndrewRT> they've started an email list
[2009-07-28 22:03:42] <KTC> i'm not so sure about that mpeel
[2009-07-28 22:03:58] <KTC> but the logistic issues are definitely true
[2009-07-28 22:04:04] <mpeel> KTC: I live in a fluffy pink word where everyone acts for the good of mankind. Please don't disrupt that. ;-)
[2009-07-28 22:04:08] <mpeel> * word = world
[2009-07-28 22:04:41] <Colds7ream> mpeel: I think all Wikipedians do - isn't that the whole point? :-D
[2009-07-28 22:04:47] <KTC> hey, i was accused by an MP shadow minister once that i was cynical, don't disrupt that! ;-)
[2009-07-28 22:07:09] <Colds7ream> KTC: Nicely done! :-)
[2009-07-28 22:08:01] <AndrewRT> Colds7ream would interest you?
[2009-07-28 22:08:26] <Colds7ream> I'm already there, I think - really only viable outside term time though.
[2009-07-28 22:08:49] <AndrewRT> excellent!
[2009-07-28 22:08:51] <AndrewRT> thanks ;)
[2009-07-28 22:08:59] <AndrewRT> I'll bear that in mind
[2009-07-28 22:14:02] =-= GDonato_ is now known as gdonato
[2009-07-28 22:25:16] <Colds7ream> You can get a very nice SLR-lens-tripod set for under £1000 - say a Canon EOS 500D?
[2009-07-28 22:25:42] <AndrewRT> have you used one?
[2009-07-28 22:25:52] <Colds7ream> I've got a 450D, and it's great.
[2009-07-28 22:26:12] <AndrewRT> it this a camera plus tripod?
[2009-07-28 22:26:14] |<-- issyl0 has left (Client Quit)
[2009-07-28 22:26:23] <Colds7ream>
[2009-07-28 22:26:31] <Colds7ream>
[2009-07-28 22:27:17] -->| issyl0 (n=isabell@wikimedia/Isabell121) has joined #Wikimedia-UK
[2009-07-28 22:27:55] <cfp> i just bought a 1000d two IS lenses and a tripod for under £650
[2009-07-28 22:28:17] <mpeel> I use a 400D and 10D myself
[2009-07-28 22:28:31] |<-- issyl0 has left (Client Quit)
[2009-07-28 22:29:09] <Colds7ream> 1000 doesn't have the resolution, which presumably will be the most important factor
[2009-07-28 22:29:32] <mpeel> what does the 1000D have? 8 megapixels?
[2009-07-28 22:30:47] <Colds7ream>
[2009-07-28 22:30:52] <Colds7ream>
[2009-07-28 22:31:05] <Colds7ream> 10 vs 15
[2009-07-28 22:31:32] <mpeel> ooh; 15 megapixels. I wish I had the money to upgrade. :(
[2009-07-28 22:32:24] <AndrewRT> i feel such an amateur - I don't even know what these mean! ;~
[2009-07-28 22:32:39] <Colds7ream> Bigger is better. *cough*
[2009-07-28 22:33:41] |<-- KTC has left (Client Quit)
[2009-07-28 22:35:56] <mpeel> anyone have any ideas for initiatives that they'd like to put forward / be active on?
[2009-07-28 22:36:47] <AndrewRT> or want to take forward any of these:
[2009-07-28 22:37:11] <Colds7ream> Don't really have the time (what with med school and all) to lead a big project, but I'll get to work on the fundraising group v2
[2009-07-28 22:37:13] <mpeel> or develop one of these:
[2009-07-28 22:41:49] <Colds7ream> Right, I'll take my leave, and will get back to you re the fundraising group.
[2009-07-28 22:42:00] <mpeel> thanks Colds7ream for coming
[2009-07-28 22:42:04] <AndrewRT> cheers all
[2009-07-28 22:42:23] <Colds7ream> No worries - now I've got the technical issues sorted, I'm hoping to attend some more of these.
[2009-07-28 22:42:34] <Colds7ream> ChatZilla did not want to work. :-)
[2009-07-28 22:42:44] <Colds7ream> Bye!